Friday, May 11, 2007

thanks ladies!

looks like i have at least 9 awesome lo's to work on tommorow, plus some other things. thanks for the inspiration! i will put all the pictures up as soon as they are done and also randomly choose a winner then too. : ) it really is rad to be surrounded by such talented people, especially when you are all so fun and encouraging too!

alright, i'm off to paper pick and pack up for tommorow (even though i totally wanted to be in bed by now.)



Eminepala said...

I'm curious which ones you choose ;)

have a great crop sweetie


shelly b said...

Hey how did I miss this?

scrap {n} flava said...

Oh Man- I wish shelly had joined in on time!

Can't wait to see what you did!!

Aimee said...

cool but i want to see more! hope you had fun at the crop :)

leslie said...

hey! check out my blog - I have some news for you!