Friday, March 12, 2010

friday five #20

01. "1 week" class - i taught a couple of sessions of my "1 week" clear acrylic mini album this week and am in love with how it turned out. i can't wait to fill it with a weeks worth of photos, lists, receipts, tags, tickets & whatnot asap! now to figure out which week to do. is it cheating if i pick a week i know at least a couple of things are going on? maybe.

02. - i think i've blogged before about an etsy shop i love, craftyfolk who also is making her designs available as fabric on i really could have gone without knowing about this website. the fabric is pretty expensive, but i can see sooooo many awesome home decor items and a really rad quilt or two made with all the amazing fabrics available from various designers on the site. right this second i'm kind of dying over this cassette explosion pattern!

03. alice envy - i am so completely jeallie of all you lucky peeps who have gone to see alice already! i keep hearing it's totally amazing, although i've also heard that the ending is a little abrupt. i've heard it's beyond beautiful though, and i can't wait to see it! sadly, it's a matter of coordinating 4 schedules for the full on imax 3d alice experience.

04. new she & him single - i'm already working on my 2010 spring mix, look for it sometime next week, and part of what set it in motion was the new she & him single, "in the sun" the b side "i can hear music" is also pretty sweet. the new she & him album, volume 2, comes out march 23rd and if this is any indication of what's to come i'm more stoked on it than the first album.

05. a vera bradley bag? - really? do i really like a vera bradley bag? wha? i guess it's true. a customer came in the store last week with the stephanie bag in the "sittin' in a tree" pattern and i haven't been able to stop it from randomly popping into my head since. i think it's the birds & the amy butler feel to it. plus this bag style is not so grandma and i think it might be kind of perfect as an easy-peasy, lightweight spring bag. perhaps?


Anonymous said...
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Meredith Taylor said...

i was totally thinking about getting that sittin' on a tree pattern in the weekender bag and the baby diaer bag... i was totally surprised how much i liked that pattern when i saw it. i don't usually dig vera.