Monday, February 22, 2010

house party hopes 5: brit edition

i will actually already be at heathrow on my way back to the states when this publishes, so we'll call it an ode to this journey, haha. it was mostly worked on while i've been here, which explains the shorter than normal track listing, i've just been doing too many things! anyway, enjoy what there is!

01. "this too shall pass" by ok go
02. "run" by vampire weekend
03. "sun hands" by local natives
04. "souls of gold" by sister crayon
05. "fences" by phoenix
06. "rome" by yeasayer
07. "i start to run" by white denim
08. "i like you so much better when you're naked" by ida maria
09. "all is love" by karen o and the kids
10. "there are listed buildings" by los campesinos!
11. "fix up, look sharp" by dizzee rascal
12. "air force ones" by nelly

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