Wednesday, April 18, 2007

i heart the mail lady!

today the mail lady brought not only my poppy ink kit, but also a fun envelope from miss froggymonkey over on the story of my life message board!

we got these cute little skulls charms in the april story of my life kit and she totally offered to trade with me because hers was hot pink and mine was orange and we had eachothers favotite colors. so today i got an envelope from her with not only the hot pink skull charm, but this little beauty;

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it is soooooooo adorable and i can't wait to use it! she is the best!!!

and the poppy ink kit is super fab, the little chickadee stamp is sooooo tiny and adorable! this kit is going to be perfect for the new scrapjacked challenge. it's heidi swapp! i'll def be working on this in the next couple of days.


Marie said...

That is adorable!!! I want it! LOL! Im gonna work on that scrapjack too but i doubt i'll get it done in time i never do lol! Oh well such is life. Cant wait to see what u come up with!

Hilary said...

Too cute. how I love that one. I have a freiend that is totally into skulls and more so pink ones.

Eminepala said...

She's so sweet... Orange is my FAVORITE color too (as you can see on my layouts ;)

have a wonderful day

Vee said...

the skull is so cute!!
i am hoping my poppy ink add on is there today so I can do the scrapjack :)

shelly b said...

So cute. Lucky. And I so want want of those mix CD's. Fun.