Tuesday, May 1, 2007

bad blogger returns!!!

i get so annoyed when people don't update often (usually just out of cute new lo withdrawel) and now i've been the bad blogger. the lo block is still in full effect, but with these new ::whispers:: martha stewart :: lovelies
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

and the amazing feltiness from aimee perhaps i will be able to unblock. tonight it's my goal to work on some new stuff to put up in my etsy shop.

tattoo update:: the bugger is soooooooo itchy!!! it's crazy! i can't scratch it though and yes i confess i'm a scab picker (along with being a sunburn peeler) so it is totally killing me!! i know, i'm gross, haha.

also, i have some rak's in the works! i keep finding adorable stuff everywhere i go so i've started putting it all in a rak box so that whenever i want to do one i can just grab stuff out! let me tell you peeps, there is some rad stuff in there already!

so since midnight last night, tech. today, it has been kit day and i am totally psyched on what i made away with considering i am trying not to spend too much.

let's see, over at story of my life i got the main kit, the swallow stamp, some 7 gypsies stickers and the bazzill add-on from last months kit that i had forgotten to get. i also got a godzill-ha stamp for crystal, she is so psyched to get him.

then, at 2 am poppy time i drooled over the add-ons, especially the lulu add-on! it has a cute little girlie owl stamp, but i just couldn't spend the money. however, upon seeing the full reveal of the kit i am so totally psyched that this month starts my subscription! maybe crystal will let me stamp her lulu owl stamp on some stuff next time i see her. : )

to bed i went and then set my alarm for 9 am for zingbooms kit reveal. that menagerie kit was waaaaaay too amazing this past month and seeing it again made me so jealous of the people who caught it in time. anyway, i already have much of the office space kit so i didn't want to re-buy but it is defenitly awesome! they did open a mini stamp shop though and i got that little heart holding robot that i've been drooling over for a while and the fawn silhouette. so psyched on those!

i know it doesn't seem like i behaved, but believe me, my paypal account and i could have done a lot more damage!!! these three kits keep kicking my cc's bumm! and, i can't wait until i have all these goodies in my hot little hands!!!

also, i was first order again over at soml and so sara hinted at an added surprise! sara is so super sweet, she also had a super rad shout out entry on her blog, which is just way too nice! it's so awesome to be recognized and encouraged by someone who inspires you in such a major way!

anyway, i'm off to ::hopefully:: make some things, wish me and my block luck!

p.s. flips are 2 for 5 over at old navy so i replaced some colors in my closet that were getting kinda grodey and got some fun new colors. the orange ones are a total shout out to aimee and emine! i never liked orange before but these ladies are showing me the light! haha.

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::UPDATE:: i am so totally weak! i just went back to drool over my new zingboom stamps and noticed that next months peak is up and had to order the "so freakin' cute" kit as soon as i saw it! it really is so freakin' cute! the love,elsie and those adorable little green apples, not to mention the super rad food friends stamps, 4 of them! really, all three kit companies that i stalk have totally kicked it up a notch or 50 love it all! go check them out!!! all the links are in my kit obsessions section at the right there --->

::UPDATE:2:: yeah i just went on over to jenni bowlin and ordered some goodies too, like the felt birds, antique journaling spots and bird rub-ons. but seriously, now my card is going away! hey i wonder if miss amber ulmer will pack my goodies! hehe. that would be fun.


Anonymous said...

You've been busy... buying everything not nailed down!! I need to head on over to old navy - flip flops 2 for 5 - omg!!!

I'm hearing ya about the lo block. I'm having the same problem... good luck!

michelle said...

i hope all your new stuff gets you thru the block! i hear ya on the kits thing, girl.. i subscribe to 3 or 4 kits (i don't even know anymore) and then i buy single kits like at soml. it is out of control...

ps. i wonder if amber packs my kits too! haha

Emine Pazan said...

LOL girlie... ORANGE ROCKS... I could Wear it, scrap it, drink it 24/7 LOL..

I'm so jalous... I wish I had the DOLLARS to get all those yummy kits.. But what the heck I'm working for a kit-club... (webscrapping.com) maybe you want to buy that kit too LOL

have a great day sweetie


Rhi said...

i want those stickers! where can i get them from online?
bout time you updated :P but i will allow you...this time.

Deanna G. said...

oh my gosh morgan, i'm the same way :) hahahaa.... the first of the month is oh so bittersweet... awesome on new kit scrappies and kinda sucky on the cc. BUT TOTALLY WORTH EVERY CENT :) hahahahha.

have fun with all your new goodies!

Vee said...

love your new ms goodies especially the jornaling spots!!
love my lu lu lit from poppy
can't wait to get it!!
love old navy flip flops too!

nicole said...

yep. i'm the official bad blogger. loving the scrappy goodness at the 1st of the month, but agree with your boo hoos. enjoy!

Anonymous said...

I totally want that To Freakin Cute kit from ZingBoom, but I need to be good. I am out of control over at Poppy Ink!

Nicole said...

Cute cute cute!!! :)