Thursday, January 17, 2008

"you really shouldn't mumble, i can't understand a word you're saying!"

kristina, quality control officer chloe rose and i had a lot of fun kitting sunday and monday. we really did get a pretty awesome amount of stuff done. and, having had the sneak peek of kristi's classes i have to say that everyone needs to take them! for real. and if you're not going to
scrap bowl, maybe you'll luck out and she'll have some leftover kits to sell on her blog. we watched a bunch of movies, awesome ones and ridiculous ones and kristina tried to make me only have healthy snacks, which is necessary as evidenced by that picture up there, eek!

speaking of which, i found a 24 hour gym near me, which is major for this area and you can even join on a month to month basis. so, i'm totally getting on that, as well as the big healthy food grocery shop, after this crazy weekend coming up! that all paired with a new haircut happening next week, a possible work week change and finally actually moving into my room all the way (i think i've been in denial about moving back) i should be setting myself up for a much happier me, which i usually have a hard time getting around to doing.

i finished colin's book, "when you leave..." at least mostly, haha. i still need to drill the holes at the top so that i can put the binder rings in and get it to him. i realy liked how it turned out, simple, clean and heartfelt. and seriously, what would i do without my typewriter?

and ooh! did y'all see that now you can buy individual pieces of scrap in syle's patterned paper? my favorite, of ocurse, being the label love collection. not only do i love it because it's kristina's, but it's the most versatile, by far! i can't stop using it! i have done at least 3 or 4 layouts, 3 mini's and a bunch of daily cards with it and i still can't get enough!

and, since i've been a fairly bad blogger lately, here's a little general info, haha.

reading: a great and terrible beauty (actually re-reading because the 3rd one came out.)
watching: lost in hi-def online to prepare for season 4. : )
listening: dan in real life: soundtrack perfect for this grey snowy day at work.
purchasing: little bits for my room re-do like this and this.
scrapping: valentines atc swap

and i really can't wait 'til this weekend is done and i can really work on ruthlessly cleaning out my scrap area! i'm talking about even getting rid of stuff i like, but know i will never get around to using. then it's all going in a big bin in the garage until the next scrapbook garage sale at mlpa! i just have way too much stuff to even operate over there! wish me luck!


Vee said...

good luck!! oooh, can't wait for scrapbowl! I am eating healthier, just need to add exercise :) I am on season 3 disc 2. so ready for the 31st to see the new season!

Anilu Magloire said...

Oh, this blog is a danger... I am aching to take a class with Kristi!!

I have been waiting on her pp forever. I am gonna go stock up on them right now. I hadn't touched my Kristina SIS kit until I knew I'd be able to get me some more... :)

Heidi Joe said...

Dang man... LOST is on the way. I'm shaking like a chihuahua waiting for 1/31.

Sounds to me like Miss Morgan over there is kicking arse and taking names! Now if only I were so brave as to actually unload some of my old KI paper that I cannot bear to part with... hmmm....

Christina C. said...

lucky girl! you east coasters have all the fun!

and that pic is TOTALLY adorable. But good luck on the gym stuff.

thanks for sharing the info on the KC label love papers. I was totally hoarding mine. Now I can use them up guilt free. :D

Nicole Carro said...

Yo, a 24 hour gym here???? Are you seriously getting rid of every excuse I still had not to work out? Can't wait for Scrapbowl baby!

Polly said...

I am so envious of all you laydees going to scrapbowl...! I SOOO wanna do all the classes and be there to soak up the inspo. I cannot wait to see what you create.
And if you do Shimelle's classes you'll love 'em she is the sweetest little thing!

My mail man brought me the coolest of surprises today too... your CJ!! Wow. Going to do it this weekend at crop and I am so inspired. Fabby album and the best choice of topic!

Happy weekend!

Jodie said...

hey :D
good luck with the whole getting healthy thing, wow you are determined, i wish i was a bit more like you.
and thanks for the heads up on the sis papers singularly i didn't know you could get them that way!!! :D

your dogg is so adorable.

michelle said...

my gym is 24 hours and i love it! but it's all part of the master plan of losing weight. must go grocery shopping and get some healthy foods next. i'm so jealous that you get to take a class with her! I hope she has extra kits! and tell her she needs to teach on the west coast so some of us geographically challenged scrappers can get in on that action! anyways, your book came out fabulous, he'll love it!

Natalie said...

WAHHHAATT? You can buy K's paper? Solid...I'm sold! Thanks for the info lady. I owe you a phone call. Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

Why did KC make her blog private? I used to have her on my blogroll, but no more. :(
I've been hitting the gym too! It's so on, girl! We should do some kind of weight loss challenge!

shelly b said...

Can't wait for scrapbowl. Love that table that's at UO. and such good info about the KC paper!