Wednesday, April 25, 2007

i've been tagged!

emine tagged me so here goes; : )

I need to write 10 weird things about myself and then tag 7 people to do the same. hmm let's see...

01* i put vinegar on my pizza, it's the yummiest thing ever, just try it!
02* i sent and received over 1,000 text messages last month (thank god for an unlimited plan!)
03* i obsessively check my etsy site to see who has my items as favorites
04* i probably spend about 5+ hours a day on the internet (mostly at work)
05* i could probably eat a whole can of vanilla icing in one sitting
06* right now i am totally obsessed with canadian teen tv like degrassi and instant star, i'm even picking up a bit of the accent, haha
07* when i fall in love with a new movie i can watch it daily or back to back
08* i am at my absolute happiest booty dancing to awesome music like a crazy lady with my friends
09* i get insta-5-minute-crushes like super easy and then am over them in like another 5 minutes
10* i talk to my cats all the time when i'm home... as in i'm totally becoming a crazy cat lady at the age of almost 25! haha.

k, i tag...aimee (froggymonkey), laura fiore, rhi, amber ulmer, jess nole, shelly brewer and nikki g... have fun ladies!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

new tattoo!!!

::le squee!:: i am sooooo psyched on it, here are some pictures, it's only 4 hours old so it's a little funny looking! stacey at sacred art in nazareth, pa did it! she did a phenomenal job! i am so impressed that she could get the little tattoos on the birds' wings! and, the teeny tiny skull and crossbones even has eyes! so blown away by her talent and she is such a rad girl! i am totally going to make her a little mini book or card. and i am def making a mini book of the tattoo for myself. i took pics at ever step and she was totally awesome about it! anyway, here they are;

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Monday, April 23, 2007

oliver the inspiration owl

so, my scrappers block and i have come to an compromise. i'm having no problem making photo albums and cards so i'm just going to keep doing that. and this little guy;

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who i am calling oliver the inspiration owl is helping me out. i made him today and i am so in love with him that there is no way i am listing him on my etsy.

i also came home to half of my hambly goodies! yummy vanilla-scented transparencies and rub-ons. once the other half of my order comes i will take picture.

so, tommorow is the big tattoo day! can't wait! i'm going to make sure to have a great big lunch and a luna bar for some extra protein! i'll post pics asap!

weird block.

i hate the term, writers block and i hate it even more when i actually feel it. it's such a big scary term! but i am definitly having a fairly bad case of scrappers block. i've tried looking at some layouts from other people for inspiration and i've tried just scrapping through it, but i just don't like what's coming out. any suggestions ladies?

Sunday, April 22, 2007

cherry blossom girl...

here are more pictures from yesterday. i love this tree and i love that we have finally hit that part of the year where the warmth of the sun stays in your skin and you just want to be playing outside all the time. i love it!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

some pics from today.

this is going to be short because it is waaaaaaaaay too beautiful outside to be indoors and so i have a chinese food picnic with my name on it!

so, here's my scrapjacked entry. i used the april poppy ink kit. i wish the journaling showed up more, and i might actually play with it a little bit before i submit it to them. the journaling says;

myspace shot?
. taken from above at a downward angle? check
. slightly blurry? check
. coy pose i.e. pigeon-toed with hand in pocket? check
. maximum exposure of bangs? check
. sassy look? check

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and here is a picture of me playing in the cherry blossom trees outside of work. ignore my hair. i showered and ran out the door without even brushing it. eek!

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okay, i'm off to play outside!

Friday, April 20, 2007

i'll make you cupcakes...

... if you live anywhere near nazareth, pa and will meet me at the tattoo shop on tuesday at 2 so that i can have someone there to take scrappable pictures. all my friends are working. this is a total longshot, but i figured why not?

<3 .spreading some etsy love. <3

i just sold some stuff in my etsy shop so i decided to turn it right back around and buy some of the little things that have been sitting on my etsy wishlist. so, i got these 6 sets of plastic charms (you'll be seeing these on my lo's, cards and in some rak giveaways) and these three adorable necklaces!

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love love love me some etsy!

also, i got my appointment all set up with stacy over at sacred art and i'm going for my tattoo tuesday @ 2. can't wait. i've really been thinking about this tattoo for about a year now, in one form or another, and i'm glad i have finally made the decision! it was a tough one to make since this will be my first tattoo that will pretty much always be visible (it's going on the inner lower arm, down by my wrist. i can't wait to get it though! hopefully there will be someone there to take pictures! have to scrap it!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

i heart the mail lady!

today the mail lady brought not only my poppy ink kit, but also a fun envelope from miss froggymonkey over on the story of my life message board!

we got these cute little skulls charms in the april story of my life kit and she totally offered to trade with me because hers was hot pink and mine was orange and we had eachothers favotite colors. so today i got an envelope from her with not only the hot pink skull charm, but this little beauty;

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it is soooooooo adorable and i can't wait to use it! she is the best!!!

and the poppy ink kit is super fab, the little chickadee stamp is sooooo tiny and adorable! this kit is going to be perfect for the new scrapjacked challenge. it's heidi swapp! i'll def be working on this in the next couple of days.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

a little boohoo and a few woohoos

so, i didn't make the soml design team, big time boohoo on that one! i really, really wanted it, but i really love the ladies and the kits, so i'm going to be around just as much obviously!

now for a few woohoos! they put my layout up in the pop artist gallery over at bampop! i'm super psyched about it, there are a few other super talented ladies from pi and soml mb's who have some lo's over there too!

here is the finished lo with the alternaflower, i really, really like how it turned out, the journaling is listed in the previous post;

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and i also finished this layout about macchio saving me from a bouncer on new years eve. : )

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i also had some good ol' scrapping retail therapy today, lots of goodies, including the karen foster metal zoo signs i've been looking for. then i divvied up all the mix cd's for the poppy ink mix exchange, here's one of each.

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there are some pretty rad mixes in there!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

extreme alternaflower

so this lo isn't done yet, but i still wanted to share this really rad flower i made for a lo about my friend colin. it's a journaling idea i scraflifted from miss elsie flannigan.

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the title of the lo is this guy... and the little journaling blocks that make up the stem say,

- is such an amazing artist
- sings clay aiken's "invisible" to cheer me up (we think that song is so awful/hilarious. i mean think about the lyrics, how creeped out would you be if a dude wrote that song about you? haha)
- loved the lebaron
- brought me milkshakes everyday when i had my wisdom teeth removed
- calls me morgsy (one of like 2 people who can get away with it and live)
- blows my mind with his intense street art
- would rather be called lazer (please tell me you've all seen the movie slackers, so funny/wrong)
- is one of my most favorite people in the whole world.

i love the skull center on the flower and the wings as leaves, if i do say so myself. haha.

Friday, April 13, 2007

today was expo day!

here's nicole and i all fresh faced and caff-ed up just as we arrived at the expo.

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the expo was like a third of the size that it has been in previous years, but there were still some great booths and i found some stuff that i had either been looking for or hadn't seen before (which is happening less and less lately, so it's fun to be surprised!) i didn't get much paper, mostly a bunch of embellies!

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those tiny little liscense plates at the bottom of the picture are from karen foster, they are so adorable. they are super tiny and made out of metal. i also got a few sets of the sei iron on letters to make a bunch of my own scrapbooking t-shirts. the one font is called tube socks, how adorbs is that?

so what kind of cute saying have you all seen on scrapping shirts? i have a few ideas, but would love to hear some more!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

cutest wrapping paper ever!

saw this in the paperchase section of borders today and i had to get it! it's so adorbs! it looks like a hand printed poster, but it's a, probably, mass produced sheet of flat wrapping paper. i can't decide wether to use it as scrapbooking paper or if i should just hang it on my wall as is! here's a pic and a close-up of the pattern. owls! trees! leaves! birds! love, love!!!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

i love the awesome stuff paperchase comes up with! can't wait to see the rest of the products they come out with using this pattern!

nicole came to work with me today and we scrapped the day away! : ) now we're home finishing up some mix cd's and resting up before our busy day tommorow! we have the big memories expo in somerset in the morning and then we're going shopping for fun new clothes and shoes. and, if the weather cooperates we're headed to new hope in the evening to walk around a bit.

hope everyone has a great friday!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

hambly hambly hambly!!!

95% of the new hambly is up in their store! soooo psyched! if you don't know about hambly, oh my lord! you are in for a total shocker! they are super cutting edge, super diy and super rad! here is a pic of part of their line that just came out!

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it is so fun and funky fresh! haha. i got the chandelier, owl and robot rub-ons and the pirate ship and chandelier transparency overlays! i can't wait to get it, even though i just ordered it late last night! haha. plus, i'm super psyched on two of the other designs that aren't in yet, the old school tattoo banners with sparrows and the set with the record player and tapes and stuff! i totally had to restrain myself!

i'm also super psyched that my friend nicole is coming to stay with me! i have her from tonight 'til saturday! she is going to grad school in london and i just miss her way too much!! she is my partner in crime! i'm also going to get her into scrapbooking, muahaha! i'm even dragging her to the scrapbooking expo on friday! haha. here's a lo i just did of us!

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

story of my life design team submission!

so, here it is;

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cross your fingers for me! there are so many super talented chickies over on that board, sara is probably going to have a tough time choosing! but, i'll be waiting super anxiously until she announces the 4 new design team winners. i really want to be a part of it, since it's such an amazing bunch of people over there. i just really enjoy the board and the first kit was amazing, as i'm sure they all will be!

also, i got a super sweet e-mail from jennifer over at bam pop and they want to put my comic book layout from penny's designer challenge in their pop artist gallery! i'm so excited! i love them so much so it really means a lot coming from them. : ) she also wants me to send her a picture of the bam pop mini album class that i'm going to teach in june and they are going to send over a stamp to be used as a door prize for the class. so many nice people in this industry!

Monday, April 9, 2007

spring cleaning...

... i love it! i go on a crazy cleaning spree in all aspects of my life. did the house yesterday, re-did all my etsy listings with fresh green grass as a backgroud and nice natural sunshine as lighting and am working on finishing up all the stuff that has deadlines sometime soon.

here is my entry for the first designer challenge that penny posted on story of my life, we had to use the first soml kit, a picture of ourselves in our younger days and work scallops somewhere in to the lo.

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i kinda totally love it. it's a pic that hints to the quasi-comic book nerd that i am today. love it!

also i have to make some new things to put up on my etsy so that i can use my entire etsy site as my application for the art star craft bazaar rather than just a few pictures. if i get accepted i'm going to sell my notecards and i want to make like a billion 3 x 3 accordian envelope albums in different hip themes and advertise them as photobooth picture albums since photostrip pictures cut apart would fit perfect in them.

then, i'm going to finish my design team entry for story of my life, make a binder system to store all my acrylic stamps and do some laundry. i'll post pictures later if i finish the dt lo. : )

Friday, April 6, 2007

rak envelope please...

... the winner is nicole (nikkig)! i will mail out the following box of spring/summer goodies to her sometime after the holiday weekend.

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as you can probably tell from my gallery photos, i have indeed decided to do some 8.5 x 11 lo's. here is my plan; my bigtime. "this is my life" memory albums are going to stay 12 x 12 but be transferred in to black linen we r memory keepers binder albums. i am also going to scrap 8.5 x 11 for single photos, about me kind of stuff, challenges and other random memories and those are going to go into either an american crafts chipboard binder album that i will decorate or a ki memories felt binder album, whichever i can get my hands on first.

thank you so much to everyone who responded to the survey. the insight really helped.

and it was a super awes(ome) mail day here in jerz. i got my first ever story of my life kit! the kit is beautiful and edgy and fun all at the same time. the stamps are amazingly fun. i'm not going to admit it, but i may have kissed them when i took them out of the box. i also got a little extra surprise from sara because i was her first ever order! it may be cheesey, but it really means a lot for me to have been able to support her in that way. she seems like a super sweet lady and the business is amazing right from the get-go, so she totally deserves it! so, guess what i'll be working on tommorow at work? haha.

i'm also thinking about going on the hunt for a really cute deck of cards and joining the "weekly deck of me" challenge (it's over in my "challenge me" section.) i'd have to make 13 cards to catch up, but it looks like a lot of fun so i think it will be worth it. anyone out there doing this?

p.s. here is my first ever scrapjacked entry,

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i'm not super duper in love with it, but i'm just glad i finally got around to participating in the super awesome challenges that the ladies over there post. and, with story of my life as a sponsor how could i resist?

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

my goodies... my goodies....yeah my goodies!

so, me being let loose in a scrapbook store for 5 hours by myself is apparently a really bad idea. here is the result;

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my favorite parts of the new additions to my scrap stash are; the skulls with heart shaped eyes paper, the pink cherries with the skulls on them and the paper with the tattoo-style sparrow and heart with wings. i also got the cute new junkitz with the cupcakes and just about all the embellishments and paper to go with the skull paper, including the really awesome transparency ribbon and "tilez."

actually, i'm pretty psyched on everything i bought, haha.

and, here's a closeup of the tres jolie buttons,

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i'm not usually a button person, but it's no secret that i'm a sucker for cute packaging. plus something about them just kept calling my name every time that i walked past.

i also got 3 layouts mostly done, including my first ever scrapjacked layout! i just have to do a little bit of journaling on it. i'll post them when i'm done.

what have you guys added to your scrap stashes lately that you can't stop pulling out to look at again and again?

Monday, April 2, 2007

my very first 8.5 x 11's!

this is the first time i've scrapped 8.5 x 11 instead of 12 x 12. it was a little weird to get used to at first, but i really really love it. these are going to go in to a seperate binder scrapbook that is just random fun memories and pictures, rather than events. i like all 3, but "bringin' sexy back" is my absolute favorite. it makes me giggle every time i look at it.

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kits and glory

get it? like "guts and glory." k, maybe i didn't get enough sleep the last couple of days, but it was funny to me.

i stayed up 'til 2 a.m. night before last for the midnight (poppy time) release of the new poppy ink kit and add-ons. i got my 6 month subscription! yay! i've been buying kits from other people up until now because it's a super popular kit and it's been kind of hard to get a subscription. i'm so excited. the kits are so fun and fresh looking and have turned me on to a lot of great companies. here is april's kit called chickadee;

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the add-ons were really adorable, especially the little pink birdies one;

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

but, alas, i am trying to be somewhat financially responsible. it's no fun!

i also locked the store up right at 5 and then hopped online for the release of the first story of my life kit. it's so fun and has one of my favorite companies ever, bampop!, in it. i love how sara has the whole shop set up, it's so well thought out. there is the main kit. and then she has sections with, really well priced, add-ons, extras of things in the kit and a stamp shop! i am so psyched on the stamp shop and bought two stamps. here is what i came away with;

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then i ran home, showered and met rick at the movies to go see blades of glory. it was so funny! i don't want to build it up too much, but it was def on the anchorman, dodge ball level of funny. i'm usually more of an indie/ quirky comedy girl, but it had me laughing the whole time, especially this part;

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when he turned around and there were even feathers on his bumm i nearly died!

anyway, back to work. keep answering those questions in my survey for the rak! i can't wait to give away the goodies!

Sunday, April 1, 2007

12 x 12 or 8.5 x 11? post bound or binder? help = rak!

i'm all kinds of confused!!!

i've always scrapped 12 x 12 in a post bound album, but i scrap out of order and my albums are chronological so i have to take the album apart every time i want to put them in the album. it is one of my least favorite things to do, so right now there are like 20 lo's sitting in a big pile, which just isn't good for them.

so, i was thinking about getting some of the we r memory keepers binder albums, but i didn't know if those are the best thing going right now or not.

also, i see all these awesome lo's in 8.5 x 11 and up until know i've always been a 12 x 12 snob. so i'm thinking about keeping my general, "my life and events" album 12 x 12, and then getting an 8.5 x 11 album of single page lo's for like scrapping fun, random challenges and quick scrapping of random pictures not really tied to anything else.

ugh! i'm so confused! and totally willing to reward you all for your help! so, here's a survey. fill it out by thursday morning and i will put everybodys' name in a drawing for a package of goodies to be sent to you!

1. are you a 12 x 12 or 8.5 x 11 scrapster?

2. do you use binder albums?

3. what do you think the best brand of binder albums is?

4. how do you organize your lo's?

5. do you have more than 1 set of albums for different parts of your life?

6. double page lo's or singles?

7. any other scrapsters insight?

*bonus* off topic, but what song are you listening to non-stop right now?