Saturday, March 31, 2007

kur+ #alsey freakout!!!

i don't know if you all know about kur+ #alsey (i can't use his name or my blog gets a million extra hits a day), but he is one of my favorite artists of all time. and i was looking up a link to his site for my "art is life..." section of this blog, when i spotted these;

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

they are from the fine people over at sublime stitching who always make the cutest embroidery patterns ever. so, of course i snapped this pattern up along with the tattoos, atomique and rock n' roll because they are having a "4 patterns for $10" sale. do i know how to embroider? no! but i will learn for this! haha.

here are a few of my favorite pieces from him. if you search under his name in google image search there are about a billion others that are also super awesome.

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i'm actually deciding between the birds from this one or from an artist called lilnini for my next tattoo...

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this brings back nice warm summer memories...

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this one just make me giggle...

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Thursday, March 29, 2007


i came home to all this on my porch!

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all of the mixes for the scrapped mix cd swap coming in so far are sooooo cute. i can't wait to have them all in my hot little hands at once so that i can take a cute picture of them all together to show you all!

i also made this really cute tag to go with the camo easter basket i'm sending to my friend who is in the army and will be spending easter in baghdad. : ( he will be home on leave for a few weeks at the end of next month though, yay!

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spring & summer to do list

* creek walking * camping (before the cicadas come) * shore arcades (skee ball, ddr and photobooths) * memories expo * county fair (funnel cake and cotton candy 'til we puke) * coney island (mermaid parade) * creating keepsakes convention * shad festival * music fest * art star craft bazaar * roadtrip to chicago for summer CHA * great adventure (for my first loopty roller coaster) * south of the border (as in the rest stop extravaganza) * as many ice cream cones as possible * that crazy water park in the poconos * swaps (fun new ones) * tubing down the delaware * many a trip to the flea market and dirt malls of south jersey * get published! * free comic book day * bodies: the exhibition (in nyc)* the camden aquarium (or whatever it's called now) * teach more scrap classes! * the balloon festival * crops, crops, crops!!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

shamrock & roll 07

parades, irish dancing, beer, bagpipers lots of fun. i can't wait to scrap these pictures, but i'm waiting to get the pictures of kate and i dancing from kate's camera.

the beginning of a blog...

well, this is my first post, so i guess i'll break it down for you real quick, haha!

miss moxie = miss morgan

miss morgan = crazy indie craftster with scrapping and card making tendencies.

my life equations;
* music = love
* crafting = life
* day to day life = adventure
* mood = swingin' haha.
* outlook = ever changing
* cravings = knowledge & ice cream cones

i had a livejournal for a really long time, but haven't posted in forever. i mostly just use it to read my friends journals that are friends only. i was kind of missing the blogging, but not digging the community there. so, when i noticed that all these fun crafty ladies are over here on blogger, i figured why not? so, here i am with the intention of regular posts, both crafty and everyday life-y.