Thursday, November 29, 2007

i need a little indie theater!

this movie look totally freaking hilarious.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


it's done! well at least up until december. i'll have to wait to do those last couple of pages, but i love it!

(if you click on the picture it flips to the next one.)

i ended up having to buy another one and then woodgluing them together back to back so that all the pages fit. but it worked out well, with january through june in one box and july through december in the other. now i want to come up with all kinds of other fun uses for these. i'll have to really stock up.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

workin' it.

i finished january through june in my mini box and it's so thick that i went over to home depot after work today and grabbed another one and they are under a massive pile of bazzill with the wood glue setting as we speak. i think it's turning out pretty rad if i do say so myself.

and i just whipped up some ornaments stuffed with ribbon and fun stuff that i think are going to go up on my etsy soon. i so need to get on that. i haven't made a single christmas card yet, for me or to sell!

oooh while i was at home depot i picked up a big heavy duty plastic toolbox for $5 that fits all my acrylic paint and brushes, so fun.

so the plan for the rest of the night is episodes of, "inside the actors studio" and drinking a leftover blue moon full moon holiday brew. yum.

late night thoughts.

don't you hate when you know you really have to be sleeping, but you just can't? i especially hate all the things running through my head at these times; what would my life be like now if i had made a different choice at certain times in my life? will there ever come a time for me when money is not a serious issue? do the people i miss also miss me? how am i going to swing this christmas? when was the last time i really made an effort to meet someone? will i lose this weight? is this my life forever?

i try not to whine much here, but tonight is just one of those nights where my usual trick of making lists just isn't calming my mind and putting me to sleep like it usually does. so, i'm back to bed and back to listing all the things i've ever wanted to be when i grow up or imagining my perfect dude or thinking of what i would do with a hundred million dollars. ugh!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

cards, pages and minis oh my!

haha, supreme cheese, yes!

today i caught up on my daily cards, did my first 12 x 12 layout in like forever and started what i think is going to be a super cute mini;

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so i found this awesome gift card holder at home depot yesterday. the inset top slides off and it's going to be awesome for a mini. today i covered the logo on the top with awesome little scrappies from kristina's collection and tommorow i'm going to print a bunch of wallet sized pictures and mix them in with little mini trading card layouts to make a year in review type mini. i'll probs put it together with a mini binder ring or some ball chain so that it can sit nicely in the box. i'm so excited about it! i'm thinking about buying a bunch more and making a bunch for gifts and for my etsy shop.

speaking of my etsy shop, it's been down and empty for a while now so i'm hoping to get it all re-done and loaded up for holiday shopping over this next week. much to do!

Saturday, November 24, 2007


first of all, really long time no blog. sorry! i'm sure y'all aren't hanging on my every post anyway!

second of all, look how rad my new blog set up is! i am totally in love wiht it. i scrapped the banner yesterday and actually figured out the layout myself, haha. i am kind of inept when it comes to this stuff sometimes so usually aimee does it for me because she is so rad. this is also my first banner i've designed myself! yay! anyway, imagine i am posh spice when i say this is going to be a major listy type update and then i'll be better for reals.

* ummm okay, i know i said this last time, but this weeks into it over it song, "ashley's big adventure" is defenitly my favorite so far. i continue to be more and more impressed every week.

* kristina's visit consisted of little sleep, lot's of weird clothing at the mall, beer samples, russian hats, photo booth pictures, little sleep, scrapping with nicole and lots of fun.

* i elfed nat, vee, myself and kristina in preperation for our fun get together this weekend in long island. we're going to brave the crazy tourist level to head into the city, hopefully hit the union square holiday flea market and have lots of fun and photos. marykate might head in with me too.

* i have been sick for what seems like forever, one of those horrible colds that just won't let go. it seems to finally be on its' way out and last night i could actually sleep with my head at a normal level, rather than propped up on several pillows, yay!

* thanksgiving was cozy, quiet and yummy. after dinner we watched evan almighty and traded christmas wishlists.

* speaking of wishlists, there are lots of yummies i am hoping for this year. like this awesome swing coat that i have been drooling over for like ever, this hello kitty woodgrain bank,

Friday, November 9, 2007

right now.

* i have a major crick in my neck from apparently sleeping at a really weird angle all night or something. i'm not really into it.

* i have been having really long, vivid and involved dreams lately. i'm pretty sure that if i wrote them down when i woke up screenplays and books could be written and money could be made.

* i just filled my very first baseball card page protector with daily cards. 18 of them. i'm pretty psyched that i'm sticking with this.

* i am really digging evan's song for week seven of his (song a week for a year) solo project called into it over it. go have a listen. it's called, "everybody's crazy."

* tv - gg what? i'm not such a huge fan of the writers making me feel bad for chuck bass. ugh! grey's might be making a comeback, it actually had me smirking a few times. and no pushing diaisies last week? heartbreaking!

* i just started watching the final season of the o.c. on dvd. i watched the first disc last night and i forgot how much i loved this show! and 3 out of the 4 episodes made me cry. wth?

* i was going to have a saturday off and do something fun, but my grammee called out of nowhere and sprang upon me the fact that she had a knee replacement and has been home alone. what? so now i'm going down there saturday to sunday. normally not an issue, my grammee and i used to be really close until my dad messed it up and last time i went down there the whole time she just kept asking me if i "had a better brain in my head now" mostly in reference to the fact that she never like me living in philadelphia. anyway i can only imagine what this visit is going to be like and i am pretty close to livid with my father who, even though we haven't talked in years, really could have sent me an e-mail to tell me about grammee's surgery so that i could have gone down there to help out from the beginning. ugh! (sorry rant)

* thank goodness for my usual day off monday. i will have the day to myself to get caught up on some things and then nicole is coming over to scrap the nigth away, yay!

* glenn is back from iraq, yay! one less thing for me to worry about. and my friend nicole who i love to a million billion pieces is back from her travels, most recently greece and england, and we get to have her here in the states for 3 months! yay!

* i'm going to my favorite scrapbook store tonight to pick up the vinyl thickers (orange, black and red) that came in. love the standing request they have in the book for me, "2 of each color, material and font of thickers that ever come in put on hold for morgan" yeah it's an addiction.

* we got the love, elsie "noel" line in for the store and i'm brainstorming my holiday cards. yay!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

sourround me with craftiness!

* the wedding was pretty hilarious and i can't wait to go get the pictures printed after work, let's just say; really strong run and cokes, the best music i've ever heard at a wedding, really good yummies and alot of the crazy, i-don't-care-how-loud-i'm-laughing laughter.

* i've actually been pretty good about my daily cards! i skipped one day, but know exactly what i want to do for that day so i'm pretty okay about it.

* tommorow is my day off and my last day of horrible eating and no working out. i'd like to lose the 15 plus pounds i've gained since moving away from philly. look for the tacky weight loss ticker at the bottom of my blog tommorow or tuesday sometime, haha.

* i did another store rearrange and i keep thinking i can't do anything else with this space and then i manage it, haha. i guess like 10 years of retail experience has something to do with that.

* it is my mission a little later to get some sort of bare-bones list of christmas gifts to take care of done. i really would like to make most if not all of them this year. or at least add handmade touches to things. i do have an arsenal of crafty weapons that i have forgotten about over the years, quilting, cross stitch, paper fun. umm yeah, i'm a total grannie. no wonder i don't date. haha.

* speaking of quilting; natalie has inspired me to take quilting back up again and so i am totally on the hunt for place to get really fun fabric, for a scrappy kind of quilt combining log cabin with fun joel dewberry and amy butlers funkier fabrics, with band t-shirts and pictures printed on fabric. any suggestions for awesome fabric sources?

* i want to start playing with canvases. after seeing the awesome ones kristina was working on, the amazing art her friend cheryl does and the adorable minimalist masterpiece that nicole eshelman posted i am humbled but wanting to play!

* even though i have returns to do and a grocery store and post office trip to make tommmorow i want to spend the rest of the day doing crafty things. i feel like haven't scrapped a page in forever! plus i want to figure out my holiday cards!