Sunday, July 22, 2007

on the fly in chi!

hey girlies! i totally slept in today and sooooo needed it. so this will be quick so that i can go shower and head out asap to place my last few orders and try to get some free goodies!

yesterday was way fun! did some browsing by myself, some browsing with ellen and some browsing with breanne! lots of checking stuff out! i even got the meet the lovely laura fiore, so nice to meet so many people irl! i did some fun make and takes with mambi, ranger/tim holtz and get this, elsie flannigan!!!

it was way fun to scrap with the lady herself! we did a little playing card mini and i snapped together a little journaling spot that she signed for me so that i can scrap the picture of us! she was so nice and i managed to not get all super fan on her like some other people did. she was all about my birdie tattoo and she said she listend to the "rock * paper * scissors" mix that i sent her all the time! i thanked her for bringing us younger and funkier scrappers to the forefront and she gave me a big hug! yay! i'll totally post pics as soon as i get back, promise. her new lines are incredible and i'm so ordering those today!

anyway, after the show i unloaded some stuff here at the hotel and then got some chicago deepdish at giordanos with breanned and then grabbed a shuttle back here to put some orders together and then got the much needed sleep.

so, i'm off to shower and head out! i miss you ladies on the boards and blogs and everything! i can't wait to catch up on everything when i get home!


Nicole Carro said...

Morgan, so glad I got to live through you on this trip. You sound so excited, I hope you really enjoyed yourself - you deserve it.

scrap {n} flava said...

That all sound so incredable Morgan!!! I am so happy that you got to hang with Elsie! Let her know I said ROCK ON with her talented self- cause we love everything she's putting out there for us!
I might need one of those CD's. I never got to join that swap!

I can't wait to see your pics =D

Marie said...

ohhhhh how fun!!!!!!!

Jenny + Mark = Love said...

giordanos pizza is one of my fav things about Chicago. Sounds like you had a great time.