Wednesday, September 29, 2010

friday five #38

friday five #38

01. fall dream bag - i abstained from the purchase of a new fall bag last year, and this year i certainly shouldn't be spending the cash this fall either, but i'm having a really hard time resisting this vintage reissue bag from fossil. i know i can justify just about any unnecessary purchase if i really work at it, but i really feel like this is such a classic, basic bag, that it's a necessary purchase, no? i'm anxious to see it in person though, because you know how browns that look great online are not always as great in person.

02. fall fashion hopes - i think my clothing mantra this fall will be WWJLD "what would jenny lewis do?" she is gutsy and i love it. can i pull off tweed shorts & tights? WWJLD dare i rock that hat or pouch belt? WWJLD am i a girl who can rock a heeled vintage bootie? WWJLD i want to be just a little bit daring!

03. falsies - okay, so i occasionally fall prey to those articles in magazines about the new miracle mascara so i was hesitant to believe the hype from nylon magazine about maybelline's falsies mascara but when my old mascara ran out i figured i'd give it a whirl. it could come out pretty heavy if you don't clear the brush enough, but i love what it does to my lashes, and at $7.77 it's worth a try i think.

04. necessary accessories - currently i am rocking a really grandma looking vera bradley makeup bag, which is actually an improvement on the crazy tacky silver metallic one i was previously saddled with. currently, i'm kinda digging this framed, flat-bottomed make-up bag from fossil. it would be nice to not have to dump my makeup out every time i need to find one thing or cringe anytime i have to bring it out in public, haha.

05. old school sanrio - loving the resurgence of the sanrio characters from my childhood. it's nice to see keroppi, my melody and tuxedo sam out in the world! i love hello kitty and all, but was missing those 2! you can make a my melody & keroppi at build-a-bear and there are tuxedo sam and my melody flash drives at mimoco (they both have hello kitty as well, of course!)

Friday, September 10, 2010

friday five #37

friday five #37

01. new fave ink combo - "crushed olive" distress ink, "pumice stone" distress ink & "ocean depth" versamagic. i usually forget to pull out the distress inks, but i remembered for once, and this card happened. i die.

02. terrariums - yeah, obviously i'm a little late to the game on this one. i love the idea of green things around the house, but i don't have the greenest of thumbs and kitties have a tendency to eat plants and flowers, plus the possibility of starting out has seemed a little overwhelming. but, through one place or another i ended up on this website, and it seems like something i could start playing with on a quasi-reasonable budget. hmm...

03. blue india - i bought this shade of nail lacquer from the "liberty of london for mac" collection a little while a go, but was totally hooked on my barry m "mint green" up until a couple of weeks a go. "blue india" is going to be my go to fall color, i can just tell. it's the perfect grey blue and i only really see it ever leaving my nails if replaced by mac's "in the buff", "earthly harmony" or "jade dragon".

04. dream recipe box - in a dream world where i have unlimited monetary resources and split my time between traveling and nesting, this is obviously the recipe box i would be filling. it's custom, made from salvaged hardwood and completely beautiful. sigh.

05. gym revival - i'm taking the plunge back into having a healthy workout schedule. i'm definitely going to also try to eat just a tiny bit better, but will not diet. this is more of a gym revival to maintain my ability to eat out and try new beers on the weekends. whatever works, right?

Friday, September 3, 2010

friday five #36

friday five #36

01. skins volume 1 - tumblr has been all atwitter (or should that be "atumblr"?) about skins for like ever so when we finally got our netflix on demand on wii all hooked up in the new place i thought i'd give it a try. here are my thoughts so far, volume 1 was pretty entertaining, but i could have gone without the jumping-the-shark type ending to the final episode, and i have to say that so far i'm 2 episodes into volume 2 and i'm just not that into it. am i missing something? is it going to get back to better?

02. anthro sale - ohmygosh the newest batch of anthro sale items are insane! all those necklaces (chunky, ribboned or bibbed) that we've all be lusting after, 29.95. earrings i've had on my wishlist for a little while now,9.95. plus a couple of tops, a skirt, a cardigan and bunch of other cuteness are all headed my way. here's to hoping that a bunch of it isn't quite right so my bank account can get a little return relief. : / oops.

03. last years mixes - i've been feeling a little uninspired when it comes to new mixes lately so i've been mostly revisiting ones from the past year or so, and i have to say, my "falling leaves & an autumn breeze" mix from last year was seriously killin' it on my way into work this morning.

04. little squares - i am currently crazily lusting after the brand new nano from apple. love the touch screen and graphics, love the colors, love that it has a clip and want to drool all over it's perfect little square shape. in a dream world someone buys it for me with something cute engraved on the back and i use it at the gym every morning, haha. yeah right.

05. emmy opener - just watch it.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

elsewhere inspiration #2

call your folks e.i. #2
this little picture has been kicking around in my "inspire me" iphoto folder for a long, long time now. i'm pretty sure it was either kicking around tumblr, or on rachel denbow's blog, or both. anyway. love the colors. love the simplicity. love the central composition.

ready to start
so, here's my little take on it, using a ton of the new mme "alphabet soup" which is supposed to be a kids collection, but the colors are completely where i'm at right now. this was a little accidental snapshot while i was outside photographing layouts one day and i'm loving the forward motion. it's exciting to be starting this whole new aspect of my life, moving forward, stepping up to a new challenge because it's time and it's love and i'm ready to start.