Friday, December 4, 2009

friday five #09

01. home for the holidays! - i love that some of my favorite people are starting to make their way home for the holidays. totally looking forward to lots of crafting, dancing, catching up, travel planning, shopping & such with my visiting faves!

02. lifestyle letterpress - so i was going to try to hold out and put this on my christmas wish list, but then it was 40% off and it somehow made it's way into my crafty space... oops? i guess if we're real about it, what did i really think the chances were that i was not going to jump all over the opportunity to have the ability to letterpress from home? i can't wait to sit down, get all inky and really play with it all!

03. alex and ani bangles - i snagged this recycled silver wire monogram bangle the last time i was in austin and i've been wearing it all the time. this is a small miracle because i'm not really a bracelet kind of girl normally, but it's super light, super simple, doesn't make a ton of noise and there's just something old school cute about a monogram. it would make a really cute gift for your girlie friends!

04. new moon - nicole and i went to see it the sunday after it came out, and i actually really liked it! truthfully, i was kind of dreading the whole oh-my-god-he-left-me-i'm-going-to-collapse-in-the-woods story line and the preview made it look like she was going to be screaming in pain at the loss and all that business, but i actually think they did a pretty good job with all that business. i loved the wolf special effects, didn't hate jacob and the fact that they could make half naked dudes hanging out everywhere not seem cheesy is kind of saying a lot. i kind of even want to see it in the theater again.

05. my new iphone! - i could probably list about 25 things i already love about my new iphone, but i will try not to gush. let's leave it at me being a little bit addicted, totally impressed with the little things i already don't know how i lived without & psyched that i've already made it so cute! what apps will i die without?


Nicole said...

yay!! Me!!

amy lapi said...

paper toss. best game ever!