Thursday, February 28, 2008

i'm in the magazine section of your bookstore!

actually most book stores keep the tattoo magazines in the "adult" section, so you'll have to be willing to take that risk, haha.

so, there it is, the april 2008 issue of skin & ink magazine. it's one of the cover stories, "tattoos and glue: the scrapbook revolution" by anam who runs inked scrapbookers. it's a really sweet article and it's actually pretty big, 10 pages, with a lot of layouts by some really talented inked scrapbookers.

i'm really excited that this came when it did. i've been a little bummed about not being picked as a fashionista over at scrap in style. i am totally aware that it is. "just a design team," but it's one that i really believe in and love. i don't try out for any ol' design team so when i finally find one that i am really into and get up the guts to put myself out there, it's just a little disheartening to not make it.

anyway, that's enough of that now! i am really excited for the girls who were chosen and i was glad to see alot of the girls i really admire and am inspired by on the new team! congrats!

fyi, the only stamps still available down there are; the fontwerks spheres, sea squared, cherries, bot! and turning japanese. get 'em while they're hot, haha.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

kit-ertins are way different than kitt-ertins.

it's all in the number of t's. kitt-ertons would be these cuties over <--- here. whereas kit-ertins would be all the kits you see over ---> there in my newly updated etsy shop, left and leaving.

my little spot over at etsy has been neglected for a few months right now, so i spiffed it up with a new little banner and stocked it full of kits made up of fun things that deserve a better home than mine, somewhere they stand a chance of actually being crafted with. this is kind of an interim solution until i get around to creating all the things that are spinning around in my head at all times, especially when i am supposed to be sleeping, like board books, jotters full of miscellaneous paper, rad checkbook covers for cool kids and other such items.

also, don't forget there are still stamps available in the post below. take them off my hands so i stop glancing at them guiltily please, haha.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

stream lining like woah!

this is all embellishments and stuff that is going to the big scrapbook garage sale at mlpa on april 19th, save some for a friend of a friend who is just starting to scrapbook. i also have a yaffa block almost completely full of paper. i know i'm getting ready a little early, but i so had to just get all of it out of my way, plus that's a lot of stuff to price, so i'd rather do it over time. i was having trouble sitting down and actually making things because i had too much stuff, now i am free to scrap, and scrap i will!

while cleaning everything out i found my container full of old "stock" from my etsy store so i made some easter cards with some leftover stuff and sent all that to work with my mum for her to let people have a go at. at this point i just want it gone so that i can start fresh. so, i'm working on some things, re-doing the little shop banner and such and having another go at it. i'm also in the midst of a bit of craft collective creation to apply for one of my favorite juried craft shows, the art star craft bazaar. the deadline for applications isn't until march, so we have some time to figure it all out. it's been a nice little kick in the bumm for me though. i'm working on some fun little stuff to start over with. i might put some of the stuff from the garage sale containers into kits and sell them on my etsy at some point over the next few days. the less there is to individually price the better, right?

i also have some stamps that i'm looking to say goodbye to. i love them, but as they have never been used, it might be time to let them go to a happier home where they will be stamped with! y'know, if you love something let it go, haha. if you are interested in any of them comment with your e-mail address and which ones you are interested in, and i will send you an e-mail with your total + reasonable shipping (something like 1 t0 3 dollars depending on how many you would like to buy. the prices are as follows (as pictured, in rows from top left corner, down and then over.)all stamps are clear acrylic except for the fontwerks set;

* fontwerks spheres - $10
* chandelier & chain - $4 SOLD
* food friends(smiling cupcake, apple, mushroom & ice cream cone from a zingboom kit) - $5 SOLD
* sea squared - $3
* stem/vine - $5 SOLD
* smiling robot - $4 SOLD
* damask - $4 SOLD
* cherries - $3
* bot! - $4
* deer - $4 SOLD
* swallow - $3 SOLD
* turning japanese - $3

make sure you check the comments to see what other people have spoken for already before you let me know what you would like to buy, and i'll be sure to get them out asap.

i just finished watching the darjeeling limited, (love me some jason schwartzman!) and all the scenes inside the train were so gorgeous that i have to scrap now! i mean seriously? all those cool rich brocades and the stewards uniforms matching the train, so awesome.

Monday, February 25, 2008

a late night snack.

julie west mosaic, originally uploaded by miss morgan....

1. toy, 2. wachifichuz, 3. miss petits gâteaux, 4. still yet to be titled, 5. hello poppet, 6. Free Fall Gocco Print, 7. professor barnaby is allergic to killer bees., 8. kokeshi all, 9. how the earth works, 10. 8bit beeble bobble final, 11. grumpy yeti, 12. fremsley postcard 1, 13. orange girl with lemon tree, 14. reach +, 15. lollylolly, 16. paper toy3, 17. people in trees 3, 18. squeeze, 19. birds with faces, 20. rolito, 21. Sweets Badges, 22. wallpaper night - closeup, 23. sweet toy, 24. bear giraffe teaparty, 25. wilted letterpress, 26. a girl with 2 birds, 27. Jansport Artist Series Bags, 28. speaking of clouds, 29. happypants 2, 30. mirror mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all

here's a little julie west eye candy i found on flickr. i've been completely unable to sleep so i've been tooling around on the internet for a few hours now. i can't believe i just finally signed up for a flickr account now, eek!

anyway, julie west has been one of my favorite artists for a while. she has such an awesome range of paintings, screenprints, gocco prints, ad work, letterpress, magazine, toys, skate decks and probably anything else you could name. i just love the tones, details and line work in all her stuff.

what i'm really psyched about are the artist series bags she just did for jansport. i think they are supposed to be out in april, which gives me plenty of time to decide which i need more, the messenger bag or the rolling one. i'm always cursing my suitcase when i go on short trips, but i would love to have a solid messenger with a long strap. she did another line in greens for them as well, that you can see in her flickr photo stream. both are awesome.

and at some point, when i miraculously win the lottery or something, i would love, love, love to be able to afford to commision one of her paintings like "a girl with 2 birds". i mean come on, it's on wood and has shaped edges, so gorgeous.

alright. i'm off to try to sleep again. if it doesn't happen in the next hour or two i'm going to have to give up. : (

Saturday, February 23, 2008

meet ampersand...

so, y'all probs know how huge music is to me, and you may remember the monday mixes i used to do that now have fallen to the wayside. a whole mix on a weekly basis got to be a little iffy, sometimes i just wasn't feeling it, but now i have a solution. meet ampersand, the music bear. ampersand is going to help me bring you a new song each week, probably on saturdays. all time faves, current crushes, songs that hold a special place in my heart or a silly song that takes me back, ampersand will play them all for you, you just have to hit play.

music player
I made this music player here.

this week it's, "lake michigan" by rogue wave. something about this song just strikes me as perfect for this time of year. it's sweet and clean, the perfect song for the end of winter and beginning of spring, wishful thinking that spring is coming soon, i know. i just made this the ring on my new phone too, it makes me smile every time it "rings". hope you like it. rogue wave has been around for a really long time, so if you like this song check out their other stuff too.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

the new cha product breakdown.

are you ready? okay, here we go...

october afternoon's new stuff is totally killer, i pretty much need all of it! obviously their first collection, county fair, went really well, because this time around oa has realeased two awesome collections and has started making soft rubber embellishments (think ki softies) and chipboard letters. i can't find a picture of the collections anywhere online, but i can tell you that the little paper swatches they were giving out will most likely be finding their way onto one of my layouts asap. i need to curb my appetite for their stuff until it hit stores! the line with the deer is totally my favorite! the best part about oa is that their colors are so rich and saturted, no faded colors for them.

i love that the new chatterbox is totally different than what they have ever done before. the mini kits are pretty cool, that's the mini book kit for the botanico line over <-- there, all the pages are pre-printed with the patterned papers so you don't have to worry about cutting anything to the shape of the book. the artsy.licous line is pretty cool too, it's all tone on tone, monochromatic patterned papers, some flocked, foiled or other fun finishes. i see them being perfect for invitations, cards and things like that. some of the colors are really gorgeous.

elsie's forrest line has some pretty yummy patterns and embellishments like the woodgrain paper, fabric paper with trees, some really adorable chipboard frames and of course that funky little owl who's kickin' around on a few different products in the line. i know marykate will be psyched for the daisy line, it's cool to see puppy stuff in different colors and the shaped chipboard buttons are really cute. you can see all of her new stuff here on her blog.

hambly's houndstooth stripes, atc, grandmas wallpaper, broacade & icon papers and overlays are pretty killer, and i'm loving their new, smaller rub-ons, especially the crafty sayings and frames.

american crafts you never let me down! i am in love with the new poolside vinyl thickers! look at those numbers, totally slinky hot, right? and hello remarks journaling books! and there is something about this set of details that i love, i scored them at scrapbowl and can't wait to put them on something. has anyone else noticed that the indie ribbon collections are named after people in in indie rock? there are collections called tegan (& sara), (leonard) cohen, and my fave halstead. okay, that's enough gushing about american crafts for now.

tinkering ink's peek-a-boo albums will be really fun to play with too, they are a mix of chipboard pages with windows in them and clear acrylic pages! they also make rub-ons that are meant to fit around the windows on the chipboard pages, so fun! you can see one of tinkering ink's design team members' book right here. i love the mix of see through and solid!

bam pop's new line is really fun too, i can't wait to play with it! it totally reminds me of juno and rushmore combined, the colors are like exactly where i'm at right now.

ooh, and jenni bowlin came out with minature versions of her die cut scallop papers that are perfect for journaling, they come in a pack, 3 each of 6 colors so when we spotted them at scrapbowl we split the pack 3 ways and it was a good deal.

prima came out with some really cool full 12 x 12 sheets of felt alphas.. they are all this font, which is a nice basic one, but they come in like 10 or more awesome colors, need them! they are also coming out with some more really cool iod tapes, like barcodes and stuff.
sassafras lass came out with these really fun 12 x 13 papers, the extra inch of which is a fun shaped edge so you can either cut that off and use it on the page or a card, or cut off an inch of the patterned paper and leave the decorative edge on. there are some really cool small patterns and then each line has an awesome graphic page, like this little dear. my fave lines are sunshine lollipop and my dearest. i want to play with these so bad! michelle made a really cool layout using the cover of the catalog because she couldn't wait, and i'm about to go down that road too, haha. it is brighter than most stuff that i get into, but it just hit me right, i was totally gushing all over this booth too!
well, that's all i can think of off the top of my head, but that's a significant amount of scrap candy for now.
i'm hoping that we will just decide to be closed tommorow before i leave tonight. the storm that's coming looks like it's going to be pretty yucky, i would much rather be home scrapping and going on a crazy cleaning spree in jammers.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

and i'm back.

here's what's been happening...

* i've been settling into being home for realsies. and even had a day in jammers with nothing but down time to keep myself sane.

* i'm teaching this little fave 5's book at scraptasia in new providence on march 10th. i'm so psyched to be teaching there monthly. dawn is the best, the store is fully of yummy temptations and everyone is always so welcoming. i had so much fun teaching there last time!

* cha was fun, filling, fanatical and pretty photographically fabulous. there is a lot of the same from a bunch of companies, but i am also pretty psyched on a bunch of stuff too. that will have to be a seperate blog entry, i want to give y'all a bunch of links to yummy pictures, and the full run down!

* i got my round 3 project in for scrap in style's project fashionista and will just have to wait to see how it all turns out. i have to admit, i kind of love this exciting little bit of time when you have turned int he project or taken the test and it's all out of your hands, you've done what you can and know you just get to excitedly wait for the decision. good luck to everyone, especially jj, no idea how she is going to decide it's looking tough!

* i managed to not gain back any weight on my two trips, which is pretty amazing because can you say double mashed, chicken critters and beer? haha. the next step is to join the gym, or at least play a little more dance dance revolution on wii!

* does anyone else feel like lost a is a different show this season? i'm at least stickin' in to see who the oceanic 6 are and then we'll see how i'm feeling about all of it.

* recent netflix; "eagle vs. shark" - engh. funny in a napolean dynamite kind of way, and much like napolean dynamite, would have made a better short than movie. i loved the stop animations parts though. "bobby" - holy casting. sheesh. this was okay too, but i didn't really care as much about the characters as i should have for it to be awesome. "year of the dog" dog named pencil = adorable, movie = not as good as i thought it would be. eesh, i'm a total netflix downer!

* scrapbowl was fantastic, obviously! i wish that natalie hadn't been so ill, we missed her on our little mellow night trips, but it was really awesome to have natalie time during the days atleast! i wish we had a huge group pictures of all of us! the closest we probably came would have been while 10 of us watched juno on pay per view in our hotel room. i am so glad i finally got to see it! i was getting nervous for a little bit there! i did, indeed, love it like everyone said i would. the classes were fun and full of sway, the drive down was hilarious and quick, getting to finally hang with some of my internet girls was waaaaaay overdue, the aforementioned eating was horrible for my body but awesome for my appetite, laughs, giggles and guffaws were aplenty and my soul was all the better for all of it!

* i have had a general urge to scrap since i got back from cha, and i'm really psyched that tonight, and the whole rest of this week, and subsequent weekend actually, i will get to do just that! can't to wait to play with the little bits of things i snagged at cha, scrapbowl and the things i have re-discovered while cleaning out the scrap area.

p.s. if you are the super rad girl i met in the sassafras lass booth, hillary maybe?, get at me girl! comment or e-mail because we are so staying in touch!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

back and off again.

back from this;

and off to this;

can't wait to relax with my fave girls! catch you on the flip side, with all the actual updates, hehe!

Friday, February 8, 2008

im out.

you can bet i'll be listening to this on the plane! check you after cha!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

make it work, son!

yeah, that's a combo of tim gunn and rob & big, haha. i totally feel like i'm on project runway this week! so much to do before i leave for cha saturday morning. i am working both days and my mum's birthday is tommorow so we are going out to dinner and then to see juno. and, it seems so silly, but i kind of feel like i've been hit by a bus with this whole complete computer re-write thing. it just doesn't feel like my laptop still and it's making easy-peasy things not so easy-peasy.

anyway, enough complaining because that's really not what i want to be doing. i am so lucky to have so much stuff going on and i'm looking forward to all of it. i just have to make it work, son!

anyway, here are some things that are making me happy these days;

* taking my little 100 calorie pack of teddy grahams to the movies
* putting together my next class at scraptasia
* using two of my new fave papers in that class, fifth avenue and tiffany's.
* scoring some really cute tops, jeans that actually fit right and 2 new pairs of fun shoes that i can be comfy and cute in at cha and scrapbowl.
* especially these red moccasins!
* the assignment for the next round of the fashionista search. it's a big one, but it's a really fun one! i can't wait to work on it between cha and scrapbowl!
* that colin almost cried, in a good way, when i gave him his book. and that he later texted me about something new he noticed and loved about it when he looked at it for the third or fourth time. : )
* how cute charlie looks on the season premiere of lost.

alright, back to inventorying the store. ::bleck::

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

it's no tornado, but ugh!

my computer was struck by a killer virus of doom and i had to have it completely reconfigured to factory settings. : ( thank god i went on an anal retentive spazz fest a couple of months ago and reorganized and burned most of my photos to discs, but until i get home and look at them i won't really know what i burned and what i didn't. here's to hoping they all were burned other than october thru december, which i know i didn't burn, but are still on my camera.

i will miss you favorites, fun wallpapers, file full of hilarious texts and messages and file full of fave pieces by artists and layouts people have scrapped with me in them i will miss you most of all!

due to all this business, a fun post will have to wait until later tonight when i can re-load my camera software and see what is going on with my discs.

in the mean time if you sent me pictures between october and now, if i comment on your blog but you aren't linked to the right there or if you have scrapped me drop a line.

so not what i needed to have to deal with today when i should be doing inventory and then going home to pack for cha. : (

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

rock the heck out of the primaries!

i'm totally bummed! i had a whole rad post planned with photos i just took today, but i just realized that i left my camera chord at home. so sad! i'll post again tonight with all that, but i just wanted to remind everyone to vote in the primaries today! the polls are open late and we should all be able to take the time! okay, p.s.a. over. missmoxie out.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

she'd make you into a purse!

i know i already blogged about the awesome kirsten dunst ads, that i spotted thanks to jasmine, but i had to scrap one of my faves last night. so gorgeous, so glam, need to make it into the scrapbook!

then i got to making some mini faux poloroids with the little epson and i am in love with them! popped them up with foam tape to give them that, threw them on and that's how they landed, vibe.

i wanted to get to a third layout before i crashed, so i made this little quickie featuring miss chloe rose. i might just ask chloe to be my valentine. do you think she'll bark yes?

i want to start only weighing myself weekly starting tommorow, because this first week of my healthy eating i've been weiging myself like almost every day, haha. however, i am psyched on the 4.5 pounds i have lost so far. now to help me along i need to start actually playing dance dance revolution on a regular basis.

now i'm off to find a cute pair of flats, a couple shirts and some cute big earrings to get me through cha and scrapbowl. wish me luck!

Friday, February 1, 2008

done and done.

i just submitted my project for the first round of the fashionista search! i can now officially take that post-test deep breath of, "well i have done everything i can do at this point" relief. although, relief isn't the right word, that makes it sound like i'm glad it's over, when really i'm just glad it's in and can't wait to see what comes of it! here's to hoping!

i have to say, i think i'm doing pretty well sticking to my food plan (i hate the word diet). i am keeping it fairly strict and eating the same types of things alot, but that's the kind of guidelines i need to not go totally off plan. : ) i'm just glad that i have been able to resist my soda cravings. eww! i just realized that there are red peppers in my lean cuisine panini. ick! oh well, i can barely taste them,

i decided not to watch lost last night, so no one tell me anything! it's my goal to watch it before next weeks episode though, wether i've finished re-watching all the previous seasons or not. half the fun of lost is being able to discuss it!

anyway, i have to start the inventory of the store that i was wanting to start yesterday, then i'm braving the crazy freezing rain to go home and try to clean up after the hurricane that happened in the scrap area/entire house while i was working on my sis entry!