Tuesday, December 18, 2007


a week until christmas? really? i am sooooooo not ready. haha!

i have already;

* baked ginger snaps
* made my christmas cards
* brought all the christmas stuff up from the garage
* put together a really rad final package for my secret santa sister over at scrap in style
* bought what i need for my holiday gifts
* updated my christmas mix (mmmm. sufjan stevens holiday box set)
* hunted down my fave hot chocolate, hershey's goodnight kisses

i am;

* working on christmas gifts for my mom and aunt
* making a really rockin' scrapbook for someone
* writing out and addressing all my christmas cards
* thinking about actually decorating the house

i still have to;

* finish making my christmas gifts
* send out my christmas cards and secret sister package
* actually decorate the house
* decorate the store (i'm going with a general winter theme, so i can keep them up)
* get into the holiday spirit

i am looking forward to;

* putting bright felt snowflakes in the front window at work
* listening to alterna-christmas music while decorating the tree
* wrapping presents (yay for last years old navy robot wrapping paper!)
* drive through christmas light show and hot chocolate with evan
* watching "white christmas"
* teaching my christmas mini at scraptasia
* scrapping more gifts when i get home from work
* the gossip girl christmas episode tommorow


michelle said...

I love your list. You are one busy girl..I'd like to think I am ready, but if I broke it down like this, I think I would be afraid ! lol .. have a great day lady

staceyfike said...

yay!! gg tomorrow and i'll be home to watch it!!!

Vee said...

you are doing it Morgan!! I can't wait for GG tonight!! :)