Wednesday, February 20, 2008

and i'm back.

here's what's been happening...

* i've been settling into being home for realsies. and even had a day in jammers with nothing but down time to keep myself sane.

* i'm teaching this little fave 5's book at scraptasia in new providence on march 10th. i'm so psyched to be teaching there monthly. dawn is the best, the store is fully of yummy temptations and everyone is always so welcoming. i had so much fun teaching there last time!

* cha was fun, filling, fanatical and pretty photographically fabulous. there is a lot of the same from a bunch of companies, but i am also pretty psyched on a bunch of stuff too. that will have to be a seperate blog entry, i want to give y'all a bunch of links to yummy pictures, and the full run down!

* i got my round 3 project in for scrap in style's project fashionista and will just have to wait to see how it all turns out. i have to admit, i kind of love this exciting little bit of time when you have turned int he project or taken the test and it's all out of your hands, you've done what you can and know you just get to excitedly wait for the decision. good luck to everyone, especially jj, no idea how she is going to decide it's looking tough!

* i managed to not gain back any weight on my two trips, which is pretty amazing because can you say double mashed, chicken critters and beer? haha. the next step is to join the gym, or at least play a little more dance dance revolution on wii!

* does anyone else feel like lost a is a different show this season? i'm at least stickin' in to see who the oceanic 6 are and then we'll see how i'm feeling about all of it.

* recent netflix; "eagle vs. shark" - engh. funny in a napolean dynamite kind of way, and much like napolean dynamite, would have made a better short than movie. i loved the stop animations parts though. "bobby" - holy casting. sheesh. this was okay too, but i didn't really care as much about the characters as i should have for it to be awesome. "year of the dog" dog named pencil = adorable, movie = not as good as i thought it would be. eesh, i'm a total netflix downer!

* scrapbowl was fantastic, obviously! i wish that natalie hadn't been so ill, we missed her on our little mellow night trips, but it was really awesome to have natalie time during the days atleast! i wish we had a huge group pictures of all of us! the closest we probably came would have been while 10 of us watched juno on pay per view in our hotel room. i am so glad i finally got to see it! i was getting nervous for a little bit there! i did, indeed, love it like everyone said i would. the classes were fun and full of sway, the drive down was hilarious and quick, getting to finally hang with some of my internet girls was waaaaaay overdue, the aforementioned eating was horrible for my body but awesome for my appetite, laughs, giggles and guffaws were aplenty and my soul was all the better for all of it!

* i have had a general urge to scrap since i got back from cha, and i'm really psyched that tonight, and the whole rest of this week, and subsequent weekend actually, i will get to do just that! can't to wait to play with the little bits of things i snagged at cha, scrapbowl and the things i have re-discovered while cleaning out the scrap area.

p.s. if you are the super rad girl i met in the sassafras lass booth, hillary maybe?, get at me girl! comment or e-mail because we are so staying in touch!


Vee said...

i had the best time with y'all as always!! I miss you all so much when we part ways! :) we ate like no one's business didn't we?! lol, can't wait to see your scrappies and I love your mini for your class. i say our next meet-up be in jersey at scraptasia one weekend and do it jersey style! :)

michelle said...

glad you had a wonderful time! good luck on round 3!

Natalie said...

Dude, I totally wish I could have hungout late night. That is when my crazy fun side comes out too. haha. Let's plan a roadtrip soon. Miss you already.