Tuesday, March 4, 2008

flickr is starting to rule my life!

okay, so that might be just a little bit melodramatic, but between making themed mosaics, looking for people i know, soaking up all the inspiration, checking out all the rad, and weird, groups and making a couple of my own groups it takes up a fair chunk of my work day, and i'm totally okay with that.

so, add me to your contacts or join either of my two groups; mini book obsessed for all of us mini book makers or coconut records polaroids, a spot for anyone who received a polaroid taken by jason schwartzman with their coconut records cd to upload it and for everyone to enjoy them.


Rhi said...

it does that to you. sucks you in.
good tho ;)
i shall join the first!
but not the second.

and i shall request you send me a list of good songs to listen to on the journey too, during, and the journey back from ny! get to it woman.

i'll email you tomorrow anyway and bug you

Anonymous said...

arg! i bought coconut records via iTunes. crap. i'm so jealous. so, indeed i will join mini-book group, and sit and pout that i cant join the second.

Anonymous said...

I love flickr too. I really need to upload there more.. but I love your group and will be adding you!

metrochic said...

oh sweet sweet flickr.