Sunday, June 29, 2008

inspiring a re-do

here's the quickie layout that i was talking about! i love it. so not my normal look, what with the bright colored zebra-type-stripes and all., but it just totally came together and i'm digging it.
so, it's inspired a little bloggie re-do that is already in the works and i'm digging it!
i did end up finishing the curious incident of the dog in the night-time the other day, out on the deck rather than in the grass on the hill, and i really liked it. it was a nice easy breezy summer read but still had some substance to it. the story was quite sad in bits, but the way the boy told the story was a little detatched and it softened the blow a bit
well, off to get ready for work tommorow. i'm debuting my fun new summer dress with the perfect flats and then tuesday means a matinee of wanted with my movie buddy, rick.


Bekka said...

I love the chandelier layout!

Rhi said...

i love how you used those chandeliers. i couldn't figure out how to for the life of me.
you = clever.

do we get to see the dress?

Vee said...

chandeliers are cute! i want to see your perfect summer dress too! :)

Anonymous said...

yo girlie! cute LO and thanks for the note! totally unexpected and fun. it totally made my day!

Sara Berry said...

Nice...I love the lo. Saw Wanted with M--he fell asleep. Seriously. I can't ever take him to movies like that without him getting bored.
Miss you and THANKS for that killer card--you rock Miss.

{Hilary} said...

I hope that some day, I might have more time to read. I am hoping this will happen when all my children are in school. Love the LO. It's great.

Mandi Johnson said...

I love that you said debuting. hehe Annnd I'm likin that LO, so I'll be likin the new look! :)