Friday, October 8, 2010

friday five #39

friday five #39

01. things that need to be in my closet - y'know... i've been trying really hard to avoid shopping (believe it or not). i haven't been to a mall in forever, i'm trying not to browse my favorite online stores, i'm not opening my sale mail... but cute stuff just keeps showing up in my e-mail inbox! i am dying for these fold down chuck taylor boots... like completely dying!

02. nycc - new york comic con is this weekend... and i won't be there : ( i was totally stoked on it, looking around for possible costumes and then work schedule happened, and it turning out to be a generally crazy weekend and it kinda got pushed to the wayside. : ( there is the slimmest chance of sunday if the one day passes don't sell out... but probably not. so sad.

03. hockey season is open! - (yes,i do actually plan on wearing the above hat this winter) i'm rushing home post-work to throw on my jersey, grab the boy and be picked up by jen and erik to head to the 2010-11 season opener! can't wait to see the new lines, the new coaches style and some non-pre-season hockey! eek! finally!

04. ugh & etsy - i taught my first christmas class last night. on october 8th. i loved the class and love christmas and all... but ugh... already? also, i loved a couple of my cards so much, and have some ideas for others that i like enough to think about re-opening my etsy store, or possibly start a whole new one. definitely general card sets and christmas cards, but if i can get my ish together i'm hoping to even put up some halloween card sets for those really special people. stay tuned...

05. can't help it - i know, i'm just torturing myself now, but loving this antiques cluster f looking rhinestone necklace. the reviews say the stones fall out pretty easily but that it's worth glueing them back in. i'll stalk it's appearance in the sale section i think and stay armed with my glossy accents for any fallen sparklies.

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