Thursday, May 31, 2007

fashion lovies.

just a couple of things in my closet that i am loving right now, something to keep me busy until the midnight release of my fave kits! well, midnight for story of my life, 2 am for poppy and either 9am or monday for zingboom (she is having computer problems) anyway here is the new dress;

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i'm thinking that i will wear it for my birthday dinner tuesday. it's very 50's housewife, very fun. and here is the bag i got a few weeks a go i love city bags! i got it at tj maxx for like less than half of what it would be normally!

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and here is a peek in to my shoe shelves,

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i'm big into patent leather and peep toes lately. the red ones are the new patent leather sling back flats! love them!

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what fashion necesseties are you ladies lusting after lately?


Little Lulu (aka Laurie Dagg-Labine) said...

I am living for big beaded neacklaces...usually plastic...LOVEn them! and I love that has apples on it...I *heart* it!

Barbara said...

The dress is too cute!!! I should organize my shoes yours look all nice and neat!

sara berry said...

Oh, I love that dress! So cute! I wish my closet was that organized! Happy B'day early, you are due a surprise from me!

Eminepala said...

Love the dress and the purse... I'm not a fashion kinda girl... I have not so many shoes like you, I'd rather spend my money on scrapsupplies LOL


leslie said...

look at all your cute stuff! I am so jealous!

michelle said...

how cute is that dress! and look at all those shoes! i am lusting after some shorts cause it's already broke 100 degrees out here.. (pant, pant)