Friday, December 21, 2007

my christmas brat list

or wish list. can you tell i'm an only child?

* wii (with extra controllers, dance dance revolution, mario party and the new mario game)
* the epson picturemate dash photo printer (hello it is a cube with a handle!)
* a cloned version of chloe, the raddest dog ever (refer to picture at left)
* my so called life: the complete series on dvd (mmmmmmm jordan catalano.
* the hot pink chi hair straightener
* new crazy sneakers and flats
* a whole wishlist at story of my life and scrap in style.
* tons of labels, journaling stamps and journaling spots like this baby.
* raspberry paper source suitcase for said labels.
* socks (i'm not kidding!)
* bumble and bumble hair therapy treatment
* the plush superbot from jen & jj over at bam pop! love him!
* and yeah, i'm a nerd but, i totally want
a "the dot grill" mug from degrassi.
* two calendars, snow & graham and kur+ #alsey.
* these ridiculously awesome earrings and necklace that my friends awesome mother makes.
* about ten fun cameras from urban outfitters.

plus, about a million other little random things, like this hello kitty bank. eek! well it's good to have a long list so that people have lots to choose from, right? (onlychild*onlychild*onlychild)

also, huge thank you to the awesome michelle ramirez for picking my new years eve mini for the catwalk! love it when people you are super inspired by love your stuff too! thanks girl!


Aimee said...

hehehehehe i'm an only child too-isn't it great?! and we don't have kids so dh spoils me rotten now :) you HAVE to get the HK bank. she is too freaking adorable. seriously. we have a wii under the tree. ok-couldn't resist typing that!

sally hanna said...

you don't want much do ya? hehe.
here's hoping you get it all.

Bekka said...

Great list! I'm one of three, so my imagination doesn't stretch that far! lol That bank is super cute!

jenn shurkus said...

now you made me want the my so-called life dvd's!!!!

shelly b said...

I'm an only child too. the lists can get long!! I really want the MSCL series too!

sara berry said...

That is one heck of a list...what is on your SoML list...I might can help out with that one! ;)Merry Merry