Friday, May 21, 2010

friday five #27

01. "treats" - sleigh bells' new album may not be for everyone, so i would recommend you check out a preview somewhere online before you buy, but i happen to love, love, love it for the murky, rainy spring to summerlike sunshine overnight weather we're having here in jerz as of late. there's something here for every feeling. dreamy songs like "rill rill" are perfection for hazy beach days and "kids" & "riot rythm" will serve as inspo for many an impromptu dance party once miss nicole is back from bristol this summer and i'd already fallen for the preview track for this album, "infinity guitars" for all your pumped up strong chick needs. at least check it out, and i'm pretty sure most of you will love it.

02. watchable instant viewing - yes, there is a ton of tv and movies available online for your eyeballs consumption, but i hate having to watch something on my laptop and never quite being able to get the screen tilted at just the right angles (especially with darker toned shows, damn you vampire diaries addiction) but apparently i can now watch netflix on demand through my wii on my tv? what?!?! hopefully this is as awesome as i think it's going to be.

03. nail varnish to die for - chanel's "mistral" & "nouvelle vague" are kind of hurting my heart they're so good! it's obvious that i'm always down for a good teal-y mint nail color, but until this very second i've not really been into peachy pinks for my nails. i'm not entirely sure what's making the difference here, maybe it's the unexpected shimmer? most likely it's simply its' close proximity to the "nouvelle vague" that's sending my modern day miami vice color sensors into a tizzy. whatever it is, i need them both. (check out this review to see what they look like on)

04. photobooth withdrawal - there was a bit of time there where i was being pretty spoiled with photobooths, between the one a drunken walk away from k's old apartment in brooklyn and the ones that seemed to pop up wherever i was traveling (like austin & orlando) i was lucky enough to start up a pretty sweet collection of photobooth strips with some pretty awesome friends. but, now it's been a while. the withdrawal shakes are starting. i'm wondering just how much it would cost me to buy my one. i'm even considering stepping foot into one of those cheesy drawing booths at the movie theater. so.... obvs this must all be remedied stat.

05. kits that kill it - there are a lot of completely bum "kit clubs" out there who pretty much put together every piece of a collection, throw in some ribbon & bazzill and call it a "kit", there are also a bunch of old clubs in retirement or hiatus that i'm still missing (that's right, i'm talking to you sara!!!) but there's one kit club that i find myself loving more and more with every month. very rarely do i not really get what they're doing. obviously we're talking studio calico here. i want to kick myself pretty much every month when the kit is sold out and yet somehow also manage to talk myself out of a subscription every month as well. (my main point in this argument being that i have no business buying things i can't use for store stuff, although we do carry their line for stores) anyway, this month's sold out kit, "granny's cupboard" is no exception, it doesn't sound like it would be my style, but they continue to impress me more and more each month with the things they put together. love their sense of style (and their custom papers, and their journaling tags, and they're packaging, and they're stamps.) ugh! so jeals!


shelly b said...

Just wanted to say hi.

Sara Berry said...

Netflix on tv via the Wii IS as awesome as you think it will be. Totally makes me want to hug netflix. :)
I love your lists.