Wednesday, January 20, 2010

plaid at heart 2: the flannel edition

you may remember plaid at heart (the original) which i posted last spring. i can't believe it's taken me this long to create another edition considering how much i love my folk/plaid bands. this one is a little bit more comfy cozy feeling, just like your favorite plaid flannel; especially designed to get you through the rest of the winter. so, with no further ado, here it is;

01. "behind that locked door" by yim yames
02. "the right place" by monsters of folk
03. "home" by edward sharpe & the magnetic zeroes
04. "carpetbaggers" by jenny lewis featuring elvis costello
05. "thank you too" by my morning jacket
06. "hold on, hold on" by neko case
07. "long way home" by mates of state
08. "acorn factory" by the dodos
09. "15" by rilo kiley
10. "train song" by ben gibbard & feist
11. "done all wrong" by black rebel motorcycle club
12. "the first days of spring" by noah and then whale
13. "requiem" by m. ward
14. "romeo and juliet" by dire straits
15. "on and on" by mission to the sea
16. "heartbeats" by jose gonzalez
17. "blindsided" by bon iver


andrea said...

really good playlist!

Vanessa said...

you always have such great playlists! I really should post some of mine. I feel like I make a new one each week!