Sunday, April 1, 2007

12 x 12 or 8.5 x 11? post bound or binder? help = rak!

i'm all kinds of confused!!!

i've always scrapped 12 x 12 in a post bound album, but i scrap out of order and my albums are chronological so i have to take the album apart every time i want to put them in the album. it is one of my least favorite things to do, so right now there are like 20 lo's sitting in a big pile, which just isn't good for them.

so, i was thinking about getting some of the we r memory keepers binder albums, but i didn't know if those are the best thing going right now or not.

also, i see all these awesome lo's in 8.5 x 11 and up until know i've always been a 12 x 12 snob. so i'm thinking about keeping my general, "my life and events" album 12 x 12, and then getting an 8.5 x 11 album of single page lo's for like scrapping fun, random challenges and quick scrapping of random pictures not really tied to anything else.

ugh! i'm so confused! and totally willing to reward you all for your help! so, here's a survey. fill it out by thursday morning and i will put everybodys' name in a drawing for a package of goodies to be sent to you!

1. are you a 12 x 12 or 8.5 x 11 scrapster?

2. do you use binder albums?

3. what do you think the best brand of binder albums is?

4. how do you organize your lo's?

5. do you have more than 1 set of albums for different parts of your life?

6. double page lo's or singles?

7. any other scrapsters insight?

*bonus* off topic, but what song are you listening to non-stop right now?


nicole said...

1. are you a 12 x 12 or 8.5 x 11 scrapster? -> i've been a 12x12, but i'm not biased. ali e. has always been an inspiration to me and she does some rockin' 8.5x11 LO's too.

2. do you use binder albums?
-> post bound, 12x12 by CTMH. love 'em!

3. what do you think the best brand of binder albums is?
-> OK...i'm biased, but CTMH.
HOWEVER...i think KI Memories has created some cute new fabric ones.

4. how do you organize your lo's?

-> chronologically, by topic.

5. do you have more than 1 set of albums for different parts of your life?


6. double page lo's or singles?

generally, single. i've been known to do double though.

7. any other scrapsters insight?

browse, browse, browse. i've found what i like best by not only physically seeing the product, but from polling on places like 2 peas, etc. when it comes down to it...what matches your mood and style will always win over...

*bonus* off topic, but what song are you listening to non-stop right now?

um...does music on noggin count because my daughter makes me play it whenever she gets a chance.
seriously. no joke.
{also...say it right...nelly furtado...but, that's not something my DD is requesting to hear.}

p.s. you don't have to include me in your RAK, but feel free to drop by my blog to say hi.

Crystal said...

I posted on your thread at PI!

mary h. said...

1. Both. (One genius friend, Sally, once wisened me up by informing me that I could put 8.5x11 in with 12x12.)

2. I did. I will again if it is an album that will not be looked at over and over again. The page protectors, even the super thick ones don't hold up to abuse of turning, turning, and turning for years.

3. Any really. Just look at the construction and how well it is put together. Pioneers seem to tear up too fast.

4.Just like you I scrap randomly but like to place the pages in the book chronologically.

5.But of course. There is a Christmas, babies, Marine Corps(x2), my mother, family, etc.

6.Both. Sometimes I feel every picture that I put on the page tells the story therefore I need every page. That's when it is a double. When one or two pics is all that's needed, that will usually be a one page.*See BoNus

7.Buy thicker page protectors no matter what type of album you choose to use. If you use brads, staples, eyelets, buttons, etc. over time they will mark the pictures or page(s) next to them.

*BONUS* When I put them in the book and it's a two page that need to go side by side, either move a single one (It'll be ok if one is a little out of order.), or get those page protectors that are hinged together or create your own by using ribbon, hemp, etc. to hold them together.

Laura McCann said...

1. I mostly scrap 12x12 but i do occasionally scrap 8.5x11. I'm pretty big on doing whatever I want! :)
2. I just started using Binder albums this year and I can NEVER go back to post bound!! I just love being able to pop the page protector into the binder. Easy!
3. I would say the best brand of albums is Pulp followed closely by the American Crafts Binder Albums. They are just awesome!
4. My albums are organized by when I scrap them, not particularly by topic or chronological.
5. I have a bunch of albums, all mixed up.
6. Mostly single LO's but occasioally do the double ones. Again, I like doing whatever i want to! :)
7. My advice is something I got from a friend. Buy really good page protectors and just keep them handy. Every time you complete an LO, slam it in the page protector immediately. That way the LO is protected and it's out of your way. I usually buy Pulp or Chatterbox page protectors. I really like the Pulp ones but they are pricey!
I am obsessively listening to Tribute by Jack Black from the Tenacious D movie. It is a ridiculous song but I love it. My 14 year old nephew got me into it!
Take care, girl!! This was fun!!

Michelle Sanders said...

1. Total 8.25 X 11...all the way baby!

2. Yep, yep...binders are the most cost effective and they have some really cute ones out there if you look. BUT I did find some cute KI 8.5 felt albums that I added the strap converter to and I love them.

3. I like the American Crafts Binders but honestly if I find a cute, cheap binder style photo album I pull the pages out and slap some sheet protector in there. Totally easy.

4. I used to sort them by date but now I tend to just put them in my albums according to when I made them. Now they take a LONG time to make it to that point. Most of the time they sit on my coffee table for like 6 months before they get comfy in a book.

5. Don't really have multi sets of albums. I do have a few traditional heritage albums and a wedding album...working on a baby book for my son but other than that, just my regular books. Been doing it since I was in high school. YIKES that was like 15 years ago!

6. Mostly single pages these days but I used to do more doubles...getting back into that more now.

7. Random scrappers insite...dont worry about acid free. I mean pictures have acid in them! I figure if my childhood pictures are still there and my grandparents pictures are still here and nobody ever worred about it before...why should I? And who cares if they look aged any ways? Don't we try to get the distressed, aged look in our pages anyway?

*bonus* Song selection... Well, I have a bunch of favs right now but I keep going back to the old 80's song "Don't Stop Belivin'" and when that is not playing then I am most likely listening to some Gwen Stefani.

mary h. said...

Duh! I just realized I didn't put in the music I was listening to. I so love Martina McBride but whatever is on the radio/tv is what I put up with. Even if it's Radio Disney. lol.

Littleone's Scrapbook Journal said...

I know the contest is over but thought i would comment anyways :)

1. are you a 12 x 12 or 8.5 x 11 scrapster? 12x12, but I am liking these landscape 8.5x11's.

2. do you use binder albums? Yes. I have a lot of K&Company and then the cheap ones from Joann's and Michaels.

3. what do you think the best brand of binder albums is? I really like the K&company ones.

4. how do you organize your lo's? I don't really. I have seperate albums for things like pregnancy, travis and I first year, girls first year, and now I just complete them and stick them in albums-they are kind of in order of events. Oh and I have a all about me one. All the others are not in any order.

5. do you have more than 1 set of albums for different parts of your life? Oh yea. I have been scrapping since 1996-i have way to many albums.

6. double page lo's or singles? both, but I have been doing single layouts lately.

7. any other scrapsters insight? I don't get caught up in how many and what I need to scrapbook-I just scrap, if I get it done I get it done. A lot of people try to scrapbook in order. I just scrapbook pictures I am inspired by.

*bonus* off topic, but what song are you listening to non-stop right now? KT tunstall: Suddenly I see