Tuesday, November 17, 2009

221 sherman avenue: a before & after

so, the latest absence from my blog was due to the huge undertaking that was helping to move scraptasia (the scrapping & stamping store i work for) to it's new location, which has about 2.5 times the space as the original! when dawn found the space it was totally stripped down, i.e. no floors, half a ceiling and a lot of work that needed to be done, but we went at it and although we are still taking care of some finishes, we are open and love how it has turned out! totally worth all the 12 & 14 hour days! so, in the spirit of design sponge's before & after and oh joy!'s this or that, i bring you scraptasia's very own edition of before & after!

we went with a ridiculously rad color called "high strung" for the cash wrap & the studio area because it's awesome and because it matches our logo! jessica is going to work her magic soon and paint said logo and store name on the front of the cash wrap. the cash wrap itself is about 3 times bigger than our original and allows us space to start doing make & takes soon!

before = cement floor & empty space. after = sweet new floors in a yummy chocolate & drool-worthy stock!

we have 55 new to us colors of bazzill in our newly re-arranged bazzill corner!

we are super stoked on all the natural light and i am love with that fact that we have room to hang all our mini albums along with samples!

the contractors took out that little partial wall and we now have a huge studio/class room, tool area & a kitchen! plus a bigger ribbon wall! this is obviously one of my favorite areas of the new location!

i don't really want to call this a stamp corner, since that sounds small, but this huge stamp corner is another one of my favorite spots. so many stamps, so many inks & so many fun tools, dies & punches. even though i work at scraptasia i will still occasionally spot a stamp i don't remember, it's like a magical stamp wall, and now there are two of them!

it's been so amazing over the last week and half to have the store re-opened and see how excited our customers are to see our new space! i also can't wait for all my scrappy friends to see it soon!


Vanessa said...

looks gorgeous! Congrats!

Nicole said...

I Can't wait to come see it over xmas time!! xxoo

Anonymous said...

Hi Morgan!! The store loks great! Where's the Buzz and Bloom wall??
;) Devorah

jenn shurkus said...

it looks fabulous morgan.. i totally "get" all the hard work that went into that and you should be proud ;) beautiful store!! someday... someday, i'll get to visit :)

BRANDY said...

I wanna shop there!!! Looks amazing all the hard work has definitely paid off. New store = new inspiration. Congrats on a complete success!

Sara Berry said...

Wow Morgan! You have been working so hard and it shows! Dawn is lucky to have you!! Everything looks amazing and I'd give just about anything to have such an amazing store in my neighborhood!