Monday, June 7, 2010

friday five #29...

...the if we don't find an apartment soon i'm going to lose my mind edition. perhaps some wishful thinking in the home decor department will help!

01. color shelf interiors - obviously design sponge is the go to resource for sweet design touches. i love the simple little idea of painting the inside cubbies of the shelves for a huge pop. love.

02. paintable wallpaper - i know paintable wallpaper is pretty old school but target, of all places, is selling this retro mod version that i can imagine in all shades of pebble-y grey, deep teal and deep plum.

03. cutie juice glasses - julie west, one of my all time faves, has created these super sweet little juice glasses for art star and i need a full set. i might even start drinking orange juice other than when i'm sick just so i can use them.

04. home print - "home" by edward sharpe and the magnetic zeroes has made it's way back into constant rotation in my life as of late. so, this print, that i also found at art star, is perfectly timed! it just arrived in the mail. now i just need a home to hang it in!

05. re-done spindle desks - another design sponge find, love the idea of a re-done spindle desk with vintage wallpaper drawer fronts. plus, the colors not too shabby either.

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