Friday, August 31, 2007


... who else can soooo not wait to see this? how have i not heard about this?

cause how could you not fall in love with him after this?

oh man. i'm so heading to netflix!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

it's easy being green!

this makes me so happy;

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so, i am by no means totally "green" but i do my part here and there. i absolutely love using my big green stop & shop bags when i go grocery shopping. just the sight of them when i open my trunk makes me smile. i want to make an effort to do what i can, and all those little things will add up. i don't take a bag if i can carry it without. i try to re-use water bottles for a little while before i recycle them. i car-pool when possible and try not to run out for little things.

anyway, i'm not going to get all preach-y on y'all. but those green bags made my night last night.

::edit:: my new banner was made for my a while ago by the amazing aimee and with september coming it felt right! plus, i want it to get some screen time before i finally get around to scrapping a banner!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

he's home!!!

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so, on a random night in late january my mom woke up because the house was cold and realized that we had forgotten to lock the front door and it had blown open in the middle of the night. our foster turned permenant kitty was missing! we posted signs, followed every tip, left food out, called him, crawled around bushes with flashlights and walked and drove around calling him for months. we hoped that maybe someone had just adopted him or he was living the kitty life with the strays who seek warmth in the storm drains in the winter, but we were starting to fear the worst.

then, monday i went to get the mail and there was a sign that said "small, young tabby cat with white feet and bib found. very friendly" i wasn't going to call since kitty isn't that young and he defenitly wasn't small, but i called anyway and went over. sure enough, it was kitty! he is a little smaller, and he is missing a little edge of one of his ears, but he is just as sweet and friendly as ever. he's settled right back into home life and his brother and sister are slowly getting used to having him around again.

it's so awesome that after 7 or 8 months, he showed up! we really want him to be able to tell use where he's been! haha.

Monday, August 27, 2007

monday mix #3

this one is all about one of my favorite ways to spend a night in philly. surrounded by friends, sweaty, half sticking to the floor, dancing and screaming to cheesey sing-a-long songs alllllll night!

monday mix #3 - my dream dive club dj set list

01. i bet you look good on the dance floor- arctic monkeys
02. how we know - the thermals
03. daft punk is playing at my house - lcd soundsystem
04. 99 problems - jay z
05. house of jealous lovers - the rapture
06. blister in the sun - violent femmes
07. love is a battlefield - pat benatar
08. alala - css
09. london bridges - fergie
10. under pressure - david bowie
11. waiting room - fugazi

Sunday, August 26, 2007

playing catch up.

so, when i start getting a little blue the first things to suffer before i even realize it's happening are my bedroom floor, my calls and my blog. sorry! just looking at the pictures from the amazing time at the mlpa birthday crop are making me a little less slumpy though! i had a lot of fun all weekend, sat with my mum and suzy friday night, nicole, breanne and gigi saturday and my mum and katie on sunday. here's a little peek of what our table looked like saturday, haha!

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yeah, sometimes we need to be surrounded to be creative. we all kind of hit a block at the same time though so we headed out for some coldstone and then breanne and i remembered that we had seen a gigantic barbell in a parking lot earlier when we went on a coffee run. so, of course we had to go visit it! this is all too hilarious!!!

we set the cameras on timer and then i would hit the buttons and make a run for it! and, as we all know, i am an only child and never played sports so me running is just hilarious, as i pretty much run like a small child, but not quite as bad as phoebe in that episode of friends!

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we also got some rad self portraits. the best part of hanging out with other scrappers is that everyone takes pictures and then you have a bunch to choose the best piccies from!

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we also were taking totally awesome pictures in the car and breanne snapped this lovely while we were at a stop light;

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people in other cars around us were looking at us like we were total crazies, but whatevs. it was rad. breanne was like, "we are totally sick." and my response? "if by sick you mean awesome then i totally agree!" breanne is so hilarious she wrote it down and made an awesome layout about it. she has already made some really awesome layouts from these pics. go check them out in her sis gallery

so we came back with my face hurting from laughing so hard, love that by the way, and totally re-energized so we decided to do a scrap in style tv inspired round robin. we each started a layout and then every 15 minutes a timer goes off and you pass it to the person next to you. it was sooooooo fun, and after an hour, with only a minor snafu of gigi thinking the picture of nicole and her brother was a picture of nicole and her husband (haha, breanne and i worked it out) we each had an awesome layout to show for it! mine is already in a frame hanging on my wall!

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it was sooooooo awesome and totally kick started my creativity that day and carried over in to the next!

well, i'm off to work on some thing, but look for a rak in the near future. i'm thinking a my favorite rock and roll scrapbook items kind of theme. we'll see.

oh, p.s. i am not totally addicted to wii! ugh! and p.p.s. the three new cd's i want desperatly right now are cartel, rilo kiley and atreyu. could i please be a little more multiple personality with my music?

Monday, August 20, 2007

monday mix #2

i have a ton of fun photos from this weekend's birthday crop at mlpa, but since it's such a rainy stay at home in your jammers kind of day and i'm stuck here at work with like no energy, those will have to wait. maybe later tonight. i was thinking about today's mix on my way to work this morning and i'm going to go with this...

monday mix #2 - beautiful songs for a grey day

01. your ex-lover is dead - stars
02. the melody of a fallen tree - windsor for the derby
03. passenger seat - death cab for cutie
04. i know you are but what am i - mogwai
05. anthems for a seventeen year old girl - broken social scene
06. hold on, hold on - neko case
07. city song - matt pond pa
08. the song beneath the song - maria taylor
09. eastern glow - the album leaf
10. mortal city - dar williams
11. oh my sweet carolina - ryan adams

Friday, August 17, 2007

candles and cupcakes

sitting here at work, counting the hours until i can leave early to head home, finish packing and then head up to the birthday crop at mlpa! 6 hours of cropping tonight, 12 saturday and 6 sunday! soooooo psyched to be scrapping with a big group of people and in such a rad enviornment! plus, saturday nicole, breanne and gigi are coming too! we can return to the scene of out meet-up crime and scrap our hearts out!

i wasn't sure what i wanted to work on so i just filled my crop in style xxl to the brim with all the awesome paper and fun embellie goodness that i've gotten recently but not been able to play with. it was my original intention to not bring any love, elsie because that's like all i have been scrapping with lately and it's becoming a problem, haha. "hi my name is morgan and i am roxie addict." haha. but, i caved and am bringing it all anyway. couldn't stop myself. can't wait to see what i end up doing, and i really can't wait to see the girls!


miss leslie tagged me so here goes, this should be funny.

what were you doing 10 years ago? hmm, i was 15 so i was probably hanging out non-stop with my closest friends since we all lived within like a mile of one another.

what were you doing 1 year ago? living in an awesome apartment 2 blocks away from rittenhouse square in philadelphia and probably not getting much sleep because of my roommates kitten.

5 snacks you enjoy: spinach dip, fat free pudding cups (i know it's weird), popcorn cakes (they are like crack), sunkist in a can and chex mix.

5 songs you know all the lyrics to: i'm pretty convinced that i can't learn a foreign language due to my entire memory being taken up with song lyrics i didn't even know i knew so i'll go with 5 randoms that are stuck in my head lately; "a praise chorus" by jimmy eat world, "spectacular views" by rilo kiley, "set yourself on fire" by stars, "us" by regina spektor and "girlfriend remix" avril lavigne with lil mama. (come on - "i deliver the lyrics that people focus on" how can you not laugh at that?)

5 Things you would do if you were a milionaire: pay off all my mom and my debts, buy my mom a little ranch house, move to the pacific northwest, start my own kit club/small online store and road trip/travel like crazy!

5 Bad Habits : biting at my lips, shutting down, bad budgeting, leaving lights on (i know it's horrible) and sleeping late

5 Things You Like To Do: scrap, dance 'til i'm a hot mess at hipster clubs (shameful, i know), get dressed up, read and discover new music.

5 Things You Will Never Wear Again: i'm with leslie on the jellies! also; pink work boots (i had a horrible macy's meets seattle grunge phase all through middle school), platform flip flops, scrunchies and purple glasses

5 Favorite Toys: dance dance revolution, suitcase record player, all my scrappy stuff, nintendo ds (need it!) and my camera

Where will you be in 10 years: ummm wow, umm.....? hopefully married, a kid or two would be nice. still scrapping, hopefully with a scrap career (kit club or store) loving life and maybe on the other coast? soooo hard to say!

k, i tag: heidi, nicole, kristi, dawn and martha. it's painless ladies! have fun!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

it's one of those days...

... already, and it's only 2 in the afternoon!

so i had fun scrapping with my sassy scrappers at trish's last night. i've gotten so used to scrapping alone! i was a little overwhelmed but had a lot of fun. i only got one layout done, but i love that i finally got to use one of the kur+ #alsey pieces that i printed on to white bazzill a while a go. i'm loving the simple color scheme and the face colin is making in this photo just cracks me up. so let's visit said photo, a.) it is obvious that it's like 3 in the mornign and that i have been out all night jsut by looking at my hair and lack of any remaining make-up, haha. b.) colin has the best eyebrows of anyone i know, male or female. it's hands down. c.) there isn't really a c.) i just feel like there has to be if there is an a.) and a b.)

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colin is one of my favorite people ever ever ever. we dated waaaaaay long ago (actually it was only like 6 years ago, but it feels like forever) we didn't talk for a while after and now he is my go to guy. he always cheers me up, most classicly by singing that clay aiken song, "invisible" to me, because we both find the lyrics terrifying, he is amazingly talented as an artist, he has a way of breaking things down for me and snapping me back in to reality and he always always always tells me he loves me when we say good bye. i think everyone needs to hear that from their friends who really mean it!

anyway, that was a ramble and a half. i'm off to get caught up on as many things as i can while i'm at work.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


i finally got to one of the "one little word" challenges! it's even before the deadline! gigi's word was seek. i automatically thought of the pictures i took of myself reading in rittenhouse square and that led directly to the new scenic route sumner collection. have you ever been working on a layout and you just wanted to finish because you are so excited and you can already tell that it's turning out way better than you hoped?!?!? well this layout? it makes my heart all squeezy!

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it was fun to go back to 12x12 for a bit. i think i will catch up on all the "one little word" challenges and make them all either 12x12 or 6x12 and keep them in their own album.

oooh, speaking of things that make my hear all squeezy... have you seen the new kur+ #alsey prints? holy wow! this one def makes my heart squeezy;
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and is it just me, or does this look suspiciously like mates of state?

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i need to start scrapping some kur+ real soon. i love so much of his stuff. how could i not? it totally speaks the the inner softie in me. ugh! haha.

Monday, August 13, 2007

monday mix #1

so i have been a bad blogger lately and i totally attribute it to the fact that i feel like i have to have a new lo or something scrappy in each post and i haven't been feeling very scrappy as of late. well to fix this situation i have decided to post a new mix every monday, each with a clear cut theme. so here we go...

monday mix #1 - around & around (the songs that have inhabited my brain this summer)

1. when did your heart go missing by rooney
2. young folks by peter, bjorn and john
3. girlfriend (remix) by avril lavigne feat. lil mama
4. here in your arms by hellogoodbye
5. yeah yea by matt & kim
6. creeps me out by ima robot
7. a pillar of salt by the thermals
8. ldn by lily allen
9. goods (all in you head) by mates of state
10. lazyeye by the silversun pickups
11. hang me out to dry by cold war kids

some of these were obviously released before this summer but they are in my brain for reals!

check 'em out, let me know what you think and tell me what's stuck in your head these days!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

are you talking jack on me?!?!?

yeah i know, but they are just going to get cheesier and cheesier as time goes on! here is my jack of meghan dymock, the second of those wonderful effer girls to get darejacked. totally out of my box, but def an interesting style to try out. i don't know if it stinks or if i just think it stinks because it's not what i used to. haha. oh well, here it is!

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as for the new york trip, it was way fun! we ate at this place, vnyl, and it was super fun.

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the whole place is so rad! there is this cool mosaic right when you walk in the front door;

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the inside is really rad too and as always, i am constantly impressed with nyc retaurent bathrooms. there were 4 bathrooms; elvis, cher, dolly and nelly and they each had a mosaic and 4th grade style diorama of the artist whose name was on the door. and the artists music plays in there. so totally weird but hilarious. plus, you have to love a place that serves wraps, breakfast all day and thai. such a random combination!

it was totally rad to see kerry and just reminded me how much i miss her! she is so faraway in austin going to law school! we hit a bar afterwards for a quick drink and niles was there, haha. y'know david hyde pierce. so funny!

alright, i'm off for now, but i'll try to be a better blogger, promise!

Monday, August 6, 2007

what's jack-a-lacking?

haha, yeah i just said that!

i totally dug jacking miss kristi this week! so not my usual colors on this lo, but i really like how it turned out. this boy and i were best friends when we were 8 and 9 and then his family moved down south. he found me on myspace and we reunited when we were 23. tooooooo funny! so weird how we are totally into similar things after all these years. he's in graphic design, we are both lost obsessed and we had a lot of fun hanging in the city. these were taken in the photobooth at a club we went to. craziness.

i used the july poppy ink kit and a piece of the front cover of the hambly cha catalog. haha. yeah my hambly love is an insatiable one.

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also, i have decided that perhaps living in pleasantville wouldn't be too horrible because i look awesome in black and white! haha. just kidding. i would die if we could only scrap in black and white!

and yeah, evan and i totally slacked on the picture taking last night but it was really awes(ome) to walk around the town i grew up in, and then the town i live in now talking and drinking milkshakes from jj scoops. tommorow my friend rick and i are headed into the city to see kerry! so excited. she is going to law school in texas right now and i haven't seen her since new years day, after a debaucherous new years eve, and i miss her crazy positive energy! she's in nyc for 3 days doing some interviews, so exciting! there, i swear i will try to remember to take some pictures!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

i get to...

... hang out with this guy tonight!

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evan and i have not hung out in months and months. our lives have both been super crazy. we are going to play at the park and take lots of photos, he is bringing his fisheye camera, which is awesome! can't wait!

i also am 99% done with my kristi jack, i am at work and i know that there is a label at home that i want to use, haha. so i'll probs have a picture tommorow. i really like it. soooooo not my usual colors but i think it's really pretty. newfound appreciation for the periwinkle/green/blue combo!

hopefully i'll have fun new pics to scrap too!