Wednesday, March 28, 2007

the beginning of a blog...

well, this is my first post, so i guess i'll break it down for you real quick, haha!

miss moxie = miss morgan

miss morgan = crazy indie craftster with scrapping and card making tendencies.

my life equations;
* music = love
* crafting = life
* day to day life = adventure
* mood = swingin' haha.
* outlook = ever changing
* cravings = knowledge & ice cream cones

i had a livejournal for a really long time, but haven't posted in forever. i mostly just use it to read my friends journals that are friends only. i was kind of missing the blogging, but not digging the community there. so, when i noticed that all these fun crafty ladies are over here on blogger, i figured why not? so, here i am with the intention of regular posts, both crafty and everyday life-y.


scrap {n} flava said...

Hi Morgan! Great to have you as part of blogger- I'll stop back by soon! Can't wait to see some crafty schtuff!

miss morgan... said...