Wednesday, January 13, 2010

a new edition of house party hopes!

in honor of 2 awesome girls & a super awesome pup's new apartment in a new year, i bring you a celebratory mix that had us dancing;

01. "basic space" the xx
02. "dead sound" the raveonettes
03. "you got yr. cherry bomb" spoon
04. "crown of age" the ettes
05. "tiny little home" jay reatard
06. "dominos" the big pink
07. "lessons learned" matt & kim
08. "friends" band of skulls
09. "boys wanna be her" peaches
10. "empire state of mind" jay-z
11. "shove it" santogold
12. "ambling alp" yeasayer
13. "photobooth" friendly fires
14. "little secrets" passion pit
15. "highly suspicious" my morning jacket
16. "what's the attitude" cut chemist
17. "on to the next one" jay-z

i must admit that the "whip it!" soundtrack really helped me out on this one, all those kick butt songs work for these ladies. enjoy.

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