Monday, April 2, 2007

kits and glory

get it? like "guts and glory." k, maybe i didn't get enough sleep the last couple of days, but it was funny to me.

i stayed up 'til 2 a.m. night before last for the midnight (poppy time) release of the new poppy ink kit and add-ons. i got my 6 month subscription! yay! i've been buying kits from other people up until now because it's a super popular kit and it's been kind of hard to get a subscription. i'm so excited. the kits are so fun and fresh looking and have turned me on to a lot of great companies. here is april's kit called chickadee;

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the add-ons were really adorable, especially the little pink birdies one;

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but, alas, i am trying to be somewhat financially responsible. it's no fun!

i also locked the store up right at 5 and then hopped online for the release of the first story of my life kit. it's so fun and has one of my favorite companies ever, bampop!, in it. i love how sara has the whole shop set up, it's so well thought out. there is the main kit. and then she has sections with, really well priced, add-ons, extras of things in the kit and a stamp shop! i am so psyched on the stamp shop and bought two stamps. here is what i came away with;

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then i ran home, showered and met rick at the movies to go see blades of glory. it was so funny! i don't want to build it up too much, but it was def on the anchorman, dodge ball level of funny. i'm usually more of an indie/ quirky comedy girl, but it had me laughing the whole time, especially this part;

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when he turned around and there were even feathers on his bumm i nearly died!

anyway, back to work. keep answering those questions in my survey for the rak! i can't wait to give away the goodies!


Heidi Joe said...

Hey girl... I saw your cute layouts on SOML, so I thought I'd come check out your blog! It's so cute! I am also a huge Rilo Kiley/Jenny Lewis fan, so I see you like them too...Can't wait for my Poppy Ink to come in the mail.. YEAH!

miss morgan... said...

me either! and is it sick that i'm already counting down the days until the may peekie too? thanks for popping over and keep checking in!