Wednesday, October 31, 2007

happy halloween!

this just makes me giggle!

also, if you don't mind a couple of curses check out the robot chicken parody of it's the evil great pumpkin charlie brown.

and the winners are...

the funniest caption was totally;

Little Lulu (aka Laurie Dagg-Labine) said...
"so basically i jutted my hand at his throat in like this pecking motion...and he dropped and that was pretty much don't know what he was thinking messing with my tunes...coming at me with a brad paisley Cd...I jsut flipped man...I went completely postal!"

October 26, 2007 8:36 PM

hahahaha, too funny! there were some other really hysterical ones too. and the random pick winner is;

Heidi Joe said...
I think you're recalling the lyrics to the Beastie Boys' Intergalactic...

"I am known to do the wop
Also known for the Flintstone Flop
Tammy D gets biz on the crops
Beastie Boys known to let the beat...
"MMM, D-r-r-rop!"
Now when I wrote graffiti my name was Slop
If I rap soup my beats is stock
Step from the table when I start to chop
I'm the lumberjack DJ AD Rock!
If you try to knock me you'll get mocked
I'll stir fry you in my wok
Your knees start shakin and your fingers pop
Like a pinch on the neck from Mr. Spock..."

October 28, 2007 10:36 AM

yay! thanks for so many really hilarious ones ladies and gentleman. send me you addresses over at sis and i will be sending a box full of rad your way!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

a little added time.

i can't pick the random winner of the rak challenge down there until i get home from work near a printer so y'all get a few more hours to enter. 'til about 9 p.m. est actually, so keep me giggling.

the crop i vended at saturday was fun. i got to actually scrap while i was there so it was nice. i got some little projects done; a this is me page, 2 circle journals and my daily card for that day. i still have 2 more this is me challenges to catch up on, but i might actually do that today at work. and i have a daily card to do.

i found a dress for the wedding friday at macy's yesterday with kate. it's a really dark, dark twilight blue silk and there is no way it would have looked good on me before i dyed my hair dark, it's funny how that can open up a whole new world of clothes! hehe. it's pretty, but i'm not like IN LOVE with it, so i'm going to check a couple little places after work today. we'll see how that goes. and when i get home i'll pick the two winners of the rak!

Friday, October 26, 2007

make an awesome caption and win a rak!

so, in celebration of breaking 10,000 views on this lil' ol' blog i'm going to be giving away, not one but two huge packages of awesome scrappy stuff with some other random fun thrown in. how does one have a chance at all that rad-ness? well, this idea has been brewing for a bit and i've been saving it for the big 10,000. this picture of me was snapped in georgetown;

yeah, i have no idea what that face is or what i'm doing or saying. so post a caption for this picture and i will pick someones name at random for the first box and the author of my favorite caption will receive the second box. you have until midnight monday! make me giggle!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

a little daily love and some cut throat tv cuts.

so i FINALLY started doing daily cards on tuesday. here's what i've got so far;

the amazing queen of the daily card, elise is the one who started this creative concept, and she has an awesome blog with her dailies. i kept thinking i'd start on the first day of a month or on a holiday or something but the mood struck me tuesday so i figured why not. hence my first cards title being, "just a random day."

so i have decided i watch far too much tv and i want to cut it down considerably, to the shows that i really love. i often catch myself watching something just for the sake of watching something. and oftentimes i'm actually only half watching, so why watch at all? i could be reading, scrapping, writing lettters and all kinds of other fun stuff. so i'm making some cut throat tv cuts over the next couple of weeks. here's the plan so far;

..::the keepers::..
love them, love them, love them

* heroes
* gossip girl
* pushing daisies
* degrassi
* kid nation
* ugly betty
* samantha who

..::the questionables::..
i'm giving these shows 1 or 2 more episodes to make me love them (or in some cases to get back to being as awesome as they were in the beginning)

* greys anatomy
* private practice
* chuck
* about a girl
* america's next top model (do i really need to watch it now, wouldn't a marathon be better)

..::the farewells::..
i can live without these, or watch them in re-runs during the summer

* reaper
* survivor (i keep forgetting i don't really care)
* all csi's
* all law & orders
* numbers
* without a trace
* big bang theory
* tim gunn's guide to style (sooo not good)

..::the mid-season add-ons::..
waiting for these to start.

* lost (although this could end up on the questionable list, we'll see how it starts)
* project runway

is it gross that there are 7-8 shows i love? that's a lot of tv in a week, but what better than how many i was watching

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

oh so obsessive.

yes, i do have a bit of an obssesive personality. i find something i love to do and i want to share it with everyone, play all the time and own it all. scrapbooking supplies, albums, cute flats, big earrings... once i love something i love it big time. so, it's always nice when a new obsession is a healthy one like good reads. it's an awesome website that i've been hearing people like elise and vee talk about and just remembered to check out today. you know that when people you totally love and respect like something chances are it's worth a look, and sure enough...OBSESSION!

you can rate and review books you've read, are reading or want to read and add friends to your profile to check out their lists and reviews. i even added that fun little widget over there --------------> isn't he cute?

so, check it out peeps. you won't be dissapointed and while your at it, add me to your friends so i can see what you are into!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

photo hunt, polaroids and escargots. oh my!

yeah cheese fest! so what? haha. so i'm gonna go ahead and kick this in list form.

<3 happy mail as of late; 2 fun new circle journals to play with, replacement thickers from american crafts (complete with 2 additional sets, including red vinyl, yay!) and my coconut records cd, which is jason scwartzman's musical solo project. the raddest part has got to be the fact that when you order the cd directly from him you also get a polaroid that he took and a cute little note from him with your cd. here's mine;

<3 the magic hat night of the living dead variety pack + transformers and a trip to parsnip, the not-so-divey dive bar that brought us a few games of not-so-g-rated photo hunt with some giggle worthy high score names.

<3 watching horrible day time tv, getting ready in slow-mo, half-assed scrapping (on my part) and lazy chill time on the couch with these ladies

<3 blasting inxs at top notch and bopping along on our way past silver cup studios and over the bridge, much to the dismay of nearby drivers with their windows open and chloe.

<3 the awesome matte sequin trim we scored at m&j trims i need to go back for some crazy yardage for holiday cards!

<3 laughing our way hysterically into anthropologie where i was then tortured by this little temptress, the "changing colors swing coat" i really almost bought it, but managed to abstain. i did come away with some ridiculous sunglasses with mustard colored frames though and high hopes for the purchase of the coat in the near future.

<3 going out with people who really know food. it's such a great learning experience. kristina, jonathan, chloe, nat and i went to pastis for dinner last night, and holy wow! the food was amazing. plus, i tried some great stuff that i have never had before. gotta love a family style ordering where it has to come in several waves because there wasn't enough table space for all the food we ordered. can you say; oysters, escargots, steak tartare, skate, mushroom ravioli with sage, patte and all kinds of other yummies. not to mention the adorable photos after.

<3 watching heroes at the waldorf astoria and chloe rose taking a liking to her namesake? priceless!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

mixed by morgan....

... introducing "music to unpack to" ta-da!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

love how this mix turned out. i'm telling you,
kristina revolutionized the way i look at cardboard with her, "right now" class. anyway, this little baby is being shipped off to miss michelle who just moved back out to california. it's filled with music to unpack to. here's the track listing;

01. the gift - angels & airwaves
02. lazy eye - the silversun pickups
03. natural's not in it - gang of four
04. i don't feel like dancin' - the scissor sisters
05. touch the sky - kanye west
06. don't change - inxs
07. breakin' up - rilo kiley
08. i feel it all - feist
09. golden years - david bowie
10. nowhere again - the secret machines
11. super duper love (are you diggin' on me) - joss stone
12. young folks - peter bjorn and john
13. fraud in the 80's - mates of state
14. kissing the lipless - the shins
15. daft punk is playing at my house - lcd soundsystem
16. back in yoru head - tegan & sara
17. automatic girl - lola ray
18. this is it - ryan adams

does this count as my monday mix? haha. i'm going to be in long island/new york city sunday to monday, yay! hanging with two of my fave scrap ninjas and meeting up with a third for dinner monday night.

so, did anyone else read the twilight trilogy; twilight, new moon and eclipse? i absolutely loved twilight, new moon was rocky at first, but then sucked me back in and i was digging eclipse until the end. did anyone else feel a little ripped off? if so e-mail me and we shall discuss, haha.

off to clean up my scrappy stuff and get ready to dash home, pick up my mum, hunt for a couple cute jumper shirts and meet my aunt for her birthday dinner. i'm digging the whole jumper style that's going on right now. it's the perfect way to mask all the thermals, tees and such that i have accidentily shrunk so that they are too short, haha.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

things are looking up!

in little ways and big ways!

01. first, and most importantly, nicole is in england! okay, you may be saying to yourself, "you do know you don't live there, right morgan?" well, yes. but somehow this seems closer to me than greece. maybe because i know that the states is the next stop from england, even if that will be a few weeks from now. still, yay! i am so envious of nicole's world traveler ways, but she is one of my very closest friends and it's hard not having her around. we are so going to take a fun road trip somewhere, not sure where yet.

02. i am totally caught up with my entries for the this is me challenge blog. that doodle one kicked my butt in a major way, but i'm just glad it's done!

03. thanks to teaching 9 ten year old girl scouts how to scrapbook yesterday, i got the extra money i needed to sign up for the first of 5 classes on my scrap bowl wishlist. it's kristina's inspire me class. i'm so psyched to finally get to work with one of those awesome acrylic albums! next on the wishlist, shimelle laine's i'm just a girl class. yeah, it's super pink and girly, but i need that every now and then! i'm so psyched on the killer group of girls headed to dulles, va for this event already and the list just keeps getting better and better.

04. jack & abby, owl pals, sweet skully & bunch more sassafras lass, figgy pudding and tons of heidi swapp are all headed for the store. maybe it will all come fedex, our fedex guy is kinda cute.

and since there happen to have been four prrofs that things are looking up, i might as well fill out that 4's survey that everyone is doing. epecially since i love top 4's so much more that 5's.

jobs i've had:

01. scrapbooker
02. barista
03. preschool teachers assistant
04. bookseller

movies i do, or could, watch over & over"

01. boondock saints
02. little miss sunshine
03. jay & silent bob strike back
04. better off dead

tv shows i watch:

01. heroes
02. pushing daisies
03. lost
04. gossip girl

places i've lived:

01. helena, montana
02. philadelphia, pa
03. flemington, nj
04. nazareth, pa

favorite foods:

01. honey mustard garlic pretzels
02. chicken & brocolli
03. bbq tofu quesadilla
04. coconut mahi mahi

favorite colors (i'm going to cheat, this is my fave 4 color combo):

01. raspberry pink (razleberry)
02. un-obnoxious lime green
03. white white
04. teal

places i'd love to be now:

01. olympia, washington
02. hanging out with the east coast scrappers
03. england catching up with nicole
04. ireland

names i like but would not use for my children:

01. milton
02. fiona
03. gage
04. fairlight

okay worlds longest blog entry, oops.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


... wow! so i just got done teaching 9 ten year old girl scouts how to scrapbook. it's amazing how well kids roll with the punches. where most adult beginning scrappers would be asking, "can i put this here?" and "now what?" these girls were scrapping away on their own terms and coming up with some amazing stuff. it was so cool to watch.

plus, i made enough money to sign up for one of the many scrap bowl classes i want to take, haha. actually, there are only 4 and we decided to cut out the crop expense by bringin a fold out table to crop in our, hopefully ajoining, rooms. i'm teaching a halloween mini on the 25th too, so here's to hoping that the classes i want don't sell out before i can get to them!

ooh, craziness! miss courtney delaura picked my, "into it over it" layout in the post below for this weeks catwalk over at scrap in style. this is totally the raddest thing ever for the following reasons;

1. courtney is totally one of my fave scrappers! she is totally fun and her style is killer! plus, we are into a lot of the same books, bands and whatnot.

2. this is my first time on the catwalk!!!

3. it means even more people checking out into it over it which i am pimping like nobodies business because i think it's one of the most awesome things ever.

anyway, i'm off to read, and probably finish, eclipse. yeah i know it's young adult, but i love this trilogy, and i am so not a wishy washy person! this is the last in the trilogy and i've been putting it off because i don't want it to be over, but i finally gave in and have been inhaling it! i also got special topics in calamity physics. has anyone read it yet? it looks interesting to me and i wanted something to read after eclipse. any idead for what should be next?

Saturday, October 13, 2007

sooooooo into it...

... and nowhere near over it!

so, i think i wrote about this before, but my friend evan is writing, recording and posting a song every week for an entire year. the project is called "into it over it" and he started 3 weeks ago during his birthday week and he is doing a totally killer job so far. i'm so psyched for him because this is such a perfect project for him. anyway, i snapped this pic of him while he was on the phone scheduling studio time with a friend a few weeks ago and had to do this layout;

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

anyway, everyone ever should go check it out. it's in my sidebar over there, but if you're lazy it's also right here. tell everyone you know and enjoy it as much as i am.

p.s. i used label love, kristina's collection with the paper she designed and embellies she picked and i am totally loving it so far. i want to scrap everything ever with it.

Friday, October 12, 2007

dirty dancing for sure!

so the ladies over at scrap mojo are really bringing the toughie challenges. the first one was to use, "nobody puts baby in a corner" as the title and use your own handmade felt embellies. sheesh! a toughie but def awesome creative excercise! here's mine;

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

i used one of my pics from the rilo kiley show a couple of weeks a go. man do i love that girlie! totally dug this challenge and i really want to be watching that movie right now, but i'm at work so instead i'll get some more scrappin' done.

Thursday, October 11, 2007


... it's fallish, autumnesque and whatever other forms of those words you want to make up! i am sooooo psyched that it's actually starting to feel like fall! granted it's a kind of wet cold, rather than a crisp autumn feeling, but i'll take what i can get right now! that 90 degrees in october thing was killin me! so, here's to thermals with thumb holes, boots over jeans and switching from iced to hot coffee.

also, it's totally one of those weeks. i'm fighting off the depression at the edge of everything and am just feeling pretty bummed and grey day in general. i got a little bit of it out in my scrapping yesterday, but it's still biting at my heels in a major way. ugh!

so i got a lot done yesterday, it felt nice. i finished three circle journals for the group i'm in over at story of my life and i did the latest challenge from this is me. the topic was your collection(s). it was pretty funny to think of all the things i've gone crazy over in the past few years. i really am loving these challenges.

oooh, also i finally gave in and watched everything is illuminated the other night. it's been on my netflix queue for a while, but i looooooooove the book and movies are never as good as books, plus i had heard that it kind of ruins the book. anyway, i gave it a try and it was amazing! like it made my breathing slower and i was totally captivated amazing. it was hilarious, heartbreaking and lovely. it's right up there with fur: an imaginary portrait of diane arbus as one of the most captivating movies of the past couple of years for me.

and speaking of captivating, is anyone else watching pushing daisies? this show is quirky, funny and charming. all while being totally visually stunning. it's about this piemakes, ned, who has the power to bring people back from the dead with just one touch, but if he keeps them alive for more than a minute someone else will die in their place. he, "puts them back how they belong" simply by touching them again, and then it's for good. he is tied up with a private investegator who uses ned's powers to help him find out what happened to murder victims so that he can collect the reward. it all goes amiss when his childhood love, and first kiss, who he hasn't seen since he was 10 is killed and he wakes her and can't bring himself to "put her back" needless to say, it's hard to be in love and not be able to touch at all. you really have to see it! it reminds me of the new charlie and the chocolate factory visually, six feet under quirk wise and it's adorable. plus the girl who plays chuck reminds me of jenny lewis, kristen chenowith is in it and i think the piemaker is kind of adorable in a weird way. sorry for the ramble, but after only two episodes it is quickly becoming one of my new favorite shows of this season.

anyway, time for me to stop said rambling and get a little creativity going.

..::edit::.. they just put up a new this is me challenge and it's a total toughie! doodle a whole page?!?!?!? don't know if i can handle that today!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

monday mix # 8

yeah, i know it's tuesday. yeah, it's been one of those days already. and yeah, i'm just a little hormonal! yeah, ugh!!!

anyway, i think that one of the coolest jobs in the world to have would be a music supervisor for tv shows and movies. and one of my fave music supervisors is alex patsavas who has done the music for some of the most awesomely soundtracked tv shows of all time like the o.c. and greys anatomy. right now she is working on chuck and gossip girl. and, in just three episodes she has managed to cram some amazing music in to gossip girl already. and has anyone else noticed how that show just gets better and better with every episode? anyway, here are some of my fave songs that have been on gossip girl so far.

monday mix #8 - alex patsavas is a goddess (gossip girl edition)

01. hang me up to dry - cold war kids
02. i feel it all - feist
03. the gift - angels and airwaves
04. young folks - peter, bjorn and john
05. believe - the bravery
06. when did your heart go missing - rooney
07. ballad of gus and same - ferraby lionheart
08. tell me about it - joss stone
09. dusk till dawn - ladyhawke
10. glamarous - constance billiard choir
11. 99% - the mooney suzuki
12. photograph - air
13. hard to live in the city - alberd hammond jr.

p.s. got kristina's collection this morning! yay! at least there is that bright shiny spot in an already really crappy day.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

hapiness is___________

g*town! yes, i know that we were only in georgetown the one day, but i couldn't very well list like 3 towns on the cover of this mini, could i?

if you move your mouse over the picture you can go to the next page in the book.

worked on this little one yesterday at the sis crop at mlpa. it was a fun day; scrapping, cute tattooed boy to look at while we had lunch at arby's, curly fries, and prizes for all! not to mention scrapping with cool ladies!

this is just my first set of layouts in this book. i'm going to combine the stuff that came in the kit with some randoms from my stash and kristina's awesome new collection over at scrap in style, label love. i won the paper pack at the crop yesterday, so i got a peak of the paper and it's so fun! love all the papers named after designers and it just made me even more psyched to see the full collection when it shows up at my door. i'm real psyched on that thick wood postcard! plus, it will be so much easier cutting in to the paper knowing that i have a second sheet. haha.

ooh, the friday before the crop i went and scrapped at trish's with some of the sassy scrappers and totally caught up on the, this is me challenge. it feels so good to be caught up, especially when i really love all my layouts for it. they are so relazing to do because i don't feel any pressure at all, it's totally up to me wether i want it to look really art journal-y or like a layout layout. and, some of them have been really theraputic to do too. here are all my pages for it so far. the only stinky part about being caught up though is that now i have to wait for the new challenges, haha.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

a catch up list!

yeah, things have been crazy, so here are a few things that have been going on and some random thoughts;

* the scrap pink crop @ mlpa with the east coast girls was actually pretty productive for me and the sleepover party was lots of fun!

* did anyone else notice that on that new show, "chuck" when they are trying to figure out how much info has been uploaded to his brain they show him lot's of images to see if they prompt anything and when he starts listing tons of government secrets one of them is, "oceanic flight 815 was shot down from the sky on..." holy lost reference!!! shot down?!?!? what?!?!?

* i bought myself the "employee of the year" office mug in the dollar section at target, haha.

* i got the bottom tier of the clip it up and the whole thing is filled with just my alphas!!! oops! this was disturning enough to me when i thought the bottom tier had 40 clips, then i realized it actually has 80!!! jeez!

* i just made really cute leaves out of daisy d's autumn paper for the front window of the store.

* i am still trying to figure out how to make the fisheye/lomo pictures i take look as good as they do in the examples.

* i love that i'm evan's go to girl for metalcore shows, haha.

* annabelle, my 3yo still a kitten, is being a total cuddlebug lately, y'know, in her own way.

* i am absolutly in love with the, "this is me" challenges!

* yeah, i'll admit it, i'm totally digging gossip girl! can't believe that people let their teenage and younger girls read these books!

* it's thursday and i already know what i'm bringing to the SIS crop @ mlpa saturday!

* speaking of crops, have you seen the classes for scrapbowl '08? holy heck! they are awesome. right now there are 4 i want to take, plus the crop time. anyone want to buy a kidney?

* i'm finally used to my hair being dark, but still get a little sad when i think about not being a redhead anymore, atleast i still have the attitude!

* i got the absolute most amazing happy mail package ever yesterday!!!

* i soooooo am going crazy waiting for my orders from SIS and hambly.

* thanks to katie i am on the lookout for a typewriter for journaling fun.

* i'm totally not a fan of the fact that the leaves are starting to change and it's still close to 90 out! that's not how it's supposed to happen! it doesn't even smell like fall yet!

* i just put out all the thanksgiving and holiday stuff for the store, and it looks totally adorable. and now i'm off to rotate some more stuff to keep it fresh!