Wednesday, August 20, 2008

thug life!

the party saturday was pretty ridiculous, but we had a lot of fun, despite the fact that the bar was seemingly stocked by a 13 year old (3 different flavored vodkas, tequila, a handle of watered down rum and 1 bottle of red wine, with either grape "drink" or mountain dew, haha) but we took a ton of pictures, avoided fights, made new friends and enjoyed a generally awesome debaucherous night in a crazy part of philly. we stayed over saturday night and i finally got more than 5 hours sleep in a night. then, after the obligatory stop for smart water & a buttered roll at the halfyway point quik-chek on the way home, i pretty much spent sunday as a total couch potato recovering and catching up with some internet.

monday was a busy day at work, i put out bunches of new stuff i'm really excited about and then scrapped with some of my ladies when i got home. once i had really started i guess i couldn't really stop, so i pretty much spent all day tuesday scrapping too. today was a cleaning, laundry, dishes type of day, but i'm feeling some more scrappy time tommorow. i had a really hilarious text message conversation with my friend rick the other day, and now that i finally have a rick approved picture of us i'm so scrapping it. in the meantime though, here's a no frills list-y of my scrappy creations over the past couple of days. : )

first came "jenny" my sassafras lovliness ode to one of my fave singing ladies; jenny lewis. finally stopped hoarding and started using the vintage woodgrain dymo tape! (but not before going to evil wally world on my way home to buy an actual dymo label maker, because i was so not wasting any of this precious woodgrain on the around the block label maker that has a tendency to eat a little tape.)
then came "thug life". rick, ryan & and i went to see "pineapple express" a week or so ago and we keep saying "thug life" at the most appropriate of times, including during the aforementioned philly house party. and i had a ton of pictures from the night that i wanted to use, and so this bit of cheesy paper piecing was born.

then i took a little break for some correspondence (the real mail kind i.e. my fave) and rediscovered this quote i had fallen in love with on a card that i was sending out; "friend you are a divine mingle mangle of guts and stardust" and i wanted to keep it hanging around for me too, and not just in my random notes book, like so many other quotes, so i made a little hanging with a shaped page i had leftover from a prima clear acrylic album. it was so fun to make that i ressurected another quote from the random notes book; "if you're quiet, you're not living. you've got to be noisy, colorful and lively." and made a little hanging for that one too (not pictured).

last, i started adding journaling and pictures to my "summer fun '08" acrylic album. i taught a couple of sessions last week and i figured it would be easier for people to use it as a sample without pictures. i do love how it's looking with the squares of square pictures and woodgrain tags on each page. now that i've started using the woodgrain tape, i can't stop. i'm a little scared to open the back of the label maker and see how little is probably left! there are still two blank spots in the book, so it looks like i'm going to have to have two more adventures before september! (p.s. to look at all the pages in the mini album, just move your mouse over the picture and arrows will pop up!)

off to bed. i found some really old, really nerdy glasses so now i can read for a little bit before bed, at least until i get a headache. : ) really must make it down to philly to pick up my actual glasses and moccasins!


Mandi said...

Love the LOs girl! Love me some Jenny too! ;)

jenjock1 said...

i am TOTALLY borrowing that quote.

Aimee said...

omg, seriously love your layouts! i just got my woodgrain tape, but i need the actual dymo too :P