Monday, May 19, 2008

crashing through the barrier!

yes, it has been like two weeks since i last posted, and yes, i have come up with post ideas just about every day since my last post. for some reason i was just kind of not wanting to get on here and actually get to posting. so here's a nerd-o post to at least get myself back into the swing of things.

here's a little catch up;

* i've really dug stuff
* i've been annoyed by stuff
* i've gone places
* i've made plans
* i've done stuff

okay, now that the catch up is out of the way i can get back to normal blogging tommorow, haha.

i'm at my new job, which i am totally in love with, waiting to teach a class, then i'm heading home to do some last minute cleaning before natalie gets here, yay! can't wait to dive into the fun couple of days i have with this lady, and some special "guest stars" before she leaves us for taiwan!


Nicole Carro said...

Happy to be a guest star, have a blast tomorrow! Check out all of Anna Griffin's new shtuff for me :)

Rhi said...

i like updates like these.
i am so happyhappy you are loving your job.

andandand. i love yow!
p.s. you always have the longest word verification things. dude. they are hard.

shahnnen said...

glad to have you back, lady! i totally understand about blogging--sometimes it feels like a chore. i'm very jealous of the east coast scrap club meeting. i'm sure it'll be great fun.
p.s. thanks for the shout out--i'm on the sidebar!

{ME} said...

Can I ditto your "catch up" list?
JK but sorta not.
Most days I'm in the mood to blog and then there are the times I just can't do it...I am in the I can't do it phase.
Catch ya later.

CandiMandi said...

hahaha your catch up is totally lame!

But that's okay. You're not... and I love reading your blog! ;)
Can't wait to hear more from you!