Tuesday, December 29, 2009

50 favorite songs of 2009.

(5o tracks i've been digging the past year, wether they came out in 2009 or not, in no particular order)

01. "don't stop believin" the glee cast
02. "daylight" matt & kim
03. "ballad of bird love" blitzen trapper
04. "disturbia" rihanna
05. "my girls" animal collective
06. "blood bank" bon iver
07. "plans" band of horses
08. "tightrope" yeasayer
09. "no one does it like you" department of eagles
10. "click, click, click, click" bishop allen
11. "use somebody" kings of leon
12. "right round" flo rida
13. "breaking it up" lykke li
14. "talking bird" death cab for cutie
15. "nothing to worry about" peter bjorn and john
16. "we are beautiful, we are doomed" los campensinos!
17. "dog days are over" florence & the machine
18. "sunlight" harlem shakes
19. "little secrets" passion pit
20. "sweet disposition" the temper trap
21. "fables" the dodos
22. "in the hospital" friendly fires
23. "periodically double or triple" yo la tengo
24. "1901" phoenix
25. "simple as..." kid cudi
26. "on to the next one" jay-z
27. "i'm amazed" my morning jacket
28. "bear" the antlers
29. "pot kettle black" tilly & the wall
30. "mansard roof" vampire weekend
31. "very loud" shout out louds
32. "electro-socket blues" rogue wave
33. "non-photo blue" pinback
34. "blue skies" noah and the whale
35. "home" edward sharpe & the magnetic zeroes
36. "roslyn" bon iver & st. vincent
37. "say please" monsters of folk
38. "ambling alp" yeasayer
39. "heartbeats" jose gonzalez
40. "carpetbaggers" jenny lewis featuring elvis costello
41. "teen angst" m83
42. "things i'll do" northern state
43. "wake up" arcade fire
44. "furr" blitzen trappers
45. "elevator love letter" stars
46. "for the price of a cup of tea" belle & sebastian
47. "through the roof 'n' underground" gogol bordello
48. "borne on the fm waves of the heart" against me! featuring tegan
49. "poison cup" m. ward
50. "animal" mike snow

comment by january 3rd with your top 5 songs this past year and i'll use the random number generator to pick a person to send my favorites to in mix cd form.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

fifteen favorite movies of oh9!

01. 500 days of summer - "this is not a love story, it is a story about love..." unabashed, real & one of, if not the most lovely soundtrack of the year.

02. g.i. joe: rise of cobra - when you're a ginger kid growing up in the 80's you have april o'neill, you have red fraggle and you have scarlett, who totally killed it in this movie.

03. star trek - thought i'd like this, didn't know i'd love it.

04. where the wild things are - so heartbreaking and ridiculously beautiful to watch.

05. zombieland - i don't want to ruin it for you if you haven't seen it yet, but the b.m. cameo is one of the best ever, plus it brought "nut up or shut up" into everyday use, and sometimes that's just the appropriate message.

06. up - best birthday movie ever! so sad, so cute and brought us the best line from dug the dog, "i hid under your porch because i love you." so adorable.

07. adventureland - a good, accessible indie for all those non-indie lovers out there. it's a pretty good sign when ryan reynolds is in a movie and you don't really care.

08. the brothers bloom - this is probably my all favorite movie of 2009, possibly even by a landslide. it's beautiful, snarky, funny, smart and just completely lovely.

09. the hangover - finally saw this last weekend, worth a good giggle.

10. watchmen - i put off seeing this because there was such an uproar among the comic book nerds, but i really liked what they did with it. obviously not the same in the end bits, but worth watching and pretty visually stunning.

11. x-men origins: wolverine - didn't think i was going to like this one either because of my love for wolverine. i didn't think they were really going to do the backstory justice, but i really, really loved it.

12. the twilight saga: new moon - bella was less simpering than i remember in the book and that is always a good thing.

13. coraline - so super creepy, but gorgeous!

14. i love you, man - love this bromance thing, almost as funny as "role models". love me some marshall, even in another role.

15. sunshine cleaning - soooo funny! and love the dude who plays the owner of the cleaning supply store.

Friday, December 18, 2009

friday five #10

01. yeasayer's international tour - these crazy dudes, also known as the band yeasayer, are a reportedly blessed with the ability to melt peoples faces off with their live performances, and i intend to find out. they make it onto a bunch of my mixes because they are just so ridiculous and fun to listen to and now, because of their tour set up, it looks like i might be able to see them a few times between now and may; in brooklyn, philly & london!

02. the photo hunt app for iphone - so, i have a little bit of a photo hunt problem and have been spotted hyperventilating at the sight of a megatouch machine somewhere unexpected, so the fact that i can now play it on the iphone is just no good.

03. pretty album covers - nothing keeps me buying vinyl more than a gorgeous album cover. i most definitely buy music on itunes for that instant gratification, but it's the cover art (when it's actually art) that gets me into that record store every time. prime example; volcano choir's "unmap", yo la tengo's "popular songs", m. ward's "hold time" and faunts' "feel.love.thinking.of". and for a laugh, check out pitchfork's lists of the worst album covers each year, somehow weezer's "raditude" didn't make the cut this year, amazing.

04. snowman holiday specs - you need to go online or head to your nearest cracker barrel, which is where we got ours for less, and track down these "holiday specs"! they are cute paper glasses that make little points of light (i.e. christmas lights, headlights & chandelier lights) into adorable little snowmen. even when i'm at my grinchiest these dudes brighten my mood.

05. "layabout" boots - man, veronica mars can really do no wrong by me, even years later! these boots from simple are on kristen bell's celebrity wish list on piperlime and i am in love with them, so now they are also on mine. how cozy do they look?! plus they are completely earth friendly and even have coconut buttons! want.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

my 20 favorite albums released in oh9.

it's no secret that it takes a lot for me to love an entire album, especially from an artist i already love, high expectations i guess. but, here are 20 albums that were released in oh9 that i have been listening to like crazy since they came out. i could get all wannabe-rock-journalist on you and describe each albums sound, but i usually hate the cliche terms and ridiculous words those dudes use so i will forgo that craziness and go with a barebones list for y'all.

also coming soon-ish, i'll have a list of 50 songs i've fallen in love with in oh9!

01. "monsters of folk" self titled 02. "wolfgang amadeus" phoenix 03. "living thing" peter bjorn and john 04. "manners" passion pit 05. "time to die" the dodos 06. "technicolor health" harlem shakes 07. "popular songs" yo la tengo 08. "hospice" the antlers 09. "hold time" m. ward 10. "blood bank" bon iver 11. "the blueprint 3" jay-z 12. "500 days of summer soundtrack" various artists 13. "the twilight saga: new moon soundtrack" various artists 14. "conditions" the temper trap 15. "glee: the music - season one volume 1" glee cast 16. "grand" matt & kim 17."unmap" volcano choir 18. "veckatimest" grizzly bear 19. "tribute to" yim yames 20. "sainthood" tegan and sara

p.s. i know that soundtracks are kind of cheating, but it's my list and i'll do what i want to! : )

Monday, December 14, 2009

indie elves.

i love to belt out mariah carey's "all i want for christmas is you" in the car just as much as any other girl, but when it comes time to wrap presents and decorate the tree i love to cozy myself up with some less mainstream versions of christmas songs. here are some of my current and all time favorites all wrapped up into one happy little mix.

01. "the christmas song" by the raveonettes
02. "carol of the bells" by the bird and the bee
03. "maybe this christmas" by ron sexsmith
04. "just like christmas" by low
05. "a great big sled" by the killers
06. "let's boogey to the elf dance!" by sufjan stevens
07. "christmas day in the sun" by hot hot heat
08. "a change at christmas (say it isn't so) by the flaming lips
09. "happy xmas (war is over)" by the polyphonic spree
10. "christmas (baby please come home)" by death cab for cutie
11. "christmas time is here" by ivy
12. "xmas curtain" by my morning jacket
13. "christmas" by rogue wave
14. "holiday road" by matt pond pa
15. "so this is christmas" by acceptence
16. "do you hear what i hear?" by copeland
17. "i heard the bells on christmas day" by pedro the lion
18. "red ribbon foxes" by a fine frenzy
19. "wonderful christmastime" by tom mcrae
20. "my dear acquaintance (a happy new year)" by regina spektor

Saturday, December 12, 2009

2009 christmas wish list

so in lieu of a friday five this week , i'm doing 25 christmas wishes!

01. a new wool coat, this one has pleats! 02. frye whipstitch hobo in "cognac" 03. shark mittens! 04. custom address stamp from paperwink (kristina turned me on to these, so good!) 05. prague (my airfare from london, not the city itself!) 06. "sagaform" dishes from huset 07. felt lowercase alphabet scarf 08. new penguin hardcover classics 09. steve madden "stardom" flats (studded, pewter faux snake skin! they're like an 80's hair metal video in shoe form!) 10. more ink for the lifestyle letterpress system 11. wooden fox necklace by joanna rutter whose shop is currently down : ( 12. "big love ring" in winter colors by pink saguaro. jen spotted these! i heart the gray one! 13. yellow bird project hoodie 14. dublin! (again, not the city itself) 15. sweetheart tree necklace by lisa leonard 16. julie west "chubby book" 17. "and then..." limited edition screenprinted poster by julie west 18. 2010 critter calendar (printed on wood) from night owl paper goods 19. always the fold over mid-city tote in grey by foley + corinna. always. 20. the chalet watch in walnut woodgrain by nixon 21. repurposed vintage paint by numbers united states cut out from somethings hiding in here 22. ever since they were in the anthro catalogue last year; "benjamin button boots" by matisse in brown have been in my dreams 23. orla kiely "tripp" large tote 24. "anna" plaid dress and "athena" braided belt (yes, i still shop at delia*s even though i'm 27) 25. a merlotte's mug (can't wait for true blood!)

it's good to have wishes that are totally out there, right?

Friday, December 4, 2009

friday five #09

01. home for the holidays! - i love that some of my favorite people are starting to make their way home for the holidays. totally looking forward to lots of crafting, dancing, catching up, travel planning, shopping & such with my visiting faves!

02. lifestyle letterpress - so i was going to try to hold out and put this on my christmas wish list, but then it was 40% off and it somehow made it's way into my crafty space... oops? i guess if we're real about it, what did i really think the chances were that i was not going to jump all over the opportunity to have the ability to letterpress from home? i can't wait to sit down, get all inky and really play with it all!

03. alex and ani bangles - i snagged this recycled silver wire monogram bangle the last time i was in austin and i've been wearing it all the time. this is a small miracle because i'm not really a bracelet kind of girl normally, but it's super light, super simple, doesn't make a ton of noise and there's just something old school cute about a monogram. it would make a really cute gift for your girlie friends!

04. new moon - nicole and i went to see it the sunday after it came out, and i actually really liked it! truthfully, i was kind of dreading the whole oh-my-god-he-left-me-i'm-going-to-collapse-in-the-woods story line and the preview made it look like she was going to be screaming in pain at the loss and all that business, but i actually think they did a pretty good job with all that business. i loved the wolf special effects, didn't hate jacob and the fact that they could make half naked dudes hanging out everywhere not seem cheesy is kind of saying a lot. i kind of even want to see it in the theater again.

05. my new iphone! - i could probably list about 25 things i already love about my new iphone, but i will try not to gush. let's leave it at me being a little bit addicted, totally impressed with the little things i already don't know how i lived without & psyched that i've already made it so cute! what apps will i die without?