Tuesday, April 10, 2007

story of my life design team submission!

so, here it is;

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cross your fingers for me! there are so many super talented chickies over on that board, sara is probably going to have a tough time choosing! but, i'll be waiting super anxiously until she announces the 4 new design team winners. i really want to be a part of it, since it's such an amazing bunch of people over there. i just really enjoy the board and the first kit was amazing, as i'm sure they all will be!

also, i got a super sweet e-mail from jennifer over at bam pop and they want to put my comic book layout from penny's designer challenge in their pop artist gallery! i'm so excited! i love them so much so it really means a lot coming from them. : ) she also wants me to send her a picture of the bam pop mini album class that i'm going to teach in june and they are going to send over a stamp to be used as a door prize for the class. so many nice people in this industry!


Unknown said...

Ohhh thats pretty cool!! Ive got my fingers crossed for you. You do such great work! So dont sweat it!

Vee said...

that is awesome!!
I made a mini album from some of the HS playing cards

Amber Ulmer said...

Suhweet girl... ya, Jen at bam pop is putting my layout in the pop art gallery too!!!! can't wait to see it up there! GL on the DT too girl!!! Thanks for the suhweet comments on my bloggy!!

nicole said...

morgan...this is so wonderful! congrats!!! my fingers are crossed for ya! you're one talented chickie!
p.s. i'm completely obsessed with the idea of making a mini book. i've started planning it!

Shelly Brewer said...

Really liking your LO! Congrats on the BAMPOP!! Fun!! Good luck on the DT!

Micayla said...

Fingers crossed for you, so glad I found ya blog girl!!

Unknown said...

ohhh good luck! totally crossing my fingers and congrats on the bam pop gallery pick up! that is way cool.


Jen Harrison said...

Good luck on the DT and congrats on the Bam pop gallery.

Love the layout.