Monday, April 23, 2007

oliver the inspiration owl

so, my scrappers block and i have come to an compromise. i'm having no problem making photo albums and cards so i'm just going to keep doing that. and this little guy;

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who i am calling oliver the inspiration owl is helping me out. i made him today and i am so in love with him that there is no way i am listing him on my etsy.

i also came home to half of my hambly goodies! yummy vanilla-scented transparencies and rub-ons. once the other half of my order comes i will take picture.

so, tommorow is the big tattoo day! can't wait! i'm going to make sure to have a great big lunch and a luna bar for some extra protein! i'll post pics asap!


Aimee said...

oh my! too freaking cute! now just use that creative juice on a layout-your scrappers block sure passed fast!

Anonymous said...

this is super cute! have fun with the tat! i can't wait to see

Anonymous said...

can't wait to see pictures of the tat. LOVE owl!

Rhi said...

don't worry about it dearie. it'll pass :) you'll realise one night when you can't get to sleep that you desperately need to scrap something!
sometimes shopping helps ;) heh, and i mean real shopping, not for scrap supplies!
but otherwise, a break doesn't hurt :)
can't wait to see the tat! did you ever find someone to play photographer?

Jessica said...

lovin'the owl- great inspiration!
Creativee block or whatever you want to call it is just part of the process- just know that it'll pass and new great ideas will always follow! Thank goodness it doesn't last forever!

Vee said...

this owl is so so cute!!

Unknown said...

Omg love that owl!!!

Nicole said...

Super cutie!!! :)