Thursday, September 27, 2007

monday mix #7

yeah i know it's thursday, but it's been a total whirlwind since saturday, including going to see rilo kiley at the trocadero on tuesday. the trocadero is totally my favorite venue in philly and rilo kiley is def one of my top 10 bands of all time, mostly due to the amazing jenny lewis;

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that's her playing keyboards, she also rocked the bass, tambourine and she plays a mean mouth piano thingy! i don't think you can tell from the photo, but she is totally wearing glittery silver high heels and shiny silver hot pants! yeah, only jenny could pull that off in an indie way, haha. so here comes the theme of my mix, the amazingly talented. redheaded former child star;

monday mix #7- my 11 fave tracks featuring jenny lewis (i so couldn't narrow it to 10, 11 was torterous enough!)

01. wires and waves - rilo kiley
02. a better son/daughter - rilo kiley
03. nothing better - the postal service
04. with arms outstretched - rilo kiley
05. the recluse - cursive
06. we will become silhouettes - the postal service
07. a man/me/then jim - rilo kiley
08. handle me with care - jenny lewis & the watson twins
09. portions for foxes - rilo kiley
10. rise up with fists!!! - jenny lewis & the watson twins
11. breakin' up - rilo kiley


Rhi said...

who was supporting? was is feist?
if it was, *sigh*
and where is the hair?! i demand to see the hair!

jasmine said...

i sent these to your myspace, but i wanted to send them here, too! (shit and blurry) photos from rilo kiley: flickr!