Saturday, July 12, 2008

say hello to my current guilty pleasure.

so this is going to be a quicke, but i just had to share this business...

i know i'm not 15 anymore, but i just can't resist this song by metro station. so shameful! it's really the video that did it for me. the singer in the red pants and ninja shirt? i just want to pinch his little cheeks! haha. plus i've always been a sucker for a good dance movie and i guess that applies to videos too!

so, is anyone else out there thinking of going to the all points west festival at liberty state park? i just just heard about it on left of center. it's 3 days, the first weekend in august, and the line-up is pretty killer; css, duffy, mates of state, the duke spirit, radiohead, kings of leon, animal collective, metric, the roots, the virgins, sia, cat power, the secret machines, matt costa, de nova dahl, rogue wave and like 20 others. so, who's down? i have no idea if i'll do all 3 days or what, but in classic festival method, there are at least 2 or 2 bands i want to see each day so it would be really hard to pick just one! eek!

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Cheiron said...

Hey Morgan, I LOVE that song too and I am WAY older than 15. Plus my husband asked me what the heck that was when I put it on our ipod! Looking forward to your class tonight!