Saturday, July 21, 2007

chi-town girl!

hey ladies! thanks for all your well wishes! my flight was delayed again yesterday morning, but i bought the previous harry potter book in paperback and refreshed while i waited. i finally got to my hotel here in chicago around 1 in the afternoon and dashed around freshening up and headed right over to the show. i got lots of catalogs, put in the heidi swapp order and ran in to miss sara berry at the hambly booth, of course! obviously she is so much fun!

so, i walked the show for the rest of the afternoon and grabbed catalogs like a mad woman so that i could go over them in my room last night and decide what's a must order while i'm here and what can wait. when the show closed at 5 i headed back to the room, unpacke d abit and freshened up then walked over to sara's hotel and met her and her sister so that we could head over the the SIStv reception!

it was so cool to meet some of my internet ladies and be reunited with some of my quasi-local girlies who i don't get to see much! so after we talked to big SIS herself, she actually knew who i was! how cool is that? i grabbed my two stellas before the drink tickets expired and they started callign door prizes and sara and i both won!!! as i'm dashing up there in shock to grab my kellie crowe paper pack and my voucher that's good for a signed copy of adrienne looman's new book i realize i have both beers in my hands and i hear kristi off to the side, "whoooo morgan's double fisting!" haha, too funny! so we hung with miss kristin, breanne and gigi and i got to meet the lovely michelle ramirez, which was way cool because i somehow spaced on the fact that obviously she would be there, and chatted with nisa and adrienne! it was way rad!

afterwards we ate a bit, had to soak up those one and a half stellas, and then sara's awesome sister drove and we went to the windy city scrapbooking store where, regardless of being at a trade show, i still managed to spend a little under $50 even with my 15% showg-goer discount, haha! we had a lot of fun though and they had a bunch of stuff i have never seen in a store, way cool.

so now i'm about to hop in the shower and head off for day 2! my plan is to go on over, grab the catalogs i didn't get to yesterday, come back here to drop them off and then go back the second half of the day to place some orders. then there is talkd of a hobby lobby and archivers mission after the show tonight!

i'm telling you ladies there is some way cool stuff coming out here, but i have been horrible about taking pictures so i will try to remember to do that today!


Barbara said...

sounds like you are having an awesome time! enjoy

Nicole Carro said...

So happy that you're there safely! Iloved your last post - you kept such a positive attitude through some really crappy airline debaucles. Sounds like an awesome time!