Thursday, March 29, 2007

spring & summer to do list

* creek walking * camping (before the cicadas come) * shore arcades (skee ball, ddr and photobooths) * memories expo * county fair (funnel cake and cotton candy 'til we puke) * coney island (mermaid parade) * creating keepsakes convention * shad festival * music fest * art star craft bazaar * roadtrip to chicago for summer CHA * great adventure (for my first loopty roller coaster) * south of the border (as in the rest stop extravaganza) * as many ice cream cones as possible * that crazy water park in the poconos * swaps (fun new ones) * tubing down the delaware * many a trip to the flea market and dirt malls of south jersey * get published! * free comic book day * bodies: the exhibition (in nyc)* the camden aquarium (or whatever it's called now) * teach more scrap classes! * the balloon festival * crops, crops, crops!!!


Anonymous said...

sounds like fun to me!!!
nicole irvin

Crystal said...

Hey! I am going to the memories expo too! :) Crystal