Wednesday, July 4, 2007

can't sleep.

well, it's about 330 and i'm back out of bed downloading free digi kits that i can't even use because i have no software for them, in hopes of one day having said software. ugh! i think that one of the worst feelings ever for me is not being able to sleep! i hate jsut laying there knowing i need to be sleeping but instead having a million trillion thoughts running through my head. it's not like i have to be up tommorow but i hate how every possible nervewracking thought come sup at bedtime. : (


Barbara said...

I know how u feel! It sucks just laying there and wanting to sleep but you just cant =( hopefully you are fast asleep now

Marie said...

Ugh i agree that does suck! Hopefully u got some sleep! Hope you have a wonderful day today! Happy 4th.