Friday, April 20, 2007

<3 .spreading some etsy love. <3

i just sold some stuff in my etsy shop so i decided to turn it right back around and buy some of the little things that have been sitting on my etsy wishlist. so, i got these 6 sets of plastic charms (you'll be seeing these on my lo's, cards and in some rak giveaways) and these three adorable necklaces!

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love love love me some etsy!

also, i got my appointment all set up with stacy over at sacred art and i'm going for my tattoo tuesday @ 2. can't wait. i've really been thinking about this tattoo for about a year now, in one form or another, and i'm glad i have finally made the decision! it was a tough one to make since this will be my first tattoo that will pretty much always be visible (it's going on the inner lower arm, down by my wrist. i can't wait to get it though! hopefully there will be someone there to take pictures! have to scrap it!


*~*Amber*~* said...

dude... LOVE the lil charms and such! Uber cute!! Can't wait to see the tat!!

Vee said...

love all of the charms!!
can't wait to see your ink :)

Marie said...

I Love everything u bought!! What shop pls share! Cant wait to see ur tat! I want so many just havent the money for them yet. Btw i bought those same transfers and i just traced it on a transperancy with my sharpie and colored it. I love him too! I thought it came out pretty cute.

rhi said...

im way impressed lady. im too scared for a tat, but have been thinking about it a bit! what are you going to get?
and you should totally rock the skirts and flats. go buy some at the weekend ;)

shelly b said...

Good luck with the tat. Can't wait to see it! And I love all the little charms!!

Aimee said...

those charms rock! i'm going to get my first tat on my 30th bday next year-i've been thinking about it for so long might as well do it!

scrap {n} flava said...

These charms are so cute! I love, love, love the owls!!
What a great etsy find!