Saturday, June 30, 2007


got some scrapping done yesterday; some flat cards for the packages i sent out today and this mini album that i bought as a class kit at the show in new hampshire. i tweaked it a bit and redesigned some pages. it's called. "when she smiles" and it's full of pictures of moments, people and things that make me smile. i really am pretty in love with it right now.

so i'm trying to get financially caught up and it's totally no fun at all. i have to wait for a payment to clear so that i can book my flight to cha on my one and only credit card and i just payed my cell phone and car payment, gotta love how they are due like 4 days apart from one another! ergh!

anyway, long story short, it's no fun to be responsible and i'm really hoping that i can do some creative bookeeping so that i can afford soml tonight. i would be so sad if i missed what sounds like an awesome add-on! from the peekie though it looks like i might already have most of the paper in the main kit, so unless there are some embellies that i can't live without in the main kit perhaps i can just get the add-on and the adorable hedgie stamp. man, being a grown up is so lame.

zing boom isn't releasing a kit this month, instead she is doing some sort of little store and i might not even stay up 'til 2 for the poppy release because my kit is already reserved and it would just be torture for me since i can't affored any add-ons there ever, haha. although, heather did hint at a card making project kit that might be more affordable. ugh!!! it sooooooo stinks that my life is totally sucking money up left and right at the moment! stupid speeding ticket, court fees, cha flight and needing to reorder my contacts!

yeah i'm a downer today. at least it's gorgeous out and marykate is mostly on her way home from north carolina. i haven't seen her since before i left for nh because of our vacations overlapping and that girl needs to keep me sane!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

worst blogger of the month award...

... goes to me! sorry ladies! i was in new hampshire for 5 days with the store to vend at an expo and when i got back i was soooooo all about being home and relaxing.

the show was in manchester, new hampshire and the town is awesome. great irish pubs run by actual irishmen, awesome radio station that sounded like my ipod on shuffle and really cool architecture. the show, engh! haha.

i did get some really awesome unmounted red rubber stamps there though, they are all monsters and funky looking animals and i LOVE them! i will be stamping them on everything ever pretty soon. i also got a really cute mini album kit which is a miracle that i found one that i liked that much. i'm a total snob about classes and kits. unless i absolutely love the finished product or will learn a technique that i will use over and over again i won't take it. in fact a lot of the time at ckc's and expos if i like the paper used, but not the finished product i'll just leave with the kit. yeah i know, i'm evil!

so just yesterday we finally got the store back to normal after the expo. it is super pretty with all the new product that we got right before the show and have room for after selling out of things at the show. we have a whole bam pop display, including single sheets of paper, we broke up the kits, and a nice big and pretty hambly corner with the transparencies and all the raddest rub-ons. plus, the lovely scenic route right next to the fun new ranger paint dabbers. everything looks so pretty and bright and new.

i might even get some scrapping done today. i haven't made anything in forever! i was really working to get everythign rearranged in the store and then all packed up for the show and then re-rearranged when we got back. i did make a hambly mini album in 25 minutes the night before we left for the show so that we would have a sample, haha. it has no journaling in it yet because i didn't want to risk doing all that work and then it getting swiped or something, but it came home safe and sound with us so journaling will happen someday. in the mean time i will post it in my SIS gallery.

i've also been working on a little project for a scrap room warming present for my best friend/ pretty much sister, marykate. she reads this sometimes so i'm so not ruing the surprise. but, when it's all done and the crazy frustration it's giving me is over i will post a piccie of the finished product! swear!

oooooh, also i just uncovered the pile of things that i was supposed to mail over the past few weeks, like amber's rak, a thank you package for mrs. nosa b, some goodies for aimee and a package for kristi. oooops! so, i've been buying more little tid bits to add to them to soften the blow of them being so late! sorry ladies! they are going to the post office tommorow, i promise!

Monday, June 18, 2007

sooooo obvious...

... that i work here! look at the new goodies that came today!!!

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love that hambly smell! and so psyched for all the bam pop too! we had some in the store, but now we have even more!

and, at the grocery store today i got some really awful for me dinner and some AWES nail polish called, "orange you cute" such a fun shade of bright orange-y pink! it would look even better if i were actually capable of a tan, but i still love it!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

tagged again

nicole carro, who is the super rad local girl i met at the kristi class tagged me like a week and a half a go and i've been a lazy butt! so, here goes! 7 randoms;

01. i am totally rocking cut offs all summer (as in knee length, not butt bearing)
02. i love the way my skin smells after being in the sun
03. speaking of my skin, i don't so much tan, it's more like maybe my freckles blend together
04. i am totally addicted to the outdoor shower stall at marykate's mums beach house. can't wait to hit it this year!
05. last night i had a weird dream that wasn't really a nightmare, about zombies
06. i'm still, 3 months later, trying to get up the guts to design the custom acrylic stamps for the store that i said i would do.
07. we get these weird medium sized but big enough to have fur spiders in the store sometimes. when they show up i just drop something heavy on them and then leave it there until someone else comes to pick up the heavy object and the dead spider for me

this has been going around a bit so i'm not going to tag anyone specific, but feel free to join in and then let me know that you did!


i totally forgot that i wanted to show y'all some of my fave pics from marykate and cori's wedding, yes over 2 years ago.

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yeah we are totally ladylike, i love the boys looking on, haha.

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Saturday, June 16, 2007

i'm an aunt!

look at this little muffin that marykate and cori just brought home!!!

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i keep having to restrain myself from going over there every day! but, how can you not want to cuddle non-stop with this;

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here name is maggie and soon she will have a little wardrobe and i so can't wait. oh and here's her mommy and i at the olde york inn the last night they were open. marykates grandparents used to own it for like ever and now the new owners are closing down, very sad!

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can you see why people think that we are sisters? we pretty much are! she's been such a huge part of my life for so long. it was a nice night and a sad farewell for her family, but they handled it in true irish style!

i also just got mk and cori's wedding picture discs (y'know from like 2 years a go!) so expect lots of wedding layouts soon!

still trying to decide if i want to sell my june poppy kit or not. i am totally in love with the color combo and two of the papers and the one yellow courduroy brad, but does that justify keeping the whole kit? not so sure on that one!

oooh, also miss sara berry's peekie is up over at soml and it look so fun! not to mention the adorable hedgie stamp that i am sooooo already planning uses for!

speaking of adorbs stamps, my mum went to scraptasia without me the other night, so sad that i was working! but, she totally picked me up a couple of presents so that wound healed a little quicker! she got marykate and i the maya road celtic knot chipboards to share and the most adorable stamps ever, one is a row of little chickies and the other says, "to one of my favorite peeps" how flippin' adorbs is that?!?! can't wait to use them to make some cards for some things i have to mail out monday. i was so much better about the post office when i lived in philly! ugh!

and tonight it's off to marykate's after work for movies, junk food and puppy cuddles (maggie snorts in her sleep and it's the cutest thing ever!)

Monday, June 11, 2007

quick lookie.

just wanted to show you ladies the super simple, but simply adorable that i did at the crop with kristie the other night! i want to finish my journaling in the minis from class before i snap 'em and post 'em! this all requires me having time to clean the scrappy area! hopefully tonight!

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i used one of my fave aimee felties and i love how it looks!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

super rad weekend love!

so i'm about to go catch up on all the sleep i was missing this weeked, but i just wanted to post some piccies of the oh so rad experience this weekend at memory lane pa thanks to this lady;

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it was so awesome to not only take two of kristina contes/kc/kristie/klala's classes, but we got to crop with her the night before too! it was so cool to meet some really fun new scrapsters and the woman herself! the talent just flows from this girl! i not only love the two mini books she taught, but i def absorbed a lot of new techniques to store away in that scrappy part of my brain for constant use!

anyway, here are some photos of the store, which is awesome!!! ummm can we say hambly and love, elsie right when you walk in the door?!? i darn near keeled over! and some photos of the crop, classes and all the awes scrapsters!

i'll give you ladies a better update tommorow when my eyes are actually all the way open, apparently my body is too old to handle beer pong and flip cup until 4 in the morning and then 3 hours of sleep on the floor before work! lots of fun though!

k sleeps now.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

sooooooo tired!

i just literally worked hardcore for 12+ hours straight! heavy lifting, major planning, moving and reorganizing! we had gotten a ton of new stuff in at the store and so i waited until it piled up a bit so that i could do all the shifting at once, since i pretty much wanted to rearrange the whole store anyway. ugh! i added an aisle, moved the cropping area around, re-did the crop tool area and pretty much all of the embellishments too, put together out bling, brad and prima bar and generally made myself crazy!

well, at least i came home to a really cute birthday card from michelle, the metal wings and acrylic hearts i ordered from etsy and jess' circle journal with the insane amount of goodies she packed me! seriously! go check out her blog, there are pics of the goodies and it is insane! she sooooooooooo overdid it! i am so psyched! the silver hambly wing rub-ons are even in there! i ordered those from hambly a while ago and they were backordered, i was soooo sad, but scrap karma has brought them to my door by way of such a rad lady!

and, of course her circle journal is awesome too! i think i'm going to work on it at my crop with kristina tommorow. (you get to go to the crop if you were one of the first 25 people to sign-up for class, and my mum is awesome so i get to go!) so i'm off to bed because there is no way i'm packing for that crop tonight so i'll be doing it before work tommorow morning, where i will hopefully finish up the store without exhausting myself before the crop! then, the classes are back to back, with an hour break, saturday! so can not wait!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

a birthday well spent!

i had a nice day louging around in my jammies today and starting my little "my 24th year" arrow shaped chipboard binder album. i've only gotten a couple of pages done but i have all day tommorow too. here's the mess so far and you can kinda see a couple of the finished pages in the foreground;

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i kind of just pulled out all the papers and embellies that i was in the mood to work with and i'm going from there. then i got ready and went to the new restauraunt in flemington, fusion! it's french thai fusion and it was awesome and gorg inside. here's some picces of the restauraunt, marykate & i after dinner and my appy, chicken fusion triangles, they were awesome! the outside was like a spring roll and the chicken was seasoned with cinnamon and thai spices, sooooo good! as well as a really cute piccie of miss trish!

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my aunt and mum were there too obviously, but they are anti picture. i got some awesome presents including the awesome scrappy one from my mum, BOTH kristina contes classes and the crop with kristina the night before! sooooo rad! i can't wait! the crop is friday night and the classes are both saturday! has anyone else taken any of her classes? i so want to see pictures!

circle journal send off

so here we go, my first circle journal! i'm so excited to see everyone's cj's as they head my way and i can't believe that i won't see mine again for a year! that's so crazy, but when it comes back it will be filled to the brim wiht lovliness from the amazing ladies in the group over at soml! i can't wait!!! at least we will be getting little peakies along the way in the yahoo group. anyway, here is the cover;

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"the soundtrack of our lives" are an awesome band and it's also my theme, those songs that when you hear them take you back to a specific moment or time. i can't wait to see what everyone has to say. here are my rules and sign-in pages also;

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i love that i got to use a bunch of hambly and ki rubs that i have been hoarding for a bit and i'm so glad that i waited for the love, elsie paper to do it! the roxie line is totally perfect for this!

anyway, since it's my birthday i'm off to scrap! i've had a maya road arrow shaped chipboard binder mini book sitting here for a while and so i'm going to use today to make it fun and random and totally full of all the things i've loved, things i've done and things that have happened while i was 24. i'm going to try to let all my little inner scrapping rules go and just go totally funky with it! we'll see how it goes! later!

Monday, June 4, 2007

first of the month kit wrap up!

yeah, this is a little late, but poor zing boom had a major system crash and couldn't get the add-ons up until this evening. so here we go, a magical tour of my ridiculous scrappy spending for june!

the super amazing story of my life kit for june is called "the story behind the song." i am totally in love with this! sara graced us with an early full reveal and i have been drooling ever since! here is the main kit;

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and i also got the adorable "gwen... yes that gwen" add-on! so glad i snapped it up because now it's sold out! totally expected though, look at those pink polka dot petaloo flowers, old english alpha rubs and those adorable little japanese flash cards! and i can not wait to put those love, elsie roxie cardstock stickers on like everything!

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i'm also slightly embaressed to say that i ordered a bunch of little extras and stuff too, but i was in such a spending frenzy that i don't remember exactly what i got! ugh! i know for sure that those cool decorative edged tape writer tapes were in there, and possibly some of the silver chandelier hambly rub-ons? not really sure! it will be a big surprise when it gets here! plus sara is including a first order and birthday surprise too! totally the raddest!

so, then at 2 a.m. poppy time i headed over to poppy ink to peak at the full reveal of the june kit (i'm finally on a sub. so no anxiety!) here's the main kit, "tutu";

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i'm not super crazy about it so depending on what i think when i see it in person i may sell it over on willow traders. what i was really lusting after was the hedge hog and tree stump stamp set, but the rest of the product in the add-on that it came in wasn't really my thing. and the add-on i really loved the product in had a weird hot air balloon stamp in it that just wasn't my thing so i didn't get either. : (

but, my pouting has been somewhat short lived since i'm pretty sure that miss sara berry said something about a hedge hog stamp in july's earthy/reds/mushroom/foresty inspired kit. hopefully i didn't just dream that cause sara makes the sweetest stamps! just look at this one that's coming with the june kit;

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i know i keep saying this but i love the affordability of sara's add-ons and i am totally in love with the fact that she even has individual add-on stamps and lets you buy just the stamps from the kits, as if i could ever pass up the kits! anyway, off my soml soap box!

so, the big hold over was zing boom and just a couple of hours ago i scooted over there for the full reveal of the "so freakin' cute" kit. i had already pre-ordered, and i'm so glad that i did because it is totally loveabley adorable;

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i mean that custom printed mix tape paper is amazing! i can already tell that that baby is going to be tough to cut in to! and the apple clips!!! and, i snagged my first zing boom add-on, "pretty bird";

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i saw that love, elsie chipboard book in a store the other day and totally fell in love but was trying to be quasi-responsible, so i'm totally glad that it was here in the add-on that i had already planned on treating myself too! plus, i'm loving the elsie font and the hot pink birds, (i only have them in brown and cream.) and, i can't wait for the challenge of working with those clips, i think they are just begging to be hanging off the edges of a mini album!

anyway, when i was at the crop room (at which time marykate was apparently buying my surprise party time, the sneaky girl!) i picked up some of the coveted love, elsie roxie line. so, guess what i used on my circle journal cover, rules section and sign-in page?!?! i'll take piccies tommorow when it is hopefully done (so that i can mail it off to laurie 5 days late, oops!) and hopefully sunny (for the best light!)

alright, well i'm off to close the store! tough job i have, i know! actually i've been drawing up plans to re-do the stores whole layout so that the tons of new product that just came in over the past week can actually fit out!

i actually have lots to do tonight and tommorow, make an explosion box for a birthday party project for twelve 12 year olds, finish said cj, pack some stuff up for shipping (amber ulmer, aimee and barbara start watching your mailboxes), not to mention getting all 50's housewife gussied up and going out to dinner for my birthday tommorow night! can't believe i'll be 25 already! weirdness! haha!


i forgot to show you my mailbox goodies from this past week and today! 8 out of my 10 poppy ink little pretty stamp shop stamps got here, the 2 that are on their way are the cherries and swallow (which will be perfect opposite my soml swallow) here is what's here already (sorry for the twilight photo);

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this is a little feltie pin i ordered a little bit ago that came this past week;

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and this is the amazing box of rak goodies i got from barbara (mrs.nosab, her blog is over there ->) i can sooo not believe how generous she was with her slang flash cards, japanese clips, french twist journaling tags and the other fun goodies!!!

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sorry this is such a long entry but we are just so blessed with such an awesome scrappy world!

Sunday, June 3, 2007

ummm i'm a bit behind...

... yeah, i'm totally doing my first friday fill-in on a sunday!

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This week, we're going to have a theme--fictional characters :-) So fill in the blanks with them; please do refrain from using your husband/ wife/other non-fictional character!

1. I wouldn't toss jason statham out of bed!
2. borat has no appeal for me whatsoever. (good answer leslie)
3. A good dream would involve me and the pirates; we would have an adventure.
4. The sexiest man in the movies is joseph gordon-levitt in brick; the sexiest man on tv is milo ventemiglia.
5. portrays a wicked villian.
6. the mac guy and i would make a great couple.

k, i'll be back a bit later with an actual post! : )

ooh, i also am hoping to have the energy to make a new banner for myself tonight or tommorow, like scrap it and snap a photo for the banner. i might have to wait for some sunshine for the proper lighting though! jersey is all about temps in the 80's and thunderstorms for like the next 10 days! ugh! at least that's lots of summer rain smell!

Saturday, June 2, 2007

surprise bam pop birthday bash!

so i have the best mom and scrappy friends in the world! yesterday my friend marykate and i got dinner at stewarts, went to the not so lss and then we went to scrap with my mom and our friend trish at trish's house. simple enough plan for a quiet friday night, right? nope! i walk in the door and SURPRISE!!! my scrappy ladies (the sassy scrappers)!!!

my mom and trish put together a whole suprise party with a bam pop theme! the table was all black and pink (my colors), there was sunkist (my fave) with pink cups, pink sprinkled cookies and tons of my favorite dips! my mom made little nerd filled party favors out of bam pop paper and she had apparently been in touch with jen and jj over at bam pop and she got all the guests got to choose a bam pop stamp, and they even sent a wrapped buckethead stamp over for me! soooooo sweet! i am totally sending them an e-mail today! here are some pics from the party, including my ice cream cake that says "scrappy birthday morgan" haha.

so, it was already an incredibly amazing thing for everyone to do for me, not to mention the complete surprise (apparently my mom had been planning this for a little under a month and no one squeeled!) and then my mom presented me with this book, all my sassy scrappers made a page for me with bam pop paper and a birthday message! so awesome!


i just got back from such a lovely night! my mum and my scrappy ladies threw me a surprise bam pop birthday bash! sooooo much fun! i will post the pics tommorow!