Saturday, June 30, 2007


got some scrapping done yesterday; some flat cards for the packages i sent out today and this mini album that i bought as a class kit at the show in new hampshire. i tweaked it a bit and redesigned some pages. it's called. "when she smiles" and it's full of pictures of moments, people and things that make me smile. i really am pretty in love with it right now.

so i'm trying to get financially caught up and it's totally no fun at all. i have to wait for a payment to clear so that i can book my flight to cha on my one and only credit card and i just payed my cell phone and car payment, gotta love how they are due like 4 days apart from one another! ergh!

anyway, long story short, it's no fun to be responsible and i'm really hoping that i can do some creative bookeeping so that i can afford soml tonight. i would be so sad if i missed what sounds like an awesome add-on! from the peekie though it looks like i might already have most of the paper in the main kit, so unless there are some embellies that i can't live without in the main kit perhaps i can just get the add-on and the adorable hedgie stamp. man, being a grown up is so lame.

zing boom isn't releasing a kit this month, instead she is doing some sort of little store and i might not even stay up 'til 2 for the poppy release because my kit is already reserved and it would just be torture for me since i can't affored any add-ons there ever, haha. although, heather did hint at a card making project kit that might be more affordable. ugh!!! it sooooooo stinks that my life is totally sucking money up left and right at the moment! stupid speeding ticket, court fees, cha flight and needing to reorder my contacts!

yeah i'm a downer today. at least it's gorgeous out and marykate is mostly on her way home from north carolina. i haven't seen her since before i left for nh because of our vacations overlapping and that girl needs to keep me sane!


Barbara said...

Im so with you on the money thing! && i love your mini... i suck at them... hey you most def. dont have to stay up for poppy... they arent showing the kits till the 6th i think it is

Little Lulu (aka Laurie Dagg-Labine) said...

that album looks beautiful.

and you life sounds a lot like mine right now...

head up girl

Nicole Carro said...

Love that little mini - too cute! I'm so with you on that being a grown up thing, it's so much more fun being irresponsible.

shelly b said...

LOVIN the mini! Great job...cheer up with the money's just money..and it gets better in time..I remember stressing all the time when I was your age..not worth it! And I decided to only get the stamps and a roll of the tape for SOML cuz I have everything in this months!

Marie said...

Thats an adorable mini! Oh sweetie!!! I hope u didnt stay up for the poppy ink thing because she isnt doing it till the 7th this month. Which is good for me because i am sooooo broke right now. I bought to many add ons at scrapologie. I need a break so i was glad zingboom didnt send a kit out this month either. YOu are so right about being a grown up. Im such a shopaholic its sooo hard! I want everything! I didnt get the main kit on soml only a few add ons. But im getting everything on poppy ink. BTW did u know if u click members u can see what the sneak peak "kits" are. :)