Monday, March 31, 2008

i'm not gonna lie...

... things are tough. i don't usually blog about this stuff, but it is totally affecting every aspect of my life at this point. so, if i'm not so present or i seem distracted, scattered & mindless this is why. everything seems so hard right now and i'm having a hard time getting excited about anything, even the couple of cool things that have happened in the last few weeks. i don't know what it is and know everything that it is all at once.

older rilo kiley is hitting the nail directly on the head lately, especially "a better son/daughter"; "but the lows are so extreme that the good seems * cheap and it teases you for weeks in it's abscense."

here's to hoping the heavy boots clear away.

Friday, March 28, 2008

bits & pieces of my new habitat.

bedroom re-do bits., originally uploaded by miss morgan....

1. tree of little pretties, 2. lovelies., 3. branches & birds, 4. kitty watches over some things, 5. bedding, 6. anthro drawer pulls

things have been really crazy here. but so far, the new hardwood flooring is in downstairs and in the upstairs hallway, goodwill came for our old couch, the bedroom carpets are freshly cleaned, bedrooms have been switched and i am partially settled into my new room, hence the little peeks rather than big pictures.

the not so lovely news is that all of this moving things around and re-do'ing of things has taken a huge toll on my body! i don't think my whole body has ever hurt like this at once. it does not help that the dining room table is trying to kill me. the day before yesterday it fell on me while i was trying to push the entertainment center (with tv on it) back into the living room and then yesterday it fell on to, and then slid across, my poor little bare foot. so, no work for me today, and possibly no georgetown trip on sunday and monday. : ( why couldn't it have at least fallen on my non-driving foot?

anyway, there is still a lot to do before we have guests next weekend and i defenitly want the rest of the house, especially the scrap area, to be all lovely and re-done by then. so, here's to hoping that my poor little footsie heals up well and i can get on with the rest of this craziness!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

what's left of today...

... and tommorow only, all the scrapbook kits left in my etsy shop, like the ones pictured over ---> there in the sidebar thing-y are all on sale for $10. take them off my hands! we are in the midst of a remodel downstairs and bedroom switch upstairs, so every little thing out of the way helps! plus, i have quite the bookmarked wishlist of decor items that i'm totally dieing for! hehe. so, tell all your friends and thanks for checking them out!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


as always;

* nyc to meet the brits ='ed an easy drive to dawn's in harlem, an excellent parallel parking job, fire escape photo shoots, subways, taxis, yummy pad thai at republic, fabulous ladies, 2 of the most awesome brits ever, drooling at anthropologie, silly 80's sunglasses in an adorable bag from free people and cutie kitties.

* watched august rush yesterday and ohmygosh! so great. you must all see it and make sure you are either alone, or with people you are comfortable outwardly sobbing in front of. i def went through some serious tissues! freddie highmore's little face just always, always, always makes my heart hurt, he's so cute and the relationship between these two? so melt-y!

* i am officially in a complete crafting slump! i have about a million of these cute little books and i want to make them into storybooks to sell on my etsy and i just can't seem to get the motivation to do it! a million inspiring things are swirling around in my head and i can't seem to get anything down, so frustrating! maybe i just need to sit down and make a couple of atc's or something to get a little of the overload out of my head and then i'll be able to scrap proper. think so?

* speaking of those little storybooks, does anyone have any scraps of fabric or gaffer tape that are at least 3 inches long? i want lots of different kinds without ending up with lots of extra and would be willing to send some rak-type-goodies in exchange. : )

* the big house re-do is majorly underway now and i've been doing some serious dreaming about my new bedroom, especially when it comes to the reading corner and art wall. i can not wait! i have spent a sizeable amount of time online today bookmarking all the lovelies that i would love to cover the wall with. i would love, love, love for the focal point of the "art wall" to be this curio shelf. i am totally in love with it at the moment. the test will be wether i'm still in love with it when i can actually afford it, haha. in the meantime i'm also drooling over this camilla engman print, this awesome print set by erin zam that i've been wanting forever and at some point in my life would like to ever be able to afford this giclee print by julie west, not to mention an original piece or two, ever.

* also i am way psyched that i get to go to ikea saturday! the downfall of that day is that we also have to go pick up all the flooring and materials ourselves afterwords so that they can sit in the house for at least 4 days before instillation. eek! at least that yuckiness will be cushioned by all the lovliness at ikea and hopefully scraptasia along the way as well.

* the return of jezebel james! so umm... parker posey & lauren ambrose in a show written by amy sherman-palladino & dan palladino of gilmore girls fame? what, what, what? i had heard nothing about it, watched it and i loved it! now if only we could get them to nix the cheesy laugh track, than it would be perfection!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

a system of +'s & -'s...

... in relation to the past 7 days and the 3 still ahead of me.

+ meeting marykate at cryan's for drinks last saturday night
- having to have her talk me in because there were so many roads closed because of flooding that it took me about 50 minutes to get there.
+ laughing about it the whole time
+ the cute bartender who we call, rolled up sleeves, being there
+ me having the guts to sit at the bar by myself once marykate left
+/- minimal friendly chatter with cute bartender, whose actual name is justin
+ cute bartender being nice enough to walk me to my car when i left to make sure i got there safely
- no text back from said cute bartender
+ an interview for a patient services rep. position at the hospital monday morning
+ the really adorable interview outfit i got sunday night!
+ scoring an awesome deal on a really rad bronze sueded bolero/swingcoat that i am love with!
+ my monday night class at scraptasia went really well, as per usual. love that place!
- waiting all week for a call about the interview and still not hearing either way! : (
- a yucky, blah, poopy kind of stressful week.
+ the entire first season of dexter on netflix on demand.
+ moving on to all the seasons of american the office
+ talking to nattie lite a lot this week.
+ making cute little cards to send off with some stuff in the mail.
+ altering a little jotter to serves as my new directions book for the car.
- a stressful morning this morning.
+ dressing up in the aforementioned bolero/swingcoat, a really fun dark orange silk shirt& bronze flats to head to level 3 at melt tonight with some friends from forever ago & friends from now.
+ getting to visit with nicole while she is rockin' the downstairs bar.
+ heading to the city to meet kristina and dawn tommorow morning at dawn's new place in harlem, then meeting rhian and a bunch of ladies for lunch in union square
+ refusing to believe that it's actually going to snow and therefore simply not dressing for it.
+ saint patrick's day fun at cryan's or manion's monday night!
- still lusting after the teal patent francine coach bag.
2 x - not even being able to afford the wallet!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

totally over it!

i am officially over being single! sick of missing out on the fun stuff my friends do with their couple-y friends while i'm sitting home. sick of not holding hands! and def sick of having a love-y dude in my life! to rememdy this situation i am making myself go out tonight even though it's rainy and i look like this ---> today and i am joining yeah, that's right. i said it! i was looking through and there are actually some cute guys on there, my kind of cute even.

so, tonight when i get home from work i'm scrapping for a couple of hours, refreshing my makeup and heading out with business cards to write 7th grade style love notes on the back of in hand. not that anyone really wants to smooch me in glasses and yucky hair, haha. i just need to actually be around people!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

... in which i am a sponge.

3.6.8 inspiration mosaic, originally uploaded by miss morgan....

1. Another View, 2. Untitled, 3. Sassafras Lass, 4. theheart.jpg, 5. Louis Vuitton, 6. Thickers love, 7. Untitled, 8. Domino Mag. (3), 9. Studio : Childhood Desk, 10. Parker Posey in the Rabbit Room, 11. Untitled, 12. the darjeeling limited, 13. March Project Kit Add-On, 14. livingRoom, 15. Up the wall, 16. Domino Mag. (88), 17. Mates of State, 18. Untitled, 19. jenny one, 20. 365-66, 21. Domino Mag. (144), 22. Urban Outfitters Ad, 23. Marion Cotillard, 24. eyeshadow, 25. garment district, NYC

i have been a total sponge lately, sucking up inspiration everywhere. i'm starting to get a little over-sodden, and the time has come to just create already! i won't really have time to do so until this weekend after i get my class sample done for my april class at scraptasia. when it happens though, i have a feeling something pretty rad is going to come of it. i'm not saying, i'm just saying.

also, i have been reading "the book of lost things" by john connolly as of late, and i have to say that i am really loving it. it is mysterious, fairytale-ish, dark and lovely all at once. i am only about 2/3rds of the way through, but thus far i would defenitly recommend it.

i've been fantasizing about all the lovely clothing i would like to purchase when i have a. money, b. a job that warrants them and c. my body where i would like it to be. i am currently drooling over; this dress, this cardigan, this tee with this vest and this pretty top. a girl can dream can't she.

speaking of dreams, i had one of those feels real dreams that paul rudd was my boyfriend. this is only a week or so after my dream wherein jordan catalano was my boo. seriously subconcieus? seriously! apparently i need a date or two, as i am now having a series of dreams with adorable "celebs" cuddling on the couch, holding hands and going to brunch with me. i really am just 2 or 3 mis-steps away from becoming a full fledged cat lady at the age of 25! eesh!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

a jetsetter music letter...

... for miss rhian. these are just the first 25 songs that came to mind. there are some old favorites, new little obsessions, ones that get stuck in your head and a couple that will make you want to shake your hula hooping tush on the plane. i hope everyone else enjoys as well. and, there might just be a second installment before you plane heads stateside!

so, just hit play! i hope everyone else enjoys as well! let me know what you dig and what weirds yout out, hehe.

music player
I made this here.

::edit:: oh, here is the full track listing;

01. the helio sequence - "lately"
02. rilo kiley - "give a little love"
03. sufjan stevens - "chicago"
04. aqualung - "something to believe in"
05. tv on the radio - "wolf like me"
06. hellogoodbye - "here (in your arms)"
07. lupe fiasco - "super star"
08. feist - "i feel it all"
09. broken social scene - "anthems for sixteen year old girls"
10. bloc party - "i still remember"
11. idlewild - "live in a hiding place"
12. bright eyes - "ode to joy"
13. tilly & the wall - "bessa"
14. band of horses - "the first song"
15. mates of state - "goods"
16. otis redding - "try a little tenderness"
17. pinback - "fortress"
18. the weakerthans - "aside"
19. sondre lerche - "my hands are shaking"
20. snow patrol - "open your eyes"
21. rogue wave - "lake michigan"
22. tegan & sara - "the con"
23. windsor for the derby - "melody of a fallen tree"
24. shout out louds - "the comeback"
25. matt pond pa - "measure 3"

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

flickr is starting to rule my life!

okay, so that might be just a little bit melodramatic, but between making themed mosaics, looking for people i know, soaking up all the inspiration, checking out all the rad, and weird, groups and making a couple of my own groups it takes up a fair chunk of my work day, and i'm totally okay with that.

so, add me to your contacts or join either of my two groups; mini book obsessed for all of us mini book makers or coconut records polaroids, a spot for anyone who received a polaroid taken by jason schwartzman with their coconut records cd to upload it and for everyone to enjoy them.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

art is life...

street art mosaic, originally uploaded by miss morgan....

1. Double-fisted airplanes, 2. Johnston St. Street Art, 3. street art in san francisco mission distric, 4. Street art in Barcelona, Spain, 5. Deer sticker street art in Amsterdam, 6. Street art sticker - hamburg, 7. street_art_2, 8. A Snapshot [Street Art #1], 9. Street Art, 10. Street Art - Ørestaden ..., 11. Rio street art - abstract piece, 12. Street Art, 13. spring st street art closing show, 14. My Fall Photo, 15. grafites sp | pinheiros, 16. YOU SMELL LIKE ROBOTS, 17. lend yr. heart, 18. Broken, 19. Banksy, 20. San Robot_01, 21. Shy but sharp what with the red and all @ the Prom, 22. Have a drink stencil, 23. sad little pirate, 24. IMG_3369, 25. DSCN4015, 26. Rue des Cinq Diamants 13è, 27. ccc collab with rwk, 28. pin2011 transforms 2D into 3D, 29. Untitled, 30. perception of doors, 31. Untitled, 32. Spain.2003.April.25.0162.jpg, 33. Tampere, 34. The Hype Machine Mouse, 35. Untitled, 36. Arbutus Park n Ride

i was texting with colin a lot yesterday, so i decided to try to spot some of his stuff on flickr, but instead i ended up with all this. i love street art; graffitti, tags, stencils, wheat paste, labels, stickers. there is all kinds of beautiful, inspiring work just sitting out there on the street, on lamp posts and on signs, just waiting to be enjoyed. so, these are all ones that inspired me in one way or another.