Tuesday, October 9, 2007

monday mix # 8

yeah, i know it's tuesday. yeah, it's been one of those days already. and yeah, i'm just a little hormonal! yeah, ugh!!!

anyway, i think that one of the coolest jobs in the world to have would be a music supervisor for tv shows and movies. and one of my fave music supervisors is alex patsavas who has done the music for some of the most awesomely soundtracked tv shows of all time like the o.c. and greys anatomy. right now she is working on chuck and gossip girl. and, in just three episodes she has managed to cram some amazing music in to gossip girl already. and has anyone else noticed how that show just gets better and better with every episode? anyway, here are some of my fave songs that have been on gossip girl so far.

monday mix #8 - alex patsavas is a goddess (gossip girl edition)

01. hang me up to dry - cold war kids
02. i feel it all - feist
03. the gift - angels and airwaves
04. young folks - peter, bjorn and john
05. believe - the bravery
06. when did your heart go missing - rooney
07. ballad of gus and same - ferraby lionheart
08. tell me about it - joss stone
09. dusk till dawn - ladyhawke
10. glamarous - constance billiard choir
11. 99% - the mooney suzuki
12. photograph - air
13. hard to live in the city - alberd hammond jr.

p.s. got kristina's collection this morning! yay! at least there is that bright shiny spot in an already really crappy day.


jasmine said...

"gossip girl" is really getting good. there are differences from the books, but definitely not anything that's bothering me. i'm kind of liking it better this way.

Natalie said...

I can't wait to see what you create with K's collection. And dude, the trifecta = perfection. Love that you named it that.

Vee said...

i can't wait for g.girl tonight!!
k's collection is awesome, right!! I started to play with it immediately! :) have fun
ditto on being a music producer for tv, i would love that job! :)

leslie said...

You know, if you want to move out to LA, I found the perfect job opening for you!!