Tuesday, June 23, 2009

"austin bound"

"austin bound"

01. "sleeping lessons" the shins
02. "dog days are over" florence & the machine
03. "never had nobody like you" m. ward feat. zooey
04. "something is not right with me" cold war kids
05. "we are beautiful, we are doomed" los campesinos!
06. "daylight" matt & kim
07. "tightrope" yeasayer
08. "sunlight" harlem shakes
09. "borne on the fm waves of the heart" against me! feat. tegan
10. "ballad of bird love" blitzen trapper
11. "wraith pinned to the mist and other games" of montreal
12. "all new friends" dirty on purpose
13. "little bribes" death cab for cutie
14. "don't look away" the helio sequence
15. "hurry up let's go" the shout out louds
16. "rain" bishop allen
17. "eraser" no age
18. "spotlight" mute math
19. "no one does it like you" department of eagles

p.s. i know this is seeming more like a music blog than a crafty blog lately, but that's just how it goes sometimes. i've been up to crafty things, but i'm just now feeling in the mood to blog again. and true, i got back from austin like 2 weeks a go, but i think the next step in my mission to get back into blogging is a top ten favorite moments style re-cap of my vacation, complete with pictures? eventually i'll post something actually crafty, promise!


heyjenrenee said...

I listened to this last night. You've got skills for the mix, friend. Love it.

Kara said...

okay. i think we need to do a mix cd + art swap.

you in?

Melanie said...

i'm not sure how i stumbled on your blog...sometime last year...a scrapbook club, i think. but i learned about Mates of State, one of my now faves, from you. And I'm always amazed at how similar your mixes are to the ones i'm working on at the same time. we need to do a swap :)