Tuesday, October 12, 2010

hockey scraps...

... obviously not this kind. i made a little deal with myself that i couldn't go to any games in the 2010-2011 season until i finished my layouts from last season, and i mostly stuck to my guns (i snuck a pre-season game in there when i was only done with 2 of the 4, but i feel like that's only bending my rule a tiny bit). anyway, i was having a little bit of a hard time with these since there were a couple of challenges; 01. using mostly devils colors could get a little restricting. 02. i scrap a lot of single photo layouts, and i usually have a bunch of photos from games that i love. 03. how can i make multiple hockey layouts all look different?

well, i leaned pretty heavily on sketches and lifts for these 4, but they definitely got my confidence up, and i'm excited to scrap this seasons' games as they happen.

"my first night at the rock"

this is a jack of a cute "my neighborhood" layout that was sent out in a newsletter and i re-worked it to create the verizon tower, where we always walk in, at the rock (which is the nickname for the prudential center where the devils play). it was fun to make a little banner from a bunch of scrappies and draw in some little stitched line for an added touch.

"st. pat's throwback"

can you believe i actually made a 2 page layout? it's been years since i've done one of these, which is why i straight jacked a sketch on this guy, haha. there were just so many pictures from this game that i wanted on there that it was just totally necessary. i did my journaling by numbering everything and then doing a little itemized list in the center there.

"a not so painful loss"

this is a kind of combination of 3 or 4 things i like from various layouts that were rattling around in my head. not a lift per say, but a collection of faint memories of things i've liked about other layouts lately, haha. this was the devils v blackhawks game we went to that was awesome to watch, especially since the boy has passed down an appreciation of the blackhawks to me. so yeah, the devils lost, but we lost to the hawks and it was amazing to watch toews, kane & byfuglien at work.

"devils v sabres"

this guy came from a sketch on the crate paper blog and i definitely needed the help on this one, it was one of the last ones i did and i was gasping for air, haha. glad i caved a little on the black & red thing and pulled in some sabres blue, haha.

the best part of scrapping all these was actually the journaling, which is something i never thought i'd say. it was awesome to sit down, read over the articles about the game, remembering my favorite moments and thinking about all the great hockey moments i've witnessed already. go devils!

Friday, October 8, 2010

friday five #39

friday five #39

01. things that need to be in my closet - y'know... i've been trying really hard to avoid shopping (believe it or not). i haven't been to a mall in forever, i'm trying not to browse my favorite online stores, i'm not opening my sale mail... but cute stuff just keeps showing up in my e-mail inbox! i am dying for these fold down chuck taylor boots... like completely dying!

02. nycc - new york comic con is this weekend... and i won't be there : ( i was totally stoked on it, looking around for possible costumes and then work schedule happened, and it turning out to be a generally crazy weekend and it kinda got pushed to the wayside. : ( there is the slimmest chance of sunday if the one day passes don't sell out... but probably not. so sad.

03. hockey season is open! - (yes,i do actually plan on wearing the above hat this winter) i'm rushing home post-work to throw on my jersey, grab the boy and be picked up by jen and erik to head to the 2010-11 season opener! can't wait to see the new lines, the new coaches style and some non-pre-season hockey! eek! finally!

04. ugh & etsy - i taught my first christmas class last night. on october 8th. i loved the class and love christmas and all... but ugh... already? also, i loved a couple of my cards so much, and have some ideas for others that i like enough to think about re-opening my etsy store, or possibly start a whole new one. definitely general card sets and christmas cards, but if i can get my ish together i'm hoping to even put up some halloween card sets for those really special people. stay tuned...

05. can't help it - i know, i'm just torturing myself now, but loving this antiques cluster f looking rhinestone necklace. the reviews say the stones fall out pretty easily but that it's worth glueing them back in. i'll stalk it's appearance in the sale section i think and stay armed with my glossy accents for any fallen sparklies.