Friday, May 7, 2010

friday five #25

this will be a ridiculously quick, cheapie five since i'm actually in indiana now, but i promise i'll make it up next week! plus, there's some pretty rad stuff in here.

01. tissue paper poufs - i want these everywhere in my life. especially in these colors.

02. ryan berkley coasters - how hard would you giggle every time you used one of these fancy dudes?

03. new band of horses - you can get a free download of the first single from the album on their website. it's a little different, but somehow still the comfy same.

04. diy ornathology clock - kate over at design sponge posted this awesome tutorial on how to make your own clock from easy to find, inexpensive materials. love the scientific illustrations on this one.

05. coffee people k cups - i swear it's not just because their packaging is so cute! i really love the k cups from the coffee people (we have a keurig at work, i'm not that fancy at home). the donut shop one is my favorite right now, but i also love the organic.

1 comment:

Cindy Conaty said...

Sounds like the clock could be a future class at Scraptasia! Have a great vacation!