Tuesday, May 27, 2008

bits of today.

some of my favorite things spotted from the window of the train to philly;

* a mustard yellow couch accompanied by some comfy looking sitting logs next to a rocked in fire pit on the river bank.

* a whole clothesline full of grannie jammies.

* lots of crazy tags.

* a cute little deer bum as the little reddish brown guy jumped back into the forest as the train flew by.

in other, related news... i had a nice little trip to philly to get my hair done today, although it was already too hot in the city for my taste! heading into the city for a haircut is totally worth the super cool atmosphere at american mortals and the fact that heidi always understands just what i want and isn't afraid to tell me when i'm wrong, haha. i'm pretty much in love with my new spring/summer hair color! yay for being an orangehead, or maybe it's carrot stick! obviously this is not the most flattering photo but, like i said, it was a long hot day in the city!

i also snagged the new mates of state cd, "re-arrange us" and i'm already in love with it. you may be thinking, "well duh morgan, you love them!" which is true, but does not make it a no-brainer. i usually don't like new albums from artists i already love, at least not right away. usually i have to come back to them a few months later, at just the right time, and then i fall in love. but, i am loving this one right away! i def suggest it make it's way into your spring/summer rotation!

i also got to have catch up coffee, or atleast coffee shakes, with my friend tim which is just about one of my favorite things to do in the city. gotta love that effortless friendship that just works in its' own little way, y'know?!?

anyway, tommorow i promise to actually type out the stationary show re-cap entry that's been in my head for about a week now, promise!

Monday, May 19, 2008

crashing through the barrier!

yes, it has been like two weeks since i last posted, and yes, i have come up with post ideas just about every day since my last post. for some reason i was just kind of not wanting to get on here and actually get to posting. so here's a nerd-o post to at least get myself back into the swing of things.

here's a little catch up;

* i've really dug stuff
* i've been annoyed by stuff
* i've gone places
* i've made plans
* i've done stuff

okay, now that the catch up is out of the way i can get back to normal blogging tommorow, haha.

i'm at my new job, which i am totally in love with, waiting to teach a class, then i'm heading home to do some last minute cleaning before natalie gets here, yay! can't wait to dive into the fun couple of days i have with this lady, and some special "guest stars" before she leaves us for taiwan!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

you know i love a good list.

things i am absolutely loving right now (mostly scrappy);

* the amazing new amy butler "lotus" collection, specifically the "faded china" line. i mean really, the paper is rad enough, but then add the fabric tags and fabric tape, super drool-worthy!

* the "indie art" mini cricut cartridge. i can't wait to cut that casette tape out of woodgrain contact paper!

* love that!" for sure! as soon as i saw this set come into the store i knew i had to have it! i can't wait to sit down and make some little lovelies with it!

* internet radio, i listen to left of center on sirius at work, and thanks to katie i figured out how to use pandora correctly so that it actually mixes up stuff that's similar to a bunch of my favorite bands and i am def embracing it.

* picked up these awesome glimmer chips the other day and i can't wait to play with them. i love that they are embossed and the shapes are so cool. i'll let y'all know how it goes!

* i'm not sure if maya road can do any wrong in my book. the journaling card office sheers, the noah chipboard letters and the really rad houses with books in them, i love the bungalow best!

* the cool mini clear boxes i got at work yesterday. most of my wood stamps actually fit in one. it's nice to not have them falling over everytime i reach for something. although, the fact that i only have enough wood stamps to fill one is pretty surprising. but, i bought three so i guess it's time to fill those babies up! i guess in all my acrylic stamp obsessing i've neglected my wood friends!

* flocking! have y'all seen all the awesome colors it comes in now?!?! i was working on an upcoming class sample and i had totally forgotten how easy it is to use. so now i'm pretty much just deciding what else needs to be fuzzy!

* mix tapes! i'm working on a bunch to swap with different people and i can't wait to finish them up and make fun covers! my fave right now has got to be the "synth love" mix!

alright, i'm off to finish my laundry and work on that class sample, i love when something comes together just the way you envisioned it!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

who wants to make me a cupcake?!?!?

for the following reasons;

* my last day at pieces of time was tuesday and even though i was way sickie we had a little celebration dinner with some of my scrap ladies after.

* my first day at scraptasia was super nice and relazed, such a nice enviornment! can't wait to get in there tommorow and saturday to help out with the sale! i've got some really cute classes coming up this month, and some more ideas, as dawn puts it, "in the pipe line." can't wait to have some more playtime there!

* i'm joining up with some really rad ladies and scrapping for cupcake scrapshop for may and june! you can see my fun new bio here and the gallery right here. i had lots of fun with this kit and colleen def finds the raddest ribbons and trims ever!

* i'm starting to feel better! i've been so sick since monday... ugh! but i am starting to feel better. yay!

anyway, so as you can read on my cupcake scrapshop profile, i would like those cupcakes to be funfetti please, i'm totally popsicled out!