Saturday, February 23, 2008

meet ampersand...

so, y'all probs know how huge music is to me, and you may remember the monday mixes i used to do that now have fallen to the wayside. a whole mix on a weekly basis got to be a little iffy, sometimes i just wasn't feeling it, but now i have a solution. meet ampersand, the music bear. ampersand is going to help me bring you a new song each week, probably on saturdays. all time faves, current crushes, songs that hold a special place in my heart or a silly song that takes me back, ampersand will play them all for you, you just have to hit play.

music player
I made this music player here.

this week it's, "lake michigan" by rogue wave. something about this song just strikes me as perfect for this time of year. it's sweet and clean, the perfect song for the end of winter and beginning of spring, wishful thinking that spring is coming soon, i know. i just made this the ring on my new phone too, it makes me smile every time it "rings". hope you like it. rogue wave has been around for a really long time, so if you like this song check out their other stuff too.


Jodie said...

oh that is so adorable, i love him!! eheh.
cute song too, never heard that before :)

Aimee said...

he is soo cute! ok, now off to listen to the song.

ps-i'll get scrapbowl pics your way soon!

shelly b said...

I've been lovin this song lately too!!

Anonymous said...

What a great ideal. I'm a huge music fan, so I'm so digging this.


Vee said...

aww, he is so cute!! :)